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Some “not-so mentioned” issues with #modernwarfare;

-tanks in ground war. 3 per team, per game. Nerf cannon strength, at range accuracy, ROF.
-no pre game lobby. Add it
-no gun range, headquarters to test attachments. Testing in game sucks. Private match is annoying to set up
-Nerf the effects of friendly White phosphorous.
-care package/emerg. Drops, drop too slow.
-distinction between friendly/ enemy foot steps. Sounds nerfed.
-bring back 20 classic maps, make those stnd. 6v6. Current 6v6 become the 10v10, and so on.
-Declassify attachments in gun smith. Allow me to see what I have to grind for.
-remove spawn-in animation.
-mini map. Zoom out, allow for a larger field of view.
-allow us to stack more than one “missions” challenge. Increase xp rewards for completed challenges.
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Spying equipment found by white house. Israel has been blamed without evidence.
Called a Stingray, a device that mimics a cell phone tower tricking nearby phones and computers to dump their data into the device.
Who would benefit from the Sting ray?
How about rouge CIA agents that attempted a coup against @realDonaldTrump
The C!A have a history of using the devices illegally.
Stingrays made in Florida, Not Israel. C!a has a history with the manufacture.…
A short history on Harris Corp. and the work done with the C!A

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So @mistermegative has a great thread on the #ModernWarfare controversy that accurately sums up my feelings as an Iraq vet. But I want to approach this from a slightly diff. angle. We shouldn't even be having this conversation, and the fact that we are is an utter failure by IW.
10 years ago, I was one of the leading advocates against a similar bad idea, from another studio purporting to make a "realistic" depiction of war. Then too a developer wanted to appeal to prurient depictions of war's horrors while making a "compelling entertainment experience."
That game was the ill-fated "Six Days in Fallujah" from Konami, which has been "definitely not canceled" since 2009. Peter Tamte is still trying to fall on his sword to defend that abomination. Looking back at my criticisms of Six Days, it's overwhelming clear we learned nothing
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So, I want to talk about the #ModernWarfare panel at E3 and some of what was said. Because it's a perfect example of every problem I have with videogames that attempt to depict "realism" in combat.

Content warning.

I will be vivid.

I will be graphic.

Because I need to be.
The following quote is in regards to accidentally shooting a baby being held by a woman civilian: "“If you comport yourself in a way not befitting a soldier, the game will fail you”. What does that even mean? Can you actually shoot a fucking baby? Will the game end?
”The game will try to figure out if you shot that baby on purpose or accidentally." And then what? Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher committed murder and war crimes IRL. Will your character be apprehended and put on trial? I fucking doubt it. Why is this even an option?
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Ok. I want to talk about this. I'd love to write something, but I don't want to wait to give my thoughts on it.

As a combat vet, I want to talk about #ModernWarfare and some actual "big real moments" I've lived.

Let's talk about intensity. Please read this, ok?
It was May of 2004, on Mother's Day. I was a young LCpl in the middle of my first combat tour in Iraq. My Battalion had set up a little FOB (Forward Operating Base) about 10km south of Fallujah, in a small village called Zadan. We called it FOB Incoming or FOB Suicide.
This was because there was absolutely no cover and no place to take refuge from the constant barrage of rockets and mortars we recieved on a daily basis. Sometimes the number was high as 12 or 13.
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#ModernWarfare: you play as a US soldier in fictional Iraq/Afganistan, a Rebel in fictional Syria/Yemen, a civilian girl escaping a massacre, a UK police unit massacring sleeping people, and experience chemical attacks by a Russian backed tyrant.
Call of duty has always been propaganda but this latest #ModernWarfare installment is controversial to say the least. The reboot has a surreal focus on civilian deaths, impact of war + a plotline riddled with real-world events, forcing players to play in uncomfortable scenarios.
This is war as entertainment, while developers might claim making the game grittier and more realistic will benefit gamers in understanding the effects and reality of war, it is more likely to continue the spiral of desensitization towards real-world events already underway.
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