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Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1…
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GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING you basket of digital street fighting for God Country & children #2a @NRA #1a protecting sheep no more God fear Devine providence believing spiritual combat boot wearing #digitalsoldiers in the #digitaltrenches of #IRREGULARWARFARE Deplorables!
We are at war. You are incredibly valuable in this war of information. You are fighting for the future of the children.


You ARE Appreciated.

You ARE invaluable.

You ARE the positive force that's changing the world.
Faith like a child that believes what their beloved parents tell them IS the faith that moves mountains.

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I see all you Patriots liking and commenting on these posts and I gotta tell ya

It's a beautiful thing and you are beautiful.

Listen Amazing times are ahead.

You gotta stop being negative. That's the frequency of evil.

You must be positive and believe with child like faith.
That's what the good word tells us to do. Ask and you shall receive.


It MUST come into agreement with Gods will!

You day "well what's Gods will!?"

His will is that not one soul should suffer eternal separation and punishment from him.
That ALL of his children join him in his Kingdom.

So talk with Jesus. Just like talking to your best friend cause he is +++.

Hes "THE MAN" with thee plan.

Listen, God is so good. Hes watching, listening and MOVING BIGLY in this time.
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The Lord has worked through his children and has met the bill for the tires just like he said he would.

He told me in prayer this morning after inspecting the tire real good that I need to "put it out there!"...
I wrestled with him as usual! I'm cautious and wish not to harm anyone especially him! So I says Lord I don't feel comfy with this. I don't wanna put my PayPal out there. I want this to be you. He said son it is me through my bodies in the natural that are obedient to me..
I said ok but I still haint putting my PayPal out there! I did not agree to do what I do for you for charity or for any other reason than to seek your Kingdom and righteousness first! Quite.... I'm like ahhhhhHA! And you'll take care of the rest! Ok lord I got it...
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Ok here they are. Pray with me believers!

Jesus you told is to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness first and you will add the rest unto us Mathew 6:33.

You told us that we have not because we ask not and that when we ask it for the wrong reasons. James 4
Jesus it is standing on these promises that I ask you provide.

You of all know my situation. You know my heart. These tires o ask for as they are/will continue to be used in COMMAND Lord.

With faith I ask. In your name Jesus and for the Fathers Kingdom. Amen
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Be aware of BS💩 made to look like a beautiful gift.

Dig deep. Do not be deceived. Even lucifer himself dresses as an Angel of light. 2nd Corinthians 11:14

Deeper reading/research:…
So how do we know who we are seeing/talking/listening too?

That's a great question. I know how and because I exercise this truth frequently is one of the reasons [EVIL] wantS me dead.

This is how you know...
This is a powerful knowledge. All of these things I've imparted over the past few months have made me a target and it will make you one too. Even the Lord made enemies. It's about choosing a side and becoming active in it. Very active.
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I am human and sometimes feel like giving up. But I pray the Lord strengthens me that I may tarry on.

Today is one of those days. My pain is making me crazy.

If I may ask, would you consider praying for pain and financial break through.
Lord Jesus in your prayer you said "on earth as it is heaven". Jesus I am living it. I am trying to act as on earth here as I believe I would in heaven. As a result folks think me crazy. Well, truth be told, I am crazy. Crazy about you Jesus.
I am an outcast. My own brother thinks me nuts. My friends think me nuts. I must tell you Lord it hurts my heart. It pains me deep inside. I said to self today " it's a good thing I don't have feelings or those suckers would get hurt". Its comical but sad.
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