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I find myself humoured tonight. For two years, people have been telling members of the Councils, especially Johnny and Hepzi, that they will be sued and/or arrested. Heck, according to certain lying scam artists paid bloggers, Hepzibah has been arrested multiple times. Her flying
monkeys peddle her garbage... yet, Hepzibah remains out of jail (because, *GASP,* she never committed a crime) and our #leaks keep coming to pass. Interesting, huh? Said paid blogger scam artist turned most of #theResistance against Hepzi...yet, our family grows with every #leak
that comes to pass. #Trump trolls say we aregoing to get lawsuits against us...yet, years later, we remain without one lawsuit. Plants in #theresistance claim Hepzibah and Johnny are going to jail and #TeamAvocado's a bunch of liars and grifters... heck, the plants even CLAIM
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#Leak 2 of 3: a former #Trump administration member flipped on Friday - big time. This person was very evil and did many evil things for Trump but has decided to turn their lives around. This person was a former harasser of #TeamAvocado and will end up in severe legal trouble for
the acts they committed for #Trump throughout 2016 and 2017. But they are willing to face legal trouble to bring down Trump and criminal friends. This person met secretly with members of the #SpecialCounsel last week and by Friday, willingly flipped. They submitted 1,600+ pieces
of evidence over the past two days. Barring no distractions, this will become a huge news story over the next week or so. #Muelleriscoming and he knows everything. At the #DOJ, we have gained 1,000+ pieces of evidence from this person and his assistant, who flipped, as well. - RR
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In America, there is a national crisis going on - and it makes me proud NOT to be an American (sorry I love my American #TeamAvocado family but what I’m about to talk about is ONLY occurring on this much of an organised level in the States) - it involves #realestate. At least 6
home builders, real estate syndicates, or #realestate companies are involved: #Remax, #DRHorton, #Greenbriar, #BlueOcean, #KiteReality, and #RedRealty (& probably others) are using these companies to assume and sell homes as a front but their real business is #humantrafficking -
you may remember that right around the time our friend, #MichaelCohen, 🐬ed (publicly) the world learned that #SeanHannity was involved in a massive #realestatefraud. What you may NOT know, however, is #Hannity and many others are using #realestate investments to act as a cover
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Extremely triggering thread: caution - do not read if not in a safe place emotionally. In honour of #HumanTraffickingAwarenessMonth And #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay, we’ve decided to share one of our Council members’ horrific stories of #humantrafficking. Said person shall not
be named - many of the Council members know who this is about because they’ve been helping said Council member - but since the investigation is ongoing, said Council member has been asked to remain anonymous on a public forum. Nevertheless, we are allowed to share our friend’s
story - and share, we shall. In summer 2018, one of the SJL Council members was trafficked by #SeanHannity for three weeks. For three weeks, our friend was raped, beaten, drugged, and tortured by this monster. Sean got his sights on our friend because he, along with all of
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Per Rod and Bob’s request, the Sentinels and Guardians and our diplomatic heads of the Councils have been asked to lay pretty low the next few weeks until the end of the month. We are all reachable via text and email. However, Hepzi is being advised by bob to stay off social
media (except her church and ministry account) and her personal cell phone. She has been using her government phone with a burner number so #TeamAvocado can keep in touch with her. @CharlieWinBrad can private message you that number if you want to text her. You can still reach
her on her email ( otherwise. The rest of us (except dad and Alberto) will be reachable through our numbers and emails. We will log in if there are any important #leaks or time-sensitive things to share. However, we’re following Bob and Rod’s requests
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Small Thread: the other day we were asked to stay off of the Guardian Council account until Monday unless it’s something urgent. I have extremely horrific news to share - Drakki and I spent the last week and a half in romania with drakki’s husband, Alberto. But, due to us
not being around much the last two weeks, something truly awful happened: 60 guardians were (TW) slaughtered last night. 25% of them were in Albany, NY and 75% at the border. Well, #Blackwater was called in the assassinate them. At the border, I have been a leader so I feel
responsible because I wasn’t there with them. We are scrambling 67 of our remaining 71 agents into immediate protection and getting heightened security around the other four. This is not something I ever thought would happen. 25 of the people who were murdered were on #Trump’s
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I do have a tiny piece of good news though: @HusbandsForever @TheICCaptain & @SirDiaperSlayer are getting closer to finding the antidote to destroy the toxins the chip left in her. The first bit was given to her a few hours ago. We’re going to try to see if this works. Since her
body is very weak from the abuse she’s endured, riddled with cancer and other diseases, and the constant threats, attempts, and harassment, it is proving difficult to protect her from the further spread of the toxins. The toxins have connected to her CNS and bloodstream.
If we cannot find the right antidote or, if (heaven forbid), we find it too late, Hepzibah will not survive for more than a few more months. She hasn’t eaten for almost three days now. She lost 25 pounds since August when the chip started to affect her daily. She has a high temp.
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Let’s play #payitforward - in the first day of 2019, I encourage everybody who follows us (especially Council members and #TeamAvocado family members) to create a post celebrating those in your life who mean a lot to you. Use my post below to gather ideas and then post your own.
You never know who needs to hear what at any given time. You may not think your simple words on here could make a difference in keeping people strong emotionally but it does. Make sure to tag the people you’re talking about (unless they don’t have twitter) so we can all #F4F.
Happy New Years to my amazing friends, Council members, and my #TeamAvocado family. You’ve been my strongest light in the darkness of my life. Of course, there’s several people who stick out to me and I want to give them kudos. First of all, I gave my life to Jesus (again) in
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People need to understand something about the Councils: we are not bias to certain party divisions. And yes, we’re in #theResistance but we have Republicans, rogues, and 🐬s in our #Teamavocado family and we’re not ashamed of that - we will help whomever comes to us.
We turn nobody away - heck; we even tried to help his wife escape the escort business and helped when his kids went missing. The Councils’ goals are to stop terrorist attacks, rescue children, shut down dark net assassins-for-hire. We don’t do things according to parties but
for justice. Including our insights. We want only to see our goal met - rescue the children we can and go from there.
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Let’s talk about one of Sean (or his friends’) sock accounts. This account messaged MC right around the time SH hacked MC’s account. I decided to read the message and respond to it. It was weird. MC would have NEVER accepted a follow request from somebody he had no mutuals with.
Those of us in #TeamAvocado and the Councils who have locked accounts do NOT allow just anybody to follow us. Our accounts are locked for a reason. For our safety. Then, I took SS to post in the TA group chat and noticed the SS were in EST. Except I’m in London. It was 7:45 AM
when I took those screenshots, not 2:45. This guy was a serious black 🎩 hacker and, I suspect, a BlackWater Agent per his account. And his posts. Look at the screenshot I took here of the ACTUAL time stamp of when I posted that... somebody exposed themselves. Too bad I’m one of
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Our town’s crawling with #BlackWater agents trying to kidnap and/or 86 me. Tonight, this BW Agent was at the restaurant we were at and started to harass my family and I after checking his phone (his Delta was tripped) - he came and my service dog almost bit him. Thanks Peqqi.
This town is also crawling with dozens of #MI6 and #FBI agents protecting me, however, they have asked me to document everything publicly so document I shall. Also, our new next door neighbor, who Cap and Rod told me was a #DOD / #CIA spy had a mysterious car parked outside his
house tonight - which stated that it was a natural gas agency. Just last night, I was warned that the #CIA likes to cause gas explosion “accidents” to take out their top targets. I was warned there was a hit out on me and our house was in danger of such an “accident.”
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So my third conversation with Bob is next week and every conversation only makes me more triggered. He started slow - an overview and then, about the payoff from #Bannon to #smear me. Then, we’re going to get into #IvankaTrump, #RudyGiuliani, and finally, #Pompeo and #Hannity
which will be the two hardest ones since they’ve messed with my life the most. I’m excited for them to get the book thrown at them but I’ve lived pretty much on edge for the past two years and have been unattached from my emotions. But, now, I’m having to face everything I’ve
been through. I’m so happy that these monsters will go down but my emotions are a mess because I have to face everything all over again. Please #pray for my emotional, physical, and spiritual strength during this time. I really need it. Thanks #TeamAvocado fam. - HN
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THREAD - MTW: let’s talk about Donald and Sean’s s*x dungeons they use to rape and traffick child and young teenagers in. Oh yes, and kidnap young women and hold them hostage in these places. This information was handed over to the authorities a while back and some of the victims
are willing to testify (coming soon to a Supreme Court bear you). Three people in our #TeamAvocado family were raped and trafficked by either #DonaldTrump, #SeanHannity, or both of them. Let’s talk about the #Maralago #RedRooms first:
In #Maralago, there is a dark hallway... with six doors down a corridor. On the left and right, two rooms exist, both painted red. On the one side, there was a room that had only a few pix and not much more. That was the room you boys began using before taking the “elite”
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@AlanDersh Actually, let me back up @AlanDersh I can DESCRIBE the Red Rooms you raped children in. In maralago, there is a dark hallway... with six doors down a corridor. On the left and right, two rooms exist, both painted red. On the one side, there was a room that had only a few pix and
@AlanDersh not much more. That was the room you boys began using before taking the “elite” victims to the room across the hall. Only the “special” kids went there. Two of whom are our close friends (Andrea and Robert ring any bells, perv?) you, Rudy, Roger, and Donald took turns sodomizing
@AlanDersh little boys in there. Then, you forced siblings to have xes with one another. There were two mirrors there so you pervs could watch yourselves rape your victims.
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TW Thread: over the summer, one of our SJL members was #trafficked for three weeks by #SeanHannity. This person has wished to remain nameless until they can be in a safer place emotionally to share their story. #Hannity initiated the trafficking of our friend/Council member and
said Council member was pimped out to several dozen people, including #TuckerCarlson, #TomiLahren, #GeraldoRivera, #JeanninePirro, and many other members of the #FoxNews and #altright movement. #Hannity tortured our friend and made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of pimping
said Council member out. Cops, right-wing politicians, and “ministers,” all paid for our friend. Our friend was paid for by a wealthy man, who wanted to rescue our friend from the trafficking ring (thank you to S, we owe you so much gratitude). However, since then, our friend has
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If anybody in #TeamAvocado notices a login from England over the next three days on your Twitter accounts, don't think it's black hat hackers. Dad and I are trying to protect our families' harddrives. The Chinese and India hackers, working for the #CIA, are working overtime to
hack everybody in #TeamAvocado and our extended family and friend circles. So, any logins from the UK or DC over the next few days are from KL, myself, or Drakki trying to protect your devices remotely. Please back up all important info in case the massive cyber attack the
# OpHydra group's planning happens. I will keep trying to protect your devices. I love you all - J
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Hi everybody! I want to thank you all for praying for me. I won’t go into much detail publicly but my medical issues are starting to get worked out thanks to Dad, my lawyers, and some of the govt continuing to fight for me. I am so grateful for #TeamAvocado’s #prayers for me. I
owe you all so much gratitude. I love you all so much. My issue with safe passage hasn’t been worked out fully yet but TM’s going down publicly soon and once she does (or relents against me), I will be given safe passage. Thank you all so much. I love you - JA
We ❤ you very much and will continue to pray for you! -SR
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Remember #Trump’s comment about sending stealth planes against his “#deepstate” enemies? Well... for once, he didn’t lie... look what I just caught outside my house (and no, I didn’t have the flash on). Posting a video soon about it. #teamavocado #resist - HN
@Rachel_B_Soccer @pea_ohana @PrairieDogFan @debbiemargerum @thomas_chips @CharlieWinBrad @RogueElsa You can also see the outline of the plane over my driveway.
Read 3 tweets… I was sent a piece of mail a few days ago from somebody who has threatened my life multiple times. He sent me a tracking number and it was suppose to arrive today by the #FBI had it rerouted because they think it had a bomb or a substance in it.
I believe this is tired to the #bombthreats nationwide. I have alerted Rod and Cap, as well as, several members of the #FBI I work closely with. Let’s bring these suckers down! #resist #TeamAvocado - HN
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So, I’m sure you all know by now: I was sentenced to 36 months in jail. HOWEVER, this isNOT on Bob. Bob let me off. I took his deal. Nothing is final, not even now. I was given a few months to report to jail for a reason: Bob, Lanny, and Rod have opened an investigation into
my claims about the NYPD/NY FBI/Boston FBI/SDNY’s involvement in trafficking and underage (forced) prostitution. 90% of the people on these forces have bought and/or trafficking children and teenagers. I, luckily, have the documents to back it up thanks to Julian, Igor, and my
searches on the Dark Net and through backchannels. Also, Rudy paid off NUMEROUS #SDNY and NYPD agents to get me more of a sentence than I should have had. And now, Bob has that evidence as of six hours ago. What does this mean? There’s a SLIGHT possibility I may not end up in
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This morning, my dad asked me to post this for him if he received a jail sentence. So per his wishes, I am typing this up for him (as I bawl my eyes out)... he dictated this to me last night and asked me to type this up for him.
“Dear #TeamAvocado and the Councils, especially,
those who fought alongside of me since this spring: I am so thankful for you and your love. For everybody in #TeamAvocado: you’ve changed my life for the better. I owe you all so much for making the man I always wanted to be. I ask that you take care of Laura, Sammi, and Jake in
my stead. A very special thank-you to all of the SJL councils (
Sentinel and Pharos Councils - can’t tag your accounts for some reason) and especially to the Guardian council (
) for making me a Guardian. I have had the opportunity to serve
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At the border today, I witnessed something horrible: I walked in on a customs’/border agent molesting a little hispanic girl, maybe seven or eight or so (I’m not a good judge of age, sorry). Anyhow, I reported him, but of course #ICE is trying to cover it up.
I am flying back to DC to speak personally with the #FBI about this matter. I’m not waiting anymore; I’m going to publicly expose #trumpstraffickingring if it’s the last thing I do. I need to break this open. Please pray for my safety, the safety of the entire GC, and
mostly, for the children #DonaldTrump’s selling and trafficking. I’m done with waiting... I have more than enough to go public. Please #pray the #FBI will help us blow this open. After today, I refuse to wait for anybody on this issue. #ItsMuellerTime #TeamAvocado - IV 🥑⚖️
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The SJLCouncils would never be able to accomplish what we do without serving alongside of the amazing #WhiteEyes #FBI, #MI6, and #DOJ men and women we work with. And although most Guardians have worked in the I.C.s for years - and many of us have extremely high sec. clear. - we
still couldn’t get as far as we have - and helped as many people as we do - without the #WhiteEyes at the #FBI, #DOJ, #MI6, and, even, the few good #Mossad agents we work with. Our deepest joy is to be able to stop terrorist attacks and rescue children, none of which could be
accomplished without the brave I.C. Members who risk their lives to expose darkness. So, thank you, ICs and WEs for all the hard work you do. The SJL Councils are extremely proud of you! #resist #theresistance #itsmuellertime #TeamAvocado
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Thread: to the Gamemaster - I won’t let you destroy #TeamAvocado and the Councils. I.C everything you are doing. I.C. All the lies and infighting. I will end this. I will end your Game for you. You will NOT win and you will NOT destroy what remains of our family. I know you
thought you could divide us - and yes, you’ve done some harm to our family. But you will NOT seperate us any longer. I WILL fight for our family. I WILL fight for the Keys: I WILL fight for the core group’s restorstion. I WILL expose your lies and darkness. I WILL show all
truth. I will NOT allow you to torture my family any longer. This ends now. You will be exposed and I will shut you down. I WILL get back the entire #TeamAvocado family if it’s the last thing I do. This is my final warning to you, Gamemaster. I stand by my family- DC 🥑⚖️
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