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Ghislane Maxwell, Epstein, and Joe Biden:

Private Islands, Secret Ports, and Submarines
First, some facts about recently arrested, Ghislane Maxwell

* graduate of #OxfordUniversity
* key speaker at both the CFR and UN
* has a submarine pilot’s license
* owns a yacht, named “Plan B”
* owns a submarine
* owns a submarine company called #TerraMar
Her company, #TerraMar, funded by the #ClintonFoundation and #Epstein was based out of Epstein’s New York mansion.
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1) The Prince and the Pedophile

Since Project Veritas exposed ABC for spiking the Epstein story, things have been “heating up” in the Jeffrey Epstein “Scandal.”
#Epstein #PedophileIsland #Pedogate #QAnon…
2) With Prince Andrew’s disasterous interview over the weekend, most didn’t even notice ABC, NBC, CBS didn’t breathe a word about the request Kevin McCarthy sent to ABC, demanding answers about the spiked Epstein Story.…
3) For those who haven’t watched Prince Andrew’s cold interview, here it is. It was chilling. Prince Andrew believed he could put the speculation of his relationship with Epstein to rest. He was mistaken.
The Prince and The Pedophile:
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IT contractor Steve Scully says he worked for Epstein for only six years beginning in 1999, which means he left by no later than 2006. So how is it that he knows what the Temple atop the island was for when it wasn't built until at LEAST 2009? He's LYING.…
Scully says the temple was a GYM, while others claim it was an acoustically-engineered music room with a piano in it, which Epstein, allegedly a "classically trained pianist" would play. Which was it? I believe NEITHER, judging by the locks on the OUTSIDE of it to keep ppl IN.
From the below:

"While the purpose of the temple is unknown, one possibility is that it had served as a place for the classically trained Epstein to practice piano — workers described it as a music room with acoustic walls and a grand piano inside..."…
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Welcome to the #HellfireClub - an 18th century British secret high-society elite club using perverted sexual desires as a cover to corrupt and infiltrate higher echelons of power in Govt (including India). The source of political sex-scandals.…
#PedophileIsland or #OrgyIsland - 72-acre island where Epstein ferried young women on a boat named #LadyGhislaine. Ghislaine Maxwell (accused of acting as Epstein’s business partner/madam) is the daughter of Robert Maxwell known as a SuperSpy. But whose…
Robert Maxwell (father of Jeffrey Epstein's business partner/Madam) was #SuperSpy for Israel's Mossad who stole America's state-of-the-art technology and even cultivated KGB connections to involve Israel in a coup to oust Mikhail Gorbachev. Now her daughter running Sex-ring in US
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