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So VK @ 6:06a on 12/30/19 says that POTUS will sync today. (Pic1)

It happened 2x with POTUS CONFIRM!

1st [-1] delta:
(Pic2) VK tweet 8:27a
(Pic3) POTUS Tweet 8:28a
2nd [-1] delta:
(Pic1) VK Tweet 4:22pCST
(Pic2) POTUS Tweet 4:23pCST

POTUS then confirmed the TWO deltas with a second tweet 32 seconds later (Pic3).
Up until that point(4:23pCST), the ONLY time POTUS tweeted was within 60 seconds of VK...AFTER VK told us POTUS WOULD SYNC, rather than VK sync.
4:23pCST => 5:23pEST
5:23pEST => 17:23 Military Time

Mathematically Impossible.
Do you believe in coincidences?
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#VincentKennedy #VKProofs

QPost 3748 11:28a (Pic1)
VK Tweet 11:29 (Pic2)
1min Delta With Q
#VincentKennedy #VKProof
VK Tweet 10:52a ~5 min
Q Post 3750 10:58a
Predicts Q Post in about(~) 5 minutes
#VincentKennedy #VKProof
VK Tweet 12:05p .
Q post 3750 12:05p Q
Zero Delta with Q
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#VKProof NUMBER 2 for the day!

Pic1 From VK tweet on 10/9/19
Pic2 Q3594 from 11/13
Pic3 screen shots from Q3594 YouTube link “matching” Pic1 from VK tweet.

Pic4 from VK 2 days ago about blending. 2 posts,2 days, NOW 2 #VKProofs in SAME day!

EVEN MORE Mathematically Impossible
On the 13,770th post between Q/POTUS since Qs 1st post in 2017, a video is posted with similar imagery as VK posted 35 days (🤔) prior.
Add’em up: 13770=>18
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#QPost 2903 & 2912 Thread
Incl @VincentCrypt46

I’m sure you already know this, but every QDrop has an intent to it. MOST aren’t obvious. It’s supposed to be that way.
Looking @ QPost 2903, it gave us the [-21] Day Marker(pic1).
I then read QPost 2912, where it has the “bye Hillary” #Number45 tweet. At the bottom of the post it show the countdown as seen in (Pic2).

The count sequence from [-21] - [-18]. (3 day) Then is shows a lot of dots to look as if to continue the sequence.,.
One thing that I have learned is to look @ everything. 1st thing the [-18] stood out to me. 18=R. I have had LOTS of #VKProofs for #VincentKennedy (@VincentCrypt46) where we talk about “R”.,.
Why the 3 Day difference?
Why end with 18(R)?
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More #VKProofs 2/23
Future Proves Past
There are lots of interpretations to what means what. These are just a couple “coincidences” that JUMP out at me, personally.

This #VincentKennedy (@VincentCrypt46) post was made on 2/20. References “2 days” in post.,.
.,.2nd line says:
Ok, time Has Come.
Capital HC=>Hillary Clinton
Time has come for Hillary Clinton

2 days from 2/20 is 2/22 & HC is all over QDrops. Coincidence?.,.
.,.7th line says:
Its Been fun PaTriots
“Been fun” past tense like you would say when “party” is over.
“Pat” emphasized = NE Patriots

2 days from 2/20 = 2/22 & “PaT” is all over the news & QDrop 2870. FURTHER confirmed by QDrop 2843. Coincidence with SAME 2 day window as VK.,.
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