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Election-security activism To Do

1. Insist touchscreen counties in PA & OH give in person voters the option to use #HandMarkedPaperBallots

2. Persuade MI, WI, FL, MN, etc. to order counties to disable or refrain from using cellular modems.

3. Backup #PaperPollBooks in FL. 1/
2/ Voter education
3/ Voter education: Get this video to embed without “sensitive content” label:
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Two minute video from one of my recent zoom presentations re: the dangers of electronic pollbooks, which jurisdictions increasingly use at polling places instead of paper poll books. They often connect to WiFi & have already caused chaos this year. 1/
Here’s the whole presentation. 2/
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks! 3/…
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Electronic poll books are tablet computers supplied by shady private vendors that are used to check in voters & activate voting machines. They are increasingly used in place of paper #PollBooks, often connect to WiFi or bluetooth, & are a terrifyingly under-reported threat. 1/
Post 1 is from an election-security presentation that I recently provided to OPAL. Here’s the whole thing. 2/
I do not think we should use electronic poll books on Election Day at all. But if we do, we should at least have backup #PaperPollBooks. Many jurisdictions don’t. 🥵3/
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Great! But we must keep precincts separate w/in the @NBA arenas. If they mush them together into a “voters can vote anywhere” model (like LA county & Dallas), then backup #PaperPollBooks are impossible & posting of precinct poll tapes becomes extremely difficult & unlikely. 1/
Electronic pollbooks are prone to failure, which cld be deliberate or unintentional. Backup #PaperPollBooks are crucial, but impossible w/ a “voters can vote anywhere” vote center model. Connectivity issues plagued this type of vote center in LA county. Look what happened. ⬇️ 2/
You can read about the importance of posting precinct poll tapes (precinct totals) outside the precincts on election night at, where we are organizing #PhotoFinish volunteers to photograph them & compare them to reported totals. 3/
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F#ck. Total internet blackout on Election Day in Belarus.

Weird how Trump never complains about new internet-connected PRECINCT equipment (eg., ES&S ballot scanners & Knowink or Tenex e-pollbooks 4 activating touchscreen voting machines) in many US jurisdictions. 1/
Removing the wireless (internet-connecting) modems in WI, FL, & MI is one of the protocols in my piece, as is requiring backup #PaperPollBooks & that all precincts give all voters the option to use #HandMarkedPaperBallots. 3/
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This is what an election with electronic poll books and no backup #PaperPollBooks looks like. It is a relatively new type of setup: voters-can-vote-anywhere-in-the-county Vote Centers, which make backup #PaperPollBooks impossible. It is a fatally flawed new model. 1/
Contact your county election office and ask if they will have backup paper poll books on Election Day. If not, let me know and raise bloody hell. Thank you. #PaperPollBooks 2/
Graphic by @ourearthneedsu 3/
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Why is @CoalitionGoodGv the only one filing a lawsuit for backup #PaperPollBooks?

@marceelias, pls do this in all jurisdictions that plan to forego such backups on Election Day. Most e-pollbooks connect to WiFi or Bluetooth. Holding an election w/o paper backup is insanity. 1/
I wrote about the dangers of electronic pollbooks for @whowhatwhy here. 2/…
We need reliable in person voting, which requires, at a minimum, backup #PaperPollBooks. This is not rocket science. It is obvious. 3/
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If you decide to vote by mail, apply ASAP &, if allowed in ur county (check), return ur ballot in person at a drop box or office, not via the Post Office, which is sufffering delays due to #COVID19 & the GOP effort 2 destroy it. SIGN envelope & follow instructions EXACTLY. TY! 1/
If you vote in person, bring your ID and your completed sample ballot, which will speed up voting no matter what type of in-person voting system you use. 2/
If you vote in person, request to vote with a ball point pen, ie, a #HandMarkedPaperBallot (HMPB) rather than a touchscreen, as most experts agree that HMPBs are more reliable and secure. (Voters w/ disabilities who are unable to hand mark are an exception to this advice.) 3/
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This is horrifying. Votes from predominantly black precincts in TN & GA have vanished from ES&S voting systems. Election commissioner @benniejsmith (below) made the TN discovery by comparing precinct poll tapes to reported totals.
You can watch my full interview with election commissioner @benniejsmith here. Shelby County, TN (Memphis) is a lot like Georgia re: electronic voting system corruption. But it gets a lot less attention. Pls help shine a light on what’s happening. TY.
I wrote about Commissioner @benniejsmith’s discovery of vanishing votes from predominantly black precincts in Memphis TN—& the similar finding in GA—in my new piece for @whowhatwhy. #tnleg #gapol #HandMarkedPaperBallots #PaperPollBooks #PollTapeReview…
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Election officials have put the 2020 election at risk w/ vulnerable new touchscreen voting machines activated by even more vulnerable new WiFi or blue tooth connected e-pollbooks.

Good thing Putin isn’t in our power grid. Oh wait...

My latest piece:… 1/
This is the type of new voting system deployed to catastrophic effect in both Georgia and Los Angeles county. It is unknown exactly how many jurisdictions plan to activate risky new touchscreen voting machines w/ even riskier new e-pollbooks, but it is likely A LARGE NUMBER. 2/
On Election Day, jurisdictions must at a minimum provide each polling place with back up #PaperPollBooks and backup #HandMarkedPaperBallots. Los Angeles County & Georgia did NOT do this. They deployed the Titanic of voting systems (no life boats) & it sank. 3/
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I wonder when Jessica Huseman of @propublica will mention that one of her main “experts” is David Becker who is now paid by the Georgia Secretary of State. For that matter, I wonder why Becker apparently omitted this conflict of interest when he was interviewed by @nytimes? 1/
2/ Plus, who is saying the meltdown in GA was “just” the machines? If anything, I saw an early effort to pretend it was “just” polling place closures. It’s all of it.
3/ As I discussed in a recent @KNX1070 radio interview, it was a combination of factors, but the machines can’t be ignored. A similar setup—BMDs activated by e-pollbooks—caused a similar meltdown in LA county b4 the lockdown.
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Georgia’s election meltdown was caused in large part by problems w/ e-pollbooks. As I discussed w/ @stutteringjohnm & @CaslerNoel b4 GA’s meltdown, the new trend toward replacing #PaperPollBooks w/ WiFi or otherwise connected e-pollbooks is too risky. 1/
Although e-pollbooks are necessary for early voting, we shld not use them on Election Day when there are no more chances left to vote. At a minimum, all polling places must have #PaperPollBooks as backup & poll workers trained to use them. 2/
Backup #PaperPollBooks were absent in Georgia AND in Los Angeles County, which endured a similar election meltdown during it’s pre-lockdown primary when e-pollbooks failed all across the county, so don’t let anyone tell u that the GA’s chaos was just about #COVID19. 3/
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