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I deal with enough harassment from the cult. To have people be so ugly and use the fact that I'm speaking at all to say that's a reason I'm not a victim is absolutely fallacious. The attacks are heavy this week. Accounts were already under suspicion.
They want me to shut up. So they're making it extremely unhealthy to be on Twitter. This is the only way they have access to me when I'm not in public. They can't attack the information I share so they attack the source. Logical fallacy. #theGreatAwakening will vindicate me 100%
And God is always watching. #Covfefe
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Way to use something totally unrelated to me to attempt to also discredit me. Thanks for revealing yourself. #byePhoenicia It's always the liars who reach out to me first with praise and ego appeal. Fascinating. This account has an agenda. Why do this? #ThingsThatMakeNoSense
P.S. Nobody EVER asked me my opinion on Danielle's claims, nor did I ever offer one. It's not my business. Bringing me into this situation only reveals your intent to discredit me by any means available. The ONLY people who do that are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION AGENTS.
Notice how this account is an information bridge troll?
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I once watched a video of @JustinTrudeau eulogizing his father. He told a story about going to the north pole. AE would love to know more about what he found there. Canada and the United States are Family. Our culture and values are so similar, we are two of a kind #WWG1WGA #IzUs
@JustinTrudeau Just in, True Doe!
Just(ice) +RU(th) E DO E
Justice, truth, & all God's wisdom inside the window of the crossroads
j US + in + Rue Do E
Nun and the USA before the crossroads & the way of God's wisdom after the window, both inside the isthmus. 5:5? 👁️✴️
@JustinTrudeau is a KI
@JustinTrudeau Perhaps he will become Justin Time? 😉

Will @JustinTrudeau please stand up? We are all very confused about why the elected (L)EADers of Our Nations seem to suddenly be against us & only for terrorism. #ThingsThatMakeNoSense

AE SEE YOU Canada & Justin. Thank you for your service
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Did anyone else notice a change in language regarding the wall? @realDonaldTrump is now calling it a "steel slats barrier." His opposition could NEVER support a "wall." But perhaps they can be persuaded to compromise on a "steel slats barrier." 🙄 Whatever works. #BuildTheWall
If anyone tries to compare our new big, beautiful wall (recently dubbed a "Steel Slats Barrier") to the Berlin Wall, kindly remind them that it's not being built along the Mississippi River to divide our Country. Then go ahead & bring up the Great Wall of China. #ByePhoenicia
Everyone should be questioning WHY the D's are opposed to allowing us to set up a physical boundary in order to protect ourselves. #ThingsThatMakeNoSense

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#HiviteTactics: Call censorship free speech & make it dangerous to speak truth in 'safe spaces.' #DECEPTION, reversals, #MindControl. This thought control through language is dangerous to liberty & life itself. Only those at risk of being destroyed by truth would promote these.
There is no such thing as safe spaces in public, believe me, I know this all too well. The only safe space that truly exists for any of us is the one we create for ourselves in our own homes that we're allowed to protect w/ #2A. Being in public w/ other people is inherently risky
If you can't emotionally manage yourself in the face of opposing ideas or if the statement of simple facts is traumatizing to you, I encourage you to reflect on your social sphere because you might be a trauma based mind control victim. Not even kidding. That's not normal.
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Please report & block this cannibal troll account that is using my picture & resume description from LinkedIn. As I said, #HiviteTactics will escalate. Attacks will intensify. But this is totally normal for someone who is not telling dangerous truth to experience, right? #QAnon
The goal of this account seems to be related to the most recent cult attack, timing of account creation fits. It seems they're trying to make me look bad or something. Neat trick guys. #ByePhoenicia Your tactics are transparent and you yourselves are completely impotent.
All these sad, sick people want is to make me (us) upset. Just agitate us. It's so stupid.
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Seriously? The complaint is I'm too healthy and articulate to be a survivor? Wow.
For the record, I had to work extremely hard, I had to practice, I had to learn and read and heal myself while in isolation and on the run. I am a formidable mind with a lot of education, 100% faith in God & therefore faith in myself that God will guide me if I just trust my gut.
The cult abuses people in a way that deliberately makes them seem insane & untrustworthy when reporting. I KNEW THIS so I worked VERY hard to overcome ALL of that sabotage programming in order to be able to #SayBraveThings to y'all for the sake of LIFE & HUMANITY ITSELF FFS.
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If any reporter intends to write anything about me, be sure to know what you're saying, & what I'm saying, & what the LAW is re: libel, slander, defamation, & free speech. I am not giving interviews. Everything I have to say is published here publicly for all to see @POTUS #QAnon
@POTUS If you wish to ask me reasonable, respectful questions AFTER you bother to inform yourself on what I've already said, you may do so here, publicly. I will choose if I respond. Note that NO response is also an answer. Choose wisely. #ByePhoenicia #theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS
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