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बऱ्यापैकी निःपक्षपाती राहून, सरकारसोबतच अतिशय सटल पद्धतीने लिबरलांच्या वेशातील रॅडीकल डावे आणि रॅडीकल इस्लामी लोकांचा पद्धतशीरपणे बुरखा फाडून मिलेनियल आणि GEN Z समोर एक सकारात्मक दृष्टिकोन आणू पाहणारे हे जोडपे @abhiandniyu ,👇
यांनी जेव्हा सुरुवातीपासूनच द वायर वगैरे सारख्या निःपक्षपाती म्हणवणाऱ्या आणि स्वतःस फार क्रांतिकारी भासवणाऱ्या जबरदस्त खोटारड्या आणि देशद्रोह्यांसाठी खंदेपणाने उभे राहणाऱ्या न्यूज पोर्टल्सना लॉजीकली एक्स्पोज करायला सुरू केलं तेव्हाच रॅडीकल डाव्यांच्या हिटलिस्ट वर हे लोक👇
अलरेडी पोचले होते. काल परवाच्या #RashmiSamant प्रकरणावर त्यांनी जी ठाम आणि स्पष्ट भूमिका मांडली त्यावरून तर आता हे मायावी लिब्रांडू लोक्स सुद्धा यांच्यावर कावलेत असं दिसून येतंय. लवकरच ध्रुव राठी सारख्या स्वयंघोषित क्रांतिकारी फ्रीलांसर ने यांना एक्स्पोज केल्याचं👇
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My conversation with Rashmi Samant: A Thread
I Had an extremely insightful discussion with @Rashmidvs
And had no idea of some of the damaging and toxic prejudices that so many British students (and students of Indian descent) at Oxford harbour about their colonial past. contd
... one notion that really shook me was how these students, who were active advocates against racism, sexism and transphobia, actually thought that the colonials did not stand for any of these values! They felt offended when Rashmi criticised Rhodes for his deeply racist views
On native indians and South Africans. When Rashmi tried ro explain to them and educate them on all the death and ruin that colonialism had left behind and tried to draw an equivalence between Rhodes and Hitler (because there seemed really no other way to make them understand)...
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Increasingly evident that Hindu students going without preparation into universities dominated by leftist "woke" ideologies are stepping into minefields. There is no victimhood narrative to support them because by the very fact of being Hindu they're regarded as aggressors. (1)
The world does not associate Hinduism with Yoga, Dhyana, Jnana, Ayurveda & other magnificent contributions. The deeply institutionalized system of education set up by colonialist-missionary machinery ensures that Hindus are tagged with caste, Sati, inequality, filth & violence(2)
Unlike Jews who evoke sympathy for the Holocaust, Muslims who evoke sympathy because of Islamophobia, Christians who are noble by association with Jesus & Teresa, Hindus only evoke hate thanks to the carefully constructed narratives. (3)
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