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I had no context for this picture when I was asked about it. Didn't realize it was the Mormon mother killed in Mexico.

No way that was Maggie.

Have you been to Utah? Half the Mormon women look like that.

Give it up.
H/T @ZacMims1

Mitt Romney's father was from the same Compound.

Were they making a living doing drug/human trafficking?

Is there a slave/baby mill like Jon of God?

Polygamist groups (Warren Jeffs) are left alone to do whatever they wish!!😬…
@ZacMims1 Utahns never understand why Feds won't rescue girls from these groups when evidence surfaces they're being raped/married young.

Do we have Jon of God cults here on U.S. soil supplying Cabal diet?

Would we know if we did?

Warren Jeffs group, creepy AF…
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I'm relatively new to Twitter. Had to adapt. It's a cross between texting and facebook. Tricky to blog here.

If I were given the boot, I'd take my info straight to the boards. Would probably get better dissemination there.
The dam has cracked.

1000s and 1000s of sexual abuse stories and official coverups (heard 'em my whole life). NOT a matter of locals. Abuse and coverup go straight to the top.

This is IN ADDITION to cabal/satanic/trafficking ties.

The Great Awakening is just getting started.
Local leaders trained to funnel sex abuse cases to Church's law firm in Salt Lake City, circumventing law enforcement.

Protect the Kingdom of God at all costs. Many believe it's their highest loyalty. Suicide-bomber-level brainwashing.

July 2019 story.…
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#LaVoyFinicum FBI Greg Bretzing
#JimmyHoffa FBI Richard Bretzing

Both by Mormun Mafia hits by father/son team.

German Immigrant parents for Richard Bretzing ..

Nazi World Order in America.
You didn't know I solved the great mystery of crime history.

Yep, scouring old articles, I found Richard bragging about it.

Gotta dig up that thread.

#JimmyHoffa #MormunMafia #Wellhellzbellz
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"It's a big club and you ain't in it." -George Carlin

It's a big club and you ain't in it.

Flake/Romney - #MormunMafia
Romney/Ryan - 2012 Republican Ticket
Ryan/Pence - 2016 wannabe Republican Ticket
Pence/Flake - BFFs
Pence/NoName - I'll take care of you Cindy
NoName/Flake/Peterson -AZ Child Trafficking Central
#JelloBeltBoys Child/Drug Trafficking hub.

Jello Belt: ID, UT, AZ (the Mormuns).
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👌🏽over one eye is the illuminati symbol.

Zara Clothing
Safe Place, aka National Safe Place Network.

National system to pick up runaway, abused teens.
Legally can only retrieve kids w/o legal guardians or parents looking for them—99% of abused kids.

It's a funneling system.

Target drug abuse areas—find unwanted teens to traffic.
Child trafficking symbolism. Open, floppy heart.

See any symbolism on their webpage?

Pedo swirls
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#MikeLee #WellHellzBellz #MormunMafia

Jon Huntsman
Mitt Romney
Harry Reid
Jeff Flake
Mike Lee

Whey do they all hate Trump?
Senator Mike Lee Unleashes Rant Against Donald Trump, June 30, 2016

*One month before the RNC Convention.

Never forget, they were trying to steal the nomination from Trump.

♦Mike Lee
♦Bill Marriott
♦Mitt Romney
♦Greg Bretzing
♦Jon Huntsman

Born into The Inner Circle

Called by revelation from God
♦Bill Marriott - Seventy
♦Bob Gay, Romney Bain Partner - Seventy
♦Marion G Romney - Apostle
♦David B Haight, grandpa of Huntsman - Apostle

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Running a test.

Judge Michael Mosman renewed the Carter Page FISA warrant.

We'll see if I pop up on Twitter search w/o the deadly hashtag.

#WellHellzBellz #FISAstuff
Yup. The LDS Church owns the Trademark "Mormon" limited to online and educational use.

Seems they have ability, or paid Twitter, to delete anything they like. My original post didn't show up under search.

New hashtag has more success, not perfect. #MormunMafia #NeverTrumpers
Gosh! Hilarious quote from the Oct. 2016 article.


"If Trump wins, "I think I'll be in Gitmo," Flake joked, referring to the military prison."…
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Jon Huntsman - Mr. China
Mitt Romney - Mr. Dick
Harry Reid - Mr. Area51
Mike Lee - Mr. Backstabber
Jeff Flake - Mr. NoNamePet
Jacinda Arden - Mr. TrannyNZ
Marriott - Mr. ChildTrafficker
Richard Bretzing - Mr. FBIPedoGuy

#JonHuntsman #wellhellzbellz
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Heinrich Himmler, b. 1900.

💩💩Committed suicide, buried in unknown grave.

The doctor attempted to examine the inside of Himmler's mouth, but the prisoner was reluctant to open it and jerked his head away. Himmler then bit into a ...

#NazisInAmerica #Himmler #wellhellzbellz…

..hidden potassium cyanide pill & collapsed onto floor. Shortly afterward, his body was buried in unmarked grave near Lüneburg. The grave's location remains unknown. 💩💩

#AndyMcCabe👉🏽NO background.🧐

#WellHellzBellz #NaziSpawn…
We're all familiar with this Rosenstein meme.

From Philadelphia suburb, (dig by Mind Furor
aka @ FurorRises) on Lower Moreland Township, PA.…
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Dear Secretary Pompeo,

Did you see my #MormunMafia posts? Pretty sure they've replaced the Vatican's $$ transfer system.
For $200 Alex, Who are the Mormons?

They are certainly making the rounds!

#MormunMafia #wellhellzbellz
#WellHellzBellz #MormunMafia

I'll volunteer to go undercover.
They still think I'm a nice sweet Mormon Mom.
The Mormon Mom part is true.🤭

Open thread for LDS donation story.
Told you, they're making the rounds

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Big redpill: SYSTEMIC pedophilia in LDS Church,
not just coverup of a few.

FBI's Richard Bretzing parents -German immigrants
Enabled rampant child rape in Hollywood 80s

Son, Greg #Bretzing#LaVoyFinicum murder

#wellhellzbellz #QAnonLDS #LDS #FBI #LDSPedos #MormunMafia #Nazis
Convicted pedophile directed latest Temple Film.

➡️Richard Bretzing was a Bishop.
➡️Kevin Garn was a Bishop.
➡️Sterling Van Wagenen was a Bishop.

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LDS description of temple baptismal fonts.

"Everything about the temple is designed to teach gospel principles through symbolism; including the baptistry and font. For example, the baptistry is always located on the bottom floor of the temple, symbolizing the beginning of .....
...the person's path along God's Plan of Salvation. Proxies are baptized by immersion to symbolize being buried with and rising again with Jesus Christ. The font itself sits on the back of twelve oxen which represent the twelve tribes of Israel, ....
....and is a replica of the brazen sea that sat upon twelve oxen in the Temple of Solomon, as described in the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah."

Kansas City temple. Interesting tile pattern...
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#MormunMafia Richard Bretzing, Head of FBI Los Angeles office: 1982 - March 1988.
Heather O'Rourke - died Feb. 1988.

Reason Michael Jackson's FBI probe was dropped after 1985 sexual abuse claims…
Richard Bretzing named head of LDS Church security.

*Son, Greg Bretzing, moved to Oregon just weeks before calculated murder of LaVoy Finicum by FBI agents.…
Holy SHIT!

😲Bretzing moved to Detroit DAY BEFORE Jimmy Hoffa went missing. "We never found him." - Bretzing.

🧐Headed investigation removing Spiro Agnew as VP under Nixon. *pinned thread.

🤨Bretzing's parents were German immigrants.

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NYSPCC uses Michael Jackson as example of grooming. 😡I'll do better post later, really chaps me.

LDS Richard Bretzing, LA FBI Dir. during Heather O'Rourke's death, investigated one person for pedophilia during his years in Hollywood

Michael Jackson.

Up is down
Left is right
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Holy Guacamole! Just figured something out.

We know:
-Clinton Foundation and all similar foundations are CIA black ops money.
-Runaway and Human Trafficking hotlines go to the Clinton Foundation.
-CPS coordinates with these sick people to traffic kids
-Backpage shut down
If child trafficking is top of their list, no way they've overlooked the sins of CPS.
Research into agencies shows Pres. Laurie Jackson goes way back to Nebraska when the Boys Town scandal broke.

Trace Board members and sister agencies.
All the agencies work together.
All the same people.
There is no escape.
It's all connected.
It's all CIA.

Huber territory.
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Garn was a sexual predator, many reports. A Bishop and Utah lawmaker. Maher spoke to the press. Shortly thereafter she was excommunicated, custody stripped, put in jail. Nothing would shut her up, so ((they)) killed her.

SILENCE is golden #MormunMafia…
Maher and Garn did discuss the matter with their bishop, Ken Bratt, from the Mormon church in Derry, and with a Stake President Mike Pouliot.…
March 12, 2011, former Stake President Mike Pouliot commits suicide, age 52.

Close family, friends were told this. They were shocked. Pubic was told it was a sudden illness.

He was Maher's Stake President, and helped negotiate the $$ settlement w/Garn.…
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President Nelson calls New Zealand's prime minister 'courageous,' promises Church will donate to mosques…
That color enhances her natural beauty.
WTF?! Is Jackinda a Tranny Mormon?

Prime Minister Ardern is the niece of Elder Ian S. Ardern, a General Authority Seventy and member of the Pacific Area presidency.
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