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My Annie ❤️
#Townsend2020 "what the hell do you have to lose?"
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Women's stretch gym pants are the most comfortable thing ever invented.
It's true.
Get over it
Everyone in Space Force must wear women's gym stretch pants!
I think guys who DON'T wear women's gym stretch pants are the weird ones
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🔥Quick thread explaining Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Algorithms and more! Lets begin...What if the algorithms that calculate all those decisions that affect the minutiae of our lives, have programmed themselves in ways that we cannot understand their behavior?
In earlier iterations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was constructed in that #AI ought to be reasoned according to rules/logic, making their inner workings transparent...
But now, machines are constructed like biology, and learn by observing and experiencing.
Instead of a programmer writing commands to solve a problem, the program generates its own algorithm based on example data and a desired output, the machine programs itself.
This creates the bigly problem, you can’t look inside a computer neurological network to see how it works
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Vote #Townsend2020 Recently I met Desmond and Mabel, two young people at a town hall I was in. They asked me "what I am doing to save the world from a steamy climate hell?"

I told them I'm gonna raise their parents taxes to pay for stuff and make it better.

Vote #Townsend2020
#Townsend2020 will publicly release his campaign's focus group results!
#Townsend2020 will never* lie** to you***
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#Townsend2020 is gonna give you $2000 per month.
Your move America
Sanders is only giving humanity another 10 years, AOC is giving you 12 years #Townsend2020 will give humanity 15 more years of survival. You're welcome!
Whats my policy on censorship in social media? If you're pro Adam, you're fine, go about your business. But...if you're against me, you'll be in a world of misery. You're choice #Townsend2020IsProChoice
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🔥This is U.S. propaganda, intended for a U.S. audience, that is meant to activate our distrust of China. It greatly embellishes Chinese innovations in Artificial Intelligence, making them sinister #AdamIsFair #Townsend2020…
The US campaign of anti Chinese propaganda reiterates their use of AI, meant to invoke that dread of undemocratic technologies.
Zero transparency in their development of technologies that govern much of their lives, and of course, leading to widespread paranoia and foreboding.
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🔥Thread. Great interview by @JackPosobiec about the human intervention and biases Google plugs into its search results. Watch the clip.
I'm keeping away from Dem v Rep, and instead we'll talk about the structural, high hanging fruit problems. Let's begin...
1. Google can make it easier/harder for a political campaign to acquire user information, or may package data that differentially empower them.
2. Google could use its data to target voters favorable to the economic interests of Google itself.

Let's move on...
What if the algorithms that Google uses to calculate its search results have programmed themselves, and they have done it in ways that we cannot understand their behavior?
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