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#RiverCross LOST! Congratulations @BeuteBrian & Save Rural Seminole!

Judge rules Chris Dorworth's company must pay Seminole’s River Cross suit costs…
A federal judge ruled Chris Dorworth’s River Cross Land Co. must pay legal fees — which county attorneys estimated +/- $537,000 — that Seminole spent in public money defending itself against a federal lawsuit filed by Dorworth that she dismissed last year.
Dorworth & his attorneys argued the county’s rural boundary, approved by voters in a countywide referendum in 2004, violates Fair Housing Act b/c it makes it difficult for racial minorities to obtain housing. He said his would offer affordable housing.
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My 3 year old negotiates better.

#RiverCross tears.
If commissioners agreed, Dorworth also would commit to never, “for the rest of my life,” make or support any more attempts to remove property from the county’s development-restricted rural boundary.
‘See you in court,’ Dorworth vows, as Seminole rejects latest settlement pitch for River Cross…
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#FratPack may be more appropriate to call them the #FraudSquad
🧵 ⬇️

Seminole GOP chair who works for Brodeur knew mysterious independent candidate in key Senate race | @Jason_Garcia @reporterannie @orlandosentinel @LeaLovesUSA /1
Meanwhile, an advertising campaign that promoted her candidacy - designed to siphon votes from her Democratic opponent and help Rep #JasonBrodeur win the election — included mailers featuring a stock photo of a different woman.… /2
One local politician knows Iannotti: #BenParis, former mayor of Longwood who works for #JasonBrodeur at Seminole Chamber of Commerce, where Brodeur is pres & CEO. Paris is the VP of ops. Paris was hired by Brodeur in Feb 2019. /3
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Next up: Abraham "Abe" Lopez
Candidate for City of Oviedo Mayor

Former Chris Christie Staffer & previously Westampton Committeeman moved to Florida & seems to know all the "right" people.

Recruited, like Brian Clowdus, or just a pure-hearted public servant? We should find out.
“My family & I have decided to move to Florida to pursue a wonderful opportunity”.
Lopez worked as a member of Chris Christie’s admin throughout Christie’s 2 terms, serving as director of Hispanic Affairs & later as the Lt. Gov’s deputy chief of staff.…
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From Britney Spears to political rivals, #JoelGreenberg searched the names on confidential database
from @Jason_Garcia & @martinecomas

Article provides a great opportunity for a crash course on the Greenberg/Gaetz #OrlandoMafia. /1
Original Indictment:
While I don't know that I'd go as far as to say all these were nefarious, there are some that these journalist name here that suggest at times Greenberg certainly used his access to the database to advance his or his ally's positions. /2
“I am stunned that he did that,” said Seminole Commissioner Bob Dallari after learning that Greenberg in April 2018 looked up info of his 91yo father, Albert Dallari & his mother, who died >10y ago. “I don’t get why he would do that." #RiverCross /3
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1. There's more than just three #ShillCandidates from the 2020 Election for Florida House seats.

Follow along.

I'm not seeing any discussions about District 42 and that's a big problem.
2.Parties sometimes recruit people to file w/o affiliation in tight local & state-level races where many voters know little about candidates. Some voters do little research before they go to the polls & may be persuaded to cast votes for people whose names sound like theirs.
3.Groups looking to siphon votes away look for people who represent a strategic demographic, such as a woman or someone w/a Hispanic-sounding name. In a tight race determined by just a few hundred or thousand votes, that tactic can be successful and inexpensive.
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#MattMorgan is currently The Mayor of Longwood Florida.
▫️Ran for Seminole County Commissioner & lost after #RiverCross failed to pass.
▫️Received $40,500 contract (approx what he owed in taxes at the time)
▫️Blueprint Enterprises LLC effective 7 Oct 2019
photo h/t @ThomasS4217 Image
#MattMorgan, Longwood FL Mayor.
I don't think he goes anywhere without his mustache grooming small sidekick #BenParis.

Take Down Trafficking
Who's gonna tell him?

@jennycohn1 Chris Anderson I guess WWE-s it up w/other beneficiaries of Taxpayer's cash from Joel Greenberg. ImageImageImageImage
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Coincidences do not exist. Jacob Engels is not an attorney, nor is he gifted w/premonitions.
*Oct '18 Dorworth files lawsuit against Seminole claiming they violated Federal Fair Housing Act citing racism.
*Oct '19 letters claiming @BeuteBrian is a segregationist sent to employer
From the propaganda arm of the Central Florida GOP

*likely paid through MAGA Advisory who received a contract w/Joel Greenberg's Tax Office

Jul 14 '18
Subtle threats of segregation lawsuit loom large over development hearing. #RiverCross
By Jacob Engels…
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Ron DeSantis introduced politicians behind him today.
Notice anything?

Rep. Scott Plakon, who was the beneficiary in District 29 of a magical IND Candidate.(1 of 3 under scrutiny due to #darkmoney funneled in to siphon votes). Plakon is a big fan of #RiverCross @BeuteBrian
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“One of Engels’ typical MOs hiding behind the veil of being a journalist,” Bear wrote Oct'19 in email to a Seminole Sheriff’s investigator. “Really no diff than lots of perpetrators you investigate they put 1 seemingly legitimate foot in the door & thru opening spew criminality.”
“You started it and I will now finish it — legally, lawfully, within all the realms of legal and lawful — I will dispatch you,” Engels said in a video posted online June 15, 2020.
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Noticing a pattern yet?

Ballard Partners, Chris Dorworth, et al would do just about anything to make this project happen.


FL Legislators (backed by Dorworth/Ballard $, Gaetz/Greenberg "gifts" Roger Stone & Jacob Engels dirty tricks)✔
The candidacies of the 2 IND:
▫️Jestine Iannotti Senate District 9
▫️Juan Rodriguez House District 29
Promoted by (R) #darkmoney w/ads to siphon support from (D) candidates.

Races were won by:
Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford)
Scott Plakon (R-Longwood)
Who supported & continued to work around the Seminole County Commissioners declination to support #RiverCross, by attempting to BIG GOV'T the local decision-makers?

Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford)
Scott Plakon (R-Longwood)
and others

River Cross = 💰💰💰💰💰
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This is a very interesting response.

Asked to elaborate on the Ghost Candidate race.

He repeats nearly every other question back verbatim, except this one. Instead he says "Are you talking about the Brodeur/Sigman race. Right now that's attorney client privilege so I can't".
‘Ghost’ candidate in key state Senate race had help from controversial political consultant
#EricFoglesong #GhostCandidate #JoelGreenberg #MattGaetz #ChrisDorworth #JasonPirozzolo
Story:… /1 Image
Both races were won by the (R) candidates: Jason Brodeur & Scott Plakon.

Investigators are aware of a conversation between #ChrisDorworth & #MattGaetz about lining up a 3rd party candidate to help Brodeur win his Senate race. #JestineIannotti has since moved to Sweden. /2 ImageImageImage
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15 April
It’s Even Weirder Than You Thought: How a Roger Stone Acolyte and a ‘Tiger King Tax Collector’ Spawned the Matt Gaetz Scandal
Story by @sarahrumpf @Mediaite

More attention to this part of the story is needed.
#GetMeRogerStone /1
From reform candidate to rule-breaking elected official
Greenberg listed his personal net worth as nearly $5.9 million at the end of 2019, including $5.5 mil of stock in the family business AWG Inc., $276,000 in bank accounts, and $85,500 in jewelry.… /2
Audit: Joel Greenberg misspent millions while serving as Seminole tax collector
Greenberg purchased body armor, sprinkler system to spray petitioners
More than $1 mil of taxpayer money was “wasted on these contracts,” according to MSL CPAs & Advisors.… /3
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1/Greenberg's victim atty:
“Dorworth has a history of hiring local provocateur,” referring to blogger #JacobEngels. Email cited an unrelated defamation suit against Engels-which the atty claimed #ChrisDorworth was the financier of the alleged defamation. By @WFTV h/t @RogerWants
2/ #MattGaetz defended Engels, and like a good the Wingman Greenberg was, he amplified his defense.
3/Engels runs a publication called Central Florida Post. He made FB Live posts about Beute days before Greenberg’s arrest. (See ⬇️ for an into to #JacobEngels)
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Records: #JoelGreenberg doled out contracts to politicians, strategists tied to figures in Florida’s political scandals #TallySwamp #MattGaetz…
Archive Link:… /1
Greenberg took taxpayer-funded trips incl a Miami trip to meet Gaetz. Rcvd an invite from Dorworth to a Trump event "they will feed us all booze..." Turning the Tax Collector's office into $$$ for his friends & GOP connected. /2
Excessive & Unnecessary consulting contracts.
-#MattMorgan: former pro-wrestler, ran for Commissioner against Dorworth's opponent on #RiverCross project.
-#MeganZalonka: who works for #JasonPirozzolo.
-#EricFoglesong: political consultant who supported mysterious candidate. /3
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