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This plane of existence is controlled by signs and symbols, not by laws ... remember that in every play of theatre time is measured perfectly so that the scene remains as it was scripted! Presenting U The Illusion of “Savior” or “hero” Can U see the puppet strings ?
Donald Trump was not elected because of "Russian propaganda," Donald Trump was selected because of his Zionist and Jesuit loyalties.

Trump reiterated throughout his campaign the necessity of supporting and protecting Israel. President Trump has made it very clear, he said,
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The Voting System is a fraud sold to the public to give them the illusion of choice. The same goes for the two-party set-up. Democrats and Republicans. Back and forth. Two sides of the same coin. Despite popular belief we actually don’t live in a democracy anymore. People are so
caught up in this left/right tunnel vision that they don’t see how they’re being duped and played with. Mandatory vaccinations within the elections? #Breakfree #Liftheveil #Lesseroftwoevils #Masonicpuppets #Votingforyourdemise #Chessgame #Theatrestage #Politicalzionism
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America's politicians are beholden to the Zionist Rothchilds and their Israel. Since then, almost all of America's politicians are traitors to the American people. Since then, presidents are selected by the Jesuits; Rothschilds, not elected by the American people. Donald Trump ImageImageImageImage
himself is a devout Zionist puppet. Since his inauguration as the 45th President of the United States in 2017, #DonaldTrump has been known to flip-flop politically on various issues, but he remains consistently a devout Zionist without fail. In 1983, the Jewish National Fund
granted him the "Tree of Life Award," which is the highest honor given to only one individual or family each year in appreciation of their dedication to the American-Israeli alliance. #Warcriminal #Scottishritemason #jesuitcoadjutor #Councilofforeignrelations #Politicalzionism ImageImageImageImage
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