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#Marines 10/29/19 post "Submerged" 423 564 94
- Michael Pence
- Envelope
- Letter
- Cemetery

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#Marines 10/29/19 tweet 1721 1560 260…
- Traitors ruined country
- #Globalists are #Traitors
- Heighten your awareness (that Mike Pence is part of the cabal)

#Decode #comms #CrypticCommz #Theory
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#Marines 10/29/19 tweet 1721 1560 260…

Some warning signs that #MikePence is #DeepState ?... On Jan 6th we learn that Pence's salary was frozen by @POTUS & #Pence was negotiating w/ #Democrats

#Decode #comms #CrypticCommz #Theory
#Q #QAnon
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I re-read my #TrumpRallyDallas thread from last night and this is what stands out to me as most interesting: in 2016 Trump mis-characterized HRC's position on immigration and 2A, but it wasn't a firehose of absurdities strategy.
Take any policy question (or even ones not being questioned) and Trump will run it through his absurd filter and turn it into a dangerous caricature. Dems are going to need a strategy to combat that. Normal rapid response fact-checking won't work.
In 2016 HRC invited her followers to become "factivists" and factcheck Trump's lies. That had no effect at all.

Pew research shows that 81% of Americans think it's wrong for a politician to mislead the public about their opponent's positions.
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Trump attempting to frame Dems as un-American. Trump & his followers are the only patriotic Americans, everyone else is corrupt & out to get him. It's a polarization strategy based on American Exceptionalism, ad populum & ad hominem attacks. Part of his standard strategy.
Trump's delivering his typical speech and his crowd is loving it, but Trump isn't having any fun. #TrumpRallyDallas
Trump uses the language of conspiracy to claim he hates the media and cameras and etc (he doesn't, he loves the cameras)--"they don't want to tell you this, they won't ever tell you." Claims Americans won't "surrender their freedom to those people there."
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Me, just now to a reporter: "The news cycle yesterday was grim for Trump: 129 Republicans in Congress joined the Democrats in condemning Trump's policy on Syria; Americans learned that there are 50 nuclear weapons in Turkey; Trump's personal lawyer is under investigation;"
"and former administration officials are testifying in Congress. Trump tried to provide a positive news distraction by arranging a meeting between grieving British parents and American diplomat's wife who is accused of vehicular manslaughter--that failed miserably."
"Trump tried to negate the gravity of Congress' rebuking his foreign policy by anchoring it to Speaker Pelosi, who is a favorite object of derision with his base. That worked with his base, but backfired with the growing segment of the electorate who are against Trump."
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17=Q #TrumpRallyDallas
#JFK SHOT IN DALLAS 1963 look at photo. Legos evergreen in back. #Whistleblower
#StarWars #Futtons
The press set up in the Formation of the Toys.
Message to #NancyPelosi you do the crime, you do the time. TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.
Joe Biden said 17?? 17=Q in alphabet. Us Joe Biden turning Grey Hat here warning Dallas Rally the 17th. Message received... PRAYERS 🙏❣️🙏 4 @realDonaldTrump on rally later today. Patriots keep eyes open at Rally. #TrumpRallyDallas
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This is my 1st Tweet of my Dallas Trump Rally Thread!!
@xSTYMIEx @PainsAngels @TexasWhiteHats are 3 for sure I know will be there!
God Bless Everyone
Prayers for Safety
See Something, Say Something
Patriots Protect Patriots
ThanQ @realDonaldTrump 202Q
Looks Like Brick Suit Guy Is Ready in Dallas Already!!
God Bless All
See Something, Say Something..

The Line Is Growing In Dallas!!
Trump Rally 10.17
ThanQ @realDonaldTrump 202Q
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