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Brexit was for Tax Avoidance

#PandoraPapers #JohnsonOut #ToryCorruption 🧵 Brexit was for Tax Avoidance List of Evidence
1. In 2012 it was estimated £13 Trillion was in offshore accounts avoiding Tax.

2. Between 2014 and 2016 names of some of those people were leaked in the #PanamaPapers. David Cameron's father was one.

#PandoraPapers #JohnsonOut #ToryCorruption 🧵2
3. In January 2016 the EU began strict Anti-Tax Avoidance Laws.

4. In February 2016 David Cameron announced the EU Referendum.

5. Matthew Elliott was CEO of Vote Leave. His wife, Sarah Elliott worked for the US Republican Party.

#PandoraPapers #JohnsonOut #ToryCorruption 🧵3
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Dear Boris Johnson,

You fight for money using fear. I fight for democracy using hope.

Yesterday 691 people followed you, 40% #ToryBots
Yesterday 1,033 people followed me, real people

You're PM. I'm a guy with a laptop that's honest

You're losing.


PS. It's easy to talk about wages being great when we pay you £157,372 as Prime Minister.

When you live rent free in a central London apartment with the Eton Conservative Elite, get free £30,000 refits to change the wallpaper and give #ToryDonors Life Peerages that we pay for. Boris Johnson and Eton Friends
You can help me get #JohnsonOut. We can get the #ToriesOut together. #BorisJohnsonMustGo and you must #JoinGOV2. We need you.
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Brexit was for Tax Avoidance

Sign up on @GOV2UK to help stop the Tories
1. In 2012 it was estimated there was £13 Trillion in offshore accounts avoiding Tax.…
2. Between 2014 and 2016 names of some of those people were leaked in the Panama Papers. David Cameron's father was one.…
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Just 18% of Britons think Brexit is going well - YouGov

That's surprisingly high!

Only 0.01% of the richest Britons will benefit from the real reason behind Brexit, #TaxAvoidance

The other 99.99% of us are paying for them to get richer #TaxTheRich
1. In 2012 it was estimated there was £13 Trillion in offshore accounts avoiding Tax.…
2. Between 2014 and 2016 names of some of those people were leaked in the Panama Papers. David Cameron's father was one.…
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I think Angela Rayner should immediately apologise for calling Conservatives #ToryScum..

..right after they un-kill 150,000 people, #RejoinEU, pay £37 Billion back to the taxpayer, stop #ToryDonors avoiding £70 Billion in tax in the Caymans & give it to the NHS

I think Tory MP Grant Shapps is correct to say "there's no place in Public Life" for Angela Rayner calling people #ToryScum...

...Public Life is already full with #ToryRacism, #ToryLies, #ToryBrexitDisaster, #ToryShambles, #ToryCriminals, #ToryCultureWars and

..Boris Johnson🤦‍♂️
UPDATE: Angela Rayner didn't call Tory Cabinet MPs #ToryScum

She called them "a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, absolute vile, banana republic, nasty, Etonians”

Of this sentence, Tories only contested "scum"🤦‍♂️

Homophobic, Racist and Misogynistic they accept 👌
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Boris Johnson & Michael Gove promised lower fuel bills once Britain left the EU

EU gas prices are high too, but they trade efficiently in linked auctions that balance prices across the EU

We don't because #Brexit 🤦‍♂️

#BrexitReality #ProjectFear #BrexitChaos #ToryBrexitDisaster UK Energy Crisis
So now the UK has the highest energy prices in Europe. We produce most of our electricity from gas.

It's important we make no mistake. This is a problem created by the #ToryBrexitDisaster

They are disaster capitalists who bankrupt industries and buy them up cheap in a monopoly.
Everything that is happening now was predicted in the leaked 2018 Operation Yellowhammer report, saying that a No / Bad #Brexit Deal (which we have) could lead to

Food & Petrol Shortages✅
Significant Electricity Price Increases✅

For now its wholesale (retail prices are fixed)
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William says we need a Free Press, free from #FakeNews but we don't have either. The MSM is owned by #ToryDonors.

Another false narrative is this Government's false mandate of the people. 99% disagree with the 1% on #FreeSchoolMeals

We need to VOTE

Diana was lied to and manipulated by the media for the gain of a group of small individuals. So have you been.

You have been removed from Europe by way of deception. Your Democracy has been removed from you.

Election results have been manipulated by false narratives.

/2 Diana walking in minefield
If we are to learn from this then we must see through the propaganda designed to divide us. People like Diana are who we aspire to be. To #BeKind and to take time to care about others.

The world can be cruel but only if we allow it to be. Stand up and make it a better place.

/3 Be kind and help others
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The Queen's Speech contains laws that will remove your rights

Boris Johnson & the Conservatives are set to limit your freedom & control you. You must take this very seriously

We need to get together right now. Left or Right

Please Read & RT This Thread For Democracy🙏 👇

The new powers of arrest in the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill mean you cannot protest whatever Boris Johnson does next

It will be illegal with up to 10 years in Prison for being "serious annoyance", which all protests are by definition🤦‍♂️…

Tax Evasion will be legalised for the Super Rich #ToryDonors in the National Insurance Contributions Bill.

They will avoid contributing to Tax, damaging the #NHS and increasing your income taxes.

Remember, you will not be able to protest this👆…

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Almost £1 Billion of YOUR MONEY was given to #ToryDonors by #BorisJohnson & No 10 Downing Street

£944M in 57 #Covid contracts to companies connected to people donating £12M to @Conservatives Party 🤦‍♂️

Stop #ToryCorruption on 6th May. You know what to do.…
The PM oversaw the biggest #ToryCorruption year in history. The lowest of the low, exploiting the deaths of 127,000 British citizens to make money.

Every £1 of profit they made came away from the lives we could have saved

Then he refused to meet families
We have Prime Minister's Questions for #BorisJohnson

1. Why didn't you #lockdown earlier?
2. Why did you open up early?
3. Why did you waste £Billions?
4. Why didn't you use Ventilator manufacturers?
5. Why didn't you meet families?
6. Why say #letthebodiespilehigh?
&. Why PM?👈
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