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Hey followers the Red Awaken Campaign 2020 guide just got better! You can find it here.
1. Candidate name
2. Candidate website
3. Social media links
4. Primary and general election dates
Please go to the next thread - we have more!
1. Click on the man to watch a candidate video
2. The red xxx's indicate RINO's. Click on them & it tells you why
3. The race car indicates the seat is one of 31 seats the GOP thinks we can take back from the democrats. Tap to read the narrative.
The guide is intended for personal use only and cannot be sold or used for profit. We hope you find it useful!

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I heard your speech @SenSchumer trashing President Trump, America, and his SOTU Address before it even started.

Pres Trump is way ahead of schedule delivering on his promises & restoring greatness to America.

Your contribution Chuck has been to OBSTRUCT & LIE.
We see what you are doing Chuck. You are very comfortable lying because you do it on a daily basis to undermine the President and have the MSM Fake News to cover you.

You pretend to be for border security but do all in your power to stop The Wall construction.
Although Pres Trump is winning on our economy and resolving foreign conflicts to bring, the areas where we are not doing great is where Schumer & Pelosi are obstructing: #BorderSecurity, drug flow across the border to lethally poison our people, & burden of illegals.
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We are getting so close to the #GreatAwakening In our country.
Even dems are going to see the devastation that the Obama administration brought on us.

Why FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka Is the DOJ’s Invisible Man… via @epochtimes
The reveal to the world coming soon.
No escape for any of them.
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1) Do you remember when POTUS endorsed @SpeakerPelosi as speaker of the house? He even said he would help her get the votes if there wasn’t enough dem votes. He has a reason for this seemingly insane endorsement. If she only knew what POTUS has on her. #PelosiCrimes
2) Pelosi traveled to N. Korea long before POTUS did. But why? They have tried to cover up her trip but she can’t hide from her past. The President has it all. Watch the vid. at the 13:00 min. mark.
3) They will lose everything. If you think POTUS is in a tough situation and will lose because @SpeakerPelosi is speaker, and the dems have control of the house, think again. It’s like he’s playing a game and he knows their every move. He can’t lose. They I’ll lose everything.
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1) Please sign the petition! Muslims shouldn’t even be in Congress.
There’s a law passed in 1952, June 27. Introduced in the House as H.R. 5678 by two dems...

U.S. House of Representatives: No Hi-Jabs Allowed in Congress. - Sign the Petition! via @Change
2) passed the House, 4-25-1952. Passed the Senate-5-22-1952.
Adopted by Senate-6-11-1952. But of course Dem President Harry Truman vetoed it 6-25-1052. Thank God it was overridden in the House, and then overridden by the Senate in June, the 27th day, 1952 and became law..
3)June 27, 1952. While that law refers to the immigration of muslim people, why would we allow known muslims in Congress? Ilhan Omar, who gave her acceptance speech without the U.S. flag, and opened with the Arabic language giving praise to allah. She came to the U.S. as a 12...
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Obama asked POTUS Trump not to hire General Flynn. Why? Because Flynn knows the damning evidence that will eventually put Obama behind bars at Gitmo. Inside is the timeline of events that leads to truth.

Why Was The General Targeted? -… via @@trepublicus
2) General Flynn knows where the bodies are. He has Knowledge of the despicable acts done by the deep state criminals. I believe that’s one reason why he took the plea deal to protect himself from the criminals who would try and take him out. #DeepStateCrimes
3) Very soon the American people will awaken to find they have been lied to for years. Truth brings Knowledge, Knowledge brings Power, Power back to the People.#RedAwaken #AWholeNewWorld
@POTUS wins. #DeepState loses. #AmericaWins #VictoryAhead
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Senator Chuck #Schumer just launched a mean-spirited and grossly unfair tirade against President Trump. He thinks he can get away with it because the MSM has his back and Republicans are too timid to call him out

out on it. Schumer miscalculated I am going to expose him for who he is in this thread for all to see.

Our political leaders of eras past used to debate ideas and compromised. They predomonantly had the welfare of America at heart. So when they disagreed they had an ...
over-riding objective of serving the people.

What the Democrats do now is follow the lead of the most execrable member of the Senate: Chuck Schumer. Sure, Menendez is a pervert but Schumer is calculatingly evil.

There are 2 issues at play here:. 1) securing the border ...
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