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Ivermectin sux

Evaluation of Ivermectin as a Potential Treatment for Mild to Moderate COVID-19: A Double-Blind Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial in Eastern India
Ivermectin confers its cytotoxic effects by inducing AMPK/mTOR-mediated autophagy and DNA damage…
Serious adverse reactions associated with ivermectin: A systematic pharmacovigilance study in sub-Saharan Africa and in the rest of the World…
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Network Pharmacology and bioinformatics analyses identify intersection genes of niacin and COVID-19 as potential therapeutic targets…
Nicotinic acid inhibits glioma invasion by facilitating Snail1 degradation…
Network Pharmacology and bioinformatics analyses identify intersection genes of niacin and COVID-19 as potential therapeutic targets…
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1/ The video is based on a Q&A with expert Karen Kingston in reading patents and interpreting medical stuff bringing down the level so everyone is on board. She does an eloquent job of it. Notes from a FRen on the interview are below.…
2/ The vaccines are bad—they are not vaccines. They are only intended to poison, harm, kill (they truly are bio-weapons) adults and children.
3/ Lipid nano particles containing graphene oxide mRNA immuno suppressants you are being injected with something that will hijack your immune system. It also causes cancer, genetic disorders, infertility, (made the lady cry,) cancer, graphene oxide is poisonous to the body.
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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Pistachios…
Selective Extraction of Gold by Niacin…
Spectrofluorimetric determination of melatonin in kernels of four different Pistacia varieties after ultrasound-assisted solid–liquid extraction…
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1/ Melatonin in Mitochondria: Mitigating Clear and Present Dangers…
2/ Note: melatonin has NOTHING to do with circadian rhythm .. it only comes out of pineal gland at night because we don’t eat or drink when we sleep, so this release is simply a recoup back to other cells through circulation based on what photoreceptors detect each day...
3/ ...what was used in all cells... in fact, all melatonin in all cells, even pineal gland is biosynthesized from tryptophan in mitochondria endogenously (note: gut / GI regions require 200-300x more melatonin than rest of body).
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#NIATONIN testimonial. Image
Real people, real #NIATONIN success. Image
Marsha thinks she can go bigger and better.
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Reduced oxidative damage in ALS by high-dose enteral melatonin treatment
Niacin-mediated rejuvenation of macrophage/microglia enhances remyelination of the aging central nervous system…
The key role of Warburg effect in SARS-CoV-2 replication and associated inflammatory response
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ACE2 and energy metabolism: the connection between COVID-19 and chronic metabolic disorders…
Niacin fine-tunes energy homeostasis through canonical GPR109A signaling…
ACE2 and gut amino acid transport.…
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1/ Here is the second part of the Kats interview notes from a FRen. Part 1 started at 29 mins into the interview and this picks up from where that left off.

See Part 1 here:

Unrolled thread here:…
#NIATONIN @Liquidimmunity
2/ Part 2

They usually give the high doses to people with high cholesterol, low HDL — to stabilize lipids and lipid transport. They’ve known about niacin for hundreds of years, and have continued to suppress it. They don’t want us to know about its therapeutic power.
3/ The dosage depends on the individual. You can start with 50-100 mg and work up, and get used to the flush. When you take the niacin, simultaneously take the same dose of niacinamide.
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1/ #NIATONIN FAQ's from @rubicon1802 on Telegram.…

• What forms of Niacin & Melatonin should I buy?
Niacin: The ingredient list on the bottle should say: Niacin or Nicotinic Acid.
2/ If the bottle says Niacinamide, Inositol Hexanicotinate, flush-free, delayed release, etc it is the wrong form and should not be used with this protocol
Melatonin: Try to get the pure form without any additives such as leucine or aloe vera. Instant release.
3/ Most brands should be fine, but avoid AllergyResearchGroup and Solaray due to additives.
Ideally both should be powders, or powder removed from a capsule to speed absorption. Tablet or gummi forms may slow absorption and reduce effectiveness
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1/ From a FRen's notes of Kats interview:

The virus tries to sneak in and replicate off of accumulated cholesterol and macrophages in the body.
#Niatonin @Liquimmunity
2/ If you’re eating crappy food or even exercising too much, you can under-accumulate energy and get a redox inflammation, where you’re not providing enough calories to maintain a thermodynamic balance. There are so many ways for cholesterol to accumulate.
3/ People can look healthy and yet have unhealthy lipids accumulating in the cells.

Usually you want kind of a well-oiled machine.
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[Forwarded from NIATONIN]



Precision (0.000 g) Scale:…

Tiny Measuring Spoons to Scoop:…
Niacin and Melatonin work in synergy. The melatonin opens the gateway to cells and inflammation within that. Niacin gets inside and kicks the crap out of it. We are all depleted of Melatonin, so everyone’s doses are different.
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Niacin is a unique class of supplement.

"In the absence of an exogenous supply of niacin, there is an instability of the genome characterized by the inability of the antioxidant system to act efficiently, which leads to cell death."…
#NoVaccine #NIATONIN
"our findings demonstrate that acting on GPR109A, niacin shows the potential to maintain energy homeostasis through multipathways, representing a potential approach to the treatment of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease."…
"Mortality in the niacin group was 11% lower than in the placebo group. This benefit of niacin may be a result of a translation into a mortality benefit over subsequent years of the early favorable effect of niacin in decreasing nonfatal reinfarction."
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Network Pharmacology and bioinformatics analyses identify intersection genes of niacin and COVID-19 as potential therapeutic targets…
#NoVaccine #NIATONIN
Clinical Trials for Use of Melatonin to Fight against COVID-19 Are Urgently Needed…
Sufficient niacin supply: the missing puzzle piece to COVID-19, and beyond?
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