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Darkly comical partisanship:

1) Tories narrowly voted down an amendment for genocide determination yesterday

2) some lefty pundits are suddenly exercised about genocide (good)

3) yes genocide is non-negotiable

4) glad you’ve woken up at last

5) Now do Labour too:
Your Mayor Sadiq Khan also oversaw investment of UK funds to Chinese firm Tencent, a genocide-adjacent company that is in the Pentagon’s & US State Department’s crosshairs for being a “Chinese military company”
And before the Lib Dem’s get too excited, their leader shamefully directly took funds from Huawei’s UK board:
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We swore a covenant & we shall remain true.

We’re coming for you #UyghurUmmah ✊🏽

UK, our turn.

إن الله مع الصابرين

#TAGG 🧿…
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Instead of attacking those of us raising it, why aren’t mainstream “liberal” journalists on here as outraged as we are about how many senior Democratic Party figures seem to have been compromised by Chinese spies?

Genocide is non-negotiable


See examples:
1) Dem Senator Feinstein’s staffer for 20 years outed as a Chinese spy
2) Dem Eric Swallwell caught in a female Chinese spy’s snare:
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Twitter bans @nypost, @realDonaldTrump &many others over US election rivalries, but a spokesperson insists the Chinese embassy’s gloating over forced sterilisation of Uyghur women is “not a violation”

Do you see how this emperor has no clothes?

#TAGG 🧿…
h/t @LeonieGreene 🙏🏽
Join our online gala to support the Uyghurs here
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This happened a couple of days ago:

“There is now strong evidence that the coronavirus was leaked from a Chinese biological weapons research laboratory”
Deputy National Security Advisor & Former Officer, US Marines
Matthew Pottinger

So.. (next tweet)…
... is it any wonder that China’s regime blocked the WHO delegation that was due there today to investigate?

What are they hiding?

And... (see next tweet)…
And if so...
... why are we all *still* falling for the Chinese Communist Party’s unprecedented global psychological operation intended to subject us to a state-led tech-tyranny, euphemistically called “lockdown”?

#TAGG 🧿…
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This man is finished for me

Shame on @SadiqKhan

“Transport for London has placed more than £25m with Tencent, a Chinese tech company that the UN has accused of involvement in covert surveillance & censorship on behalf of the Communist regime”

#TAGG 🧿…
“Tencent is said to be aiding & abetting China's expansive surveillance state & strict censorship of its own citizens using covert technology to spy on the persecuted Uighur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang province...forced to pick cotton, have abortions & renounce their faith”
“The authorities have detained more than a million Uighur Muslims in indoctrination camps. Some critics have accused China of genocide.”
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China’s Elite Capture:

- Over 600 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members at 19 branches of HSBC & Standard Chartered

- 123 CCP at Pfizer & AstraZeneca (coronavirus vaccines)

- Defence firms Airbus, Boeing & Rolls-Royce employed hundreds of CCP…
“In the nine months to September, 14 Chinese nationals were charged over alleged spying offences and the Trump administration last week changed its visa rules so members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families can stay or get travel documents for only a month.”
“Last week, John Ratcliffe, the US Director of National Security, warned that China posed the 'greatest threat to democracy and freedom' since the Second World War and was striving to dominate 'the planet economically, militarily and technologically'.”
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“And all the King’s horses and all the King’s men,

Couldn’t put Humpty together again”

German spy chief Gerhard Schindler: China is poised to dominate the world

#TAGG 🧿…
“Gerhard Schindler, who led the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) from 2011 to 2016, said Germany needed to curb its “strategic dependence” on Beijing and ban Huawei from its 5G mobile phone network.”
“He also warned that Angela Merkel’s liberal approach to the 2015 migrant crisis had left Germany with a “large reservoir” of young Muslim men susceptible to violence and jihadist ideology, and that the true scale of the danger was only now becoming clear.”
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“A section on China details a web of lucrative ties between Hunter Biden’s firms & companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party”

If this was a right winger, it would be all over your front pages.

What you do is not news.

It is campaigning.

Shame on you.

any privileged white lefty “liberal” trying to excuse hunter biden’s business behaviour in china (while they genocide Uyghur Muslims) by claiming “it’s the son not the father” (as if the son would be *anything* without his father’s work) is advised by me to go and f*^% themselves
and don’t you even dare “whatabout” me you ^#*}#^ spineless lefty hypocrites
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hollywood minstrel performance update:

pretence of diversity on-screen, and genocide-proximity off it

@Disney’s “mulan” issued credits to thank security services in china for allowing filming on uyghur land, while 2m of them were in concentration camps


أيتها الأمة الإسلامية

تنسب ديزني على وجه التحديد الفضل إلى أجهزة الأمن الصينية في شينجيانغ في نهاية “مولان” للسماح لهم بالتصوير في منطقة الأويغور بينما احتجزت الأجهزة الأمنية نفسها مليوني إيغور في معسكرات الاعتقال

ديزني قريبة من الإبادة الجماعية


#TAGG 🧿 Image
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.@trussliz is opposing @tiktok_uk having a London HQ

I URGE @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet
to listen

Our #UyghurUmmah at the World @UyghurCongress and UK head @MahmutRahima have asked for help

This is the most technologically sophisticated genocide in history. Huawei and Tik Tok are complicit
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US imposed sanctions on firms profiting from Uyghur Muslim slavery in China’s “Cotton Gulags”

85% of China’s cotton is from Uyghur Muslim province of Xinjiang

Brands @Nike @hm @Burberry @CalvinKlein @adidas are accused of ignoring this for 2 years
“China is responsible for about a fifth of global cotton & yarn production, the majority of which is in Xinjiang”

I might be wearing clothes made by Uyghur Muslim slaves held in the worst concentration camps seen since WWII

World @UyghurCongress forgive us

Allah forgive me 💔
“One-fifth of the world’s tomatoes are exported from Xinjiang, mainly in the form of tomato paste, destined for ketchup, sauces and pizza toppings used in kitchens and restaurants across Europe and America”

I feel sick to my stomach
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باسم الله الرحمان الرحيم


today i am once more in a silent meditative protest (ذكر) to #STOPUighurMuslimGenocide

fight genocide with love ❤️…

.@Nike is accused of using Uigur slave labour

i will not leave this place today until...
... until 2 #TAGG volunteers kindly come & sit with me here at this @Nike factory store at morning lane, london e9

and one other volunteer sits at a @Nike store in the city of @Timcast, either him or a someone verified by him, and then ..
..then NONE of those 3 volunteers should leave until the process above is replicated at many nike stores today

volunteers, if you’re coming, try not to eat or drink before you come as sitting requires patience

we will do this for a day today or until my phone batteries die
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volunteers, be ready for phase three. I will mark it with an X
and any follow up action will be marked with an X too

overriding tactical aim: DO NO HARM (mental, physical or emotional) to any human being

I will mark #TAGG work with an X
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