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1. It's the end of the month, so I'm gonna do a little monthly recap of what I've been up to this month and make a little pitch for supporting me via @Patreon if you find my work valuable and can afford to:

#MondayMotivation #EmptyThePews #crowdfunding
@Patreon 2. If I had to summarize what I've been up to this month, I'd say my work has primarily focused on pushing back against attempts to whitewash Christian nationalism and the dangerous anti-democratic views of the Christian Right. I did so in @jdforward here…
@Patreon @jdforward 3. And I followed up further on what's wrong with attempts to represent white evangelicals' Christian Zionism as benign in this piece for @RDispatches:…

#exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
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What kind of relationship should an organization representing religion journalism have with religious institutions and leaders? However we answer that question, RNA is past the point of being ethically compromised:…

#SundayThoughts #RNA2019 #EmptyThePews
To be fair, RNA is far from alone in having crossed what I believe should be bright lines. For example, @nytimes and @washingtonpost largely let evangelicals cover themselves, without including critical perspectives, which is wildly irresponsible.

#SundayMorning #EmptyThePews
And the U.S. flagship organization for the academic study of religion, the American Academy of Religion, like @ReligionReport accepts sponsorship from religious organizations, incl. highly problematic ones, and falls to draw a clear line between theology and secular scholarship.
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I’ve really enjoyed being at #RNA2019, making some new connections and getting to know some people irl I’d only connected with online and/or over the phone before. Special shout-outs to fellow social media panelists @liamsadams, @ayshabkhan, and @sophiasgaler!

And by the way, look what a certain notorious party left behind, perhaps in his haste to avoid answering journalists’ questions after spewing fascist propaganda. If anyone has any good ideas for what to do with this unique, erm, souvenir, please do share them. #RNA2019
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Apropos of the question of where religion journalism slides into advocacy for religion, even in its toxic forms, I will be skipping today’s lunch at #RNA2019, sponsored by Trinity Broadcasting Network and featuring a panel with prominent Christofascist Eric Metaxas, on principle.
There are valid reasons to bring journalists and potential sources together at conferences, but the line between religion journalism and religious propaganda should not be held. In this era of rising fascism, journalists also have a duty not to normalize extremism.

I will not accept hospitality from the likes of TBN. And I wish to express my opposition to the platforming of Eric Metaxas. See this blog post for more on why:…

#SaturdayThoughts #RNA2019 #EmptyThePews #Resist
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Edgar Sandoval, Jr. literally just described the relationship of child sponsorship through @WorldVisionUSA, sponsor of tonight’s dinner at #RNA2019, as one of “equality” between child and sponsor. This is astoundingly tone-deaf.

#FridayThoughts #EmptyThePews
Not to mention just plain inaccurate. There are few starker cases of obviously unequal power relationships.
*Sr., not Jr
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Earlier this year @RNS published a deplorable column about #ExposeChristianSchools with zero empathy for the queer kids harmed by them and the hashtag misrepresented as driven by “media elites” rather than survivors. That’s where ignoring leavers leads.…
If you see your job as celebrating the subject you analyze, you are not doing journalism or even commentary. You’re doing advocacy. Too often religion writing blurs this line; that column crossed it while pretending to objectivity and failing at due diligence.

Here’s the background on the #ExposeChristianSchools hashtag and how it was trolled and often misrepresented in the media. That happened largely because religion journalists exhibited bias toward even authoritarian religion and failed to do their jobs.…
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I don’t agree that the Christian Right was ever “just” a social movement, this @FFRF sponsored panel with @amitpal, @kathsstewart, @AndrewLSeidel, and @jackmjenkins was great!

Christian nationalism is the greatest threat to democracy and human rights in the US today.

I want to clarify that it is not @kathsstewart’s view that the Christian Right was ever only a social or cultural movement and not about power, as her work makes clear. The full quote here included “if it ever was.”

This is smart framing for a crowd that is on the whole extremely friendly to right-wing religion and that tends to use a purportedly sharp distinction between religion and politics—no such bright line exists—in a way that helps prop up anti-pluralist religious groups.
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