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Dear anons and Secular Maldives proponents: 12,020 is over, and we made a lot of progress on the #SecularMaldives front. We pushed many important conversations publicly, drove controversial positions in the country while exposing those ideas to a bigger audience. 🧵 /1
We also engaged with the public and started discussing secular politics by injecting our selves into strategic conversations and we forced ourselves into relevance hile changing the entire face of public discourse in the country. /2
We gave a strong message that we exist and we matter. Now we must scale up the activism. Recent Vaguthu article showed the extent of problem. Regular folks were scared and silenced off while Islamists dominated comments and conversation around the article. /3
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These people who live in the Islamic Cinematic Universe™ (ICU 🥴) has a gamified concept of collecting some sort of a tally of Savaab/reward points that is akin to video game points. /1
The concept goes; if you do certain criteria of tasks, you get more points, if you do unapproved tasks, you get docked points. There are also some special tasks like Jihad which bags believers a tonne of points in one go. Fascinating parallel to video games. /2
The points once received is tallied in an automated narrative form by teller angels who record and log the points in a ledger along with what tasks the points are associated to. The same applies when someone is docked of their points by doing unapproved tasks. /3
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Islam (and all religions) is incompatible with humanity's future.

Here a Mullah explains why Veganism and Vegetarianism is haram. And that eating meat is what Islamically good.

Time for a 🧵 /1
Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity is facing right now, as our planetary home is gradually changing due to human activity. If these changes are allowed to continue, human life will be severely disrupted and there will be thousands of deaths and displacements. /2
For solutions, we will have to change a lot of our behaviour and how we do things. Animal farming causes 14.5% global greenhouse emissions currently. This is unsustainable on a long term growth trajectory. /3
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Islamic language that dehumanizes unbelievers is where Islamic violence begins. Slurs like Kuffar (derogatory term for someone who doesn't believe Islam) and Najis (filth) are weaponzied language, designed to ”other” and get their base worked up. /1
It is very clear from their language they do not recognize the humanity of those that doesn't believe what they believe. This is not due to the individual, but rather because of Islamic teachings found in it's source materials.…
And when they curse their imaginary God characters wrath on you, and condemn you to an imaginary hellfire in an none existent afterlife all within the mythological construct of Islam, it is only telling of what they would rather do to us if they had a choice. /3
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Only just getting started. The coming tsunami is going to challenge your mythological religion in ways that has not be previously imagined or thought possible. #PostReligious #NormalizingDissent
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Explaining science in how we talk - in stories - isn't intuitive at first. That's why a lot of people are failing at it. It has to be learned. This is something I am working on. It's my new personal project for the coming years. #PostReligious
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Ex-Muslims deconstructing the Islamic narratives for younger and newer audiences over democratized digital infrastructure is going to dismantle Islamic stronghold over Muslim minds all over the world in the coming decades. This is my prediction. #PostReligious #NormalizingDissent
Islam had never seen a challenge like it's facing in over 1400 years of it's existence. The convergence at the intersection of human acknowledge accumulation over many centuries, the sciences and it's by-products like technology is going to wreck havoc on Islam. #PostReligious
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Every opportunity we get, we need to amplify the vile and disgusting nature of the Islamic mind for the people to see, to process and to introspect. Because our play is, we are making an assumption that people are better humans than Islam would have them become. /1
Repeat this exposure to the Islamic toxicity and cruelty will eventually lead people to be humiliated to follow Islam. This is the bet we make every day when we expose the evils of Islamic doctrine to the people. /2
In the Maldives; when we look back at the activism work we have done since Islamists murdered @yaamyn, we can clearly see this strategy has begun to work as the Overton Window in the country slowly begins to shift away from Islamic theocracy. /3
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Religious people often points to the human eye as en example of a creator God. They fail to understand that evolution has merely optimized it to the selection pressures, and this ”perfection” is our perspective of ”perfection”. We can move on now!
Because of evolution and the human understanding of the mechanism of evolution, at this point mythological god characters are now reduced to be ”God of the gaps”.
What that means is that your gods exist in between gaps of human knowledge. And this is only because you can get away with attibuting something to a God because currently there is no scientific explanation for it.
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