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How Teachers Are Fighting the #WhiteNationalists Brainwashing Their Students…
German government officials have called for an investigation into @YouTube for allowing right-wing groups to use the Internet platform for disseminating #neoNazi material.
It used to be much easier to spot a budding #Nazi in the classroom, or at least a student harboring #extremist views, says Nora Flanagan, a Chicago public school teacher for 20+y.

You’d just look out for the troubled skinhead kid, maybe wearing steel-toed boots & a swastika pin.
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How #altRight memes are indoctrinating Gen Z (opinion)…
“Some of the memes I see on Instagram are just shocking,” —Camille White, 16, London.

She says she often encounters more sinister memes, specifically racist, homophobic, transphobic & sexist jokes.

“They make bigoted behavior seem okay when in reality it’s not.”
For years, toxic and offensive memes have proliferated on social media.

During the 2016 presidential election, it was Pepe the Frog who populated social media.
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Before the former Marine junior ROTC cadet joined violent #neoNazi group #AtomwaffenDivision or #AWD (German for Atomic Weapon), he was interested in communism & antifa.

#IdentityCommunityPurpose #radicalization…
His ideology drifted across a spectrum of contradictions from antifa — “anti-fascists” — to a violent hate group prepping for a race war.

#PSAparents a lot of the time they don’t join bc of ideology—

📌It’s about wanting #IdentityCommunityPurpose…
Marine Lance Cpl. Vasillios G. Pistolis ultimately was booted from Corps mid-summer 2018 for his ties to a #hategroup.…
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#PSAparents #Recruitment #HateIsNotAHoax
This is a short clip from a talk @cpicciolini gave at
Google in May of 2017.

I urge everyone to take an hour to watch or listen to the entire video (link in thread) but parents, please watch this 2min clip & hold onto your hats
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#PSAparents --

Gain a better understanding of some of the terminology used by #whitesupremacists, #neonazis, the #altright movement, and other neo-reactionaries.


Watch and listen for the terminology in this thread.
Most of these words and phrases are going to sound ridiculous but...

"Annudda Shoah" – used to mock Jews who (supposedly) use every slight against them to express concern that another Shoah, or Holocaust, could be around the corner. Alt-right website The Right Stuff defines it as simply a “displeasing situation.” See Shoah
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How experts are trying to DERADICALIZE America's youth in the age of @realDonaldTrump

Former #whitenationalists are working to stop the spread of extremist ideologies online.

Back in 1987, when he was just 14 years old, @cpicciolini was smoking weed in an alleyway in Illinois when a man with a shaved head came up & pulled the joint out from his lips...
The man said,
“That’s what the Communists and the Jews want you to do to keep you docile.”

The child of working-class Italian immigrants, Christian was raised not to judge a person by the color of their skin, but...
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How 75 Fascists Were #REDPILLED

THREAD 4: The Importance of YOUTUBE
by @bellingcat with @UR_Ninja (2018)

#radicalization #HATEisNOTaHoax…
📌15 out of 75 fascist activists Bellingcat studied credited @YouTube videos with their #redpilling.

#Radicalization #Extremism #PSAparents #HATEisNOTaHoax
In this thread, a group of #whitesupremacists debate with a “civic nationalist” who says he won’t judge an entire race by the actions of a few.
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How 75 Fascists Were #REDPILLED
THREAD 2: 4chan
(2018) by @bellingcat with @UR_Ninja

Ten of @bellingcat’s seventy-five fascists credited 4chan with red-pilling them.

⁕ Many other activists have referenced it as a place that was critical in their #radicalization.
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#PSAparents ⚠️
No one thinks THEIR kid is capable of doing these things, but the reality is that kids are actively being radicalized online, on social media, in gaming chat rooms.

Become familiar with #WhitePowerExtremist symbolism

Talk to your babies.
You could save lives.
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Be Proactive

AUG 15, 2019
Teen girl arrested in shooting threat.

‘Don’t come to school tomorrow’…
A 15-year-old Fresno Unified School District student was arrested Thursday morning after posting a photo of a case filled with rifles at Walmart on social media with a threatening message, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.
The teenage girl, who was not named, attended Edison High School in southwest Fresno and The Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) in Clovis.
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AUG 16, 2019 #PSAparents
Be Proactive

Daytona Beach, FLORIDA
15 yr old threatens to bring father’s M15 to school & kill “at least 7 people”

Video shows mom react to son's arrest for online shooting threat:
'He's just a little boy'… via @nbcnews
Amid a wave of arrests for threats of mass shootings, police in Florida released footage showing one mother’s reaction to her teenage son's being taken into custody.
The 15yr old boy was arrested at his home Friday in Volusia County after writing online in a ⚠️VIDEO GAME CHAT ROOM,

"I Dalton Barnhart vow to bring my fathers m15 to school and kill 7 people at a minimum," according to the county sheriff’s office
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