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So, for the slow kids...

WEF Board of Trustee, 4th Industrial Revolution promoter, Inclusive Capitalism promoter

Made his billions off “Software as a Service” had collaborated w/Gates (also did SaaS) on healthcare tech & had a key SalesForce “futurist” on Rockefeller’s LockStep
And when you understand Lynn Forester Rothschild was not just associated w/Epstein, but she introduced him to many prominent people, you would understand she is not a good person...and her “Inclusive Capitalism” won’t likely be inclusive of you, and your rights.
Note Peter Schwartz (first tweet👆🏼) transhumanist “Berggruen Institute”...

Know who was scrubbing their website’s history since the 🦠kickoff?

Comprised of more 1st degree Epstein associations than Epstein’s sheets.

George Church
Larry Summers
Boris Nikolic
Katherine Keating
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When do people consider the possibility the guy who, repeatedly, even after arrest, met w/a CHILD RAPIST/TRAFFICKER, who happened to be “interested” in twisted sciences, is actually *also* a psychopath who was meeting him FOR the sciences we see playing out today? 🦠💉🧬🦾
#4IR Image

Here’s a link to Epstein’s unchallenged, court-submitted, FAA flight log, w/Gates on it.

They did not report on all the Epstein/Maxwell connections. They lied about the lab 🦠. They lied about the 💉intent.

👀they are evil.… Image
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“Conspiracy theorists”, decades from now:

“Did you know there was a time when humans had their own immune systems, and they didn’t require compulsory, periodic injections?”

Think how we fix this:

If your survival depends on perpetual “boosters”, which won’t prevent transmission, the only way to potentially end 🦠 is to prevent Vx & unvxd breeding, let Vxd die off, and then unvxd procreate, while bearing the brunt of the virus for natural immunity
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The Economist should come clean on Epstein facilitator, Lynn Rothschild’s vested interest in pushing this WEF agenda. Her “Inclusive Capitalism” &Schwab’s “Stakeholder Capitalism” are not capitalism, as they do not preserve individual rights and private ownership of all property. ImageImageImageImage
Marc “#VaaS” Benioff is on board of trustees for World Economic Forum and is on the steering committee for Lynn Rothschild’s Inclusive Capitalism.

Isn’t it strange how Lynn had so many “odd” Epstein ties?

And odd they’re using🦠to tee up their wishlist?

Almost seems planned🤡 ImageImageImageImage
Lynn had Epstein in the Clinton WH as early as ‘95, according to this letter, but presidential library visitor list shows ‘93.

Odd, Bill was on >27 Epstein flights, Ghislaine was at Chelsea’s wedding, Hillary state dep hired Ghislaine’s nephew, bill promoted Lynn’s inclusive cap ImageImageImageImage
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Correct. Which I’d often tweeted about over past year+

Shi Zhengli’s papers/research had a fascination in👇🏼this phenomenon

I don’t think it was benign curiosity

I don’t need to understand the complex science, to identify potential spurious motives, combined w/the incentives
It’s strange...the tweets don’t show in my search function. I can only find a few, while I’d tweeted a lot on this concern.
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“Come, ye sinners, poor and needy,
Weak and wounded, sick and sore;
Jesus ready stands to save you,
Full of pity, love and pow’r.”


(But, Lynn Rothschild, Epstein coconspirator, you’re okay. In fact, let’s partner up)
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Hey, everyone sharing Time Magazine propaganda...

It’s owned by Marc Benioff, who sits on the board of trustees for the World Economic Forum.
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Does the💉create the function Zhengli Shi was studying in🦇?

Doesn’t that sound like characteristics of the🦠which are amplified by the 💉?

If the vaccine is non-sterilizing, is that what this is accomplishing, functionally?…
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Epstein & Ghislaine people
4th industrial Revolution
Great reset
Stakeholder capitalism
Inclusive Capitalism
Lynn Rothschild
Human augmentation
Biden & G7 puppets = great reset
All the same people 👆🏼
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In-Q-Tel chairman, Michael Crow, president of ASU, where one of the first of the initial five🇺🇸cases was, is partnered w/McCain Institute, who has Epstein/Ghislaine friend Lynn Rothschild on their board(she’s pushing “inclusive capitalism”)

Lieber’s NanoSys was In-Q-Tel funded
How much of this was discussed at the Sedona Forum?
Lieber, arrested at the outset of 🦠

Moderna’s Langer (now billionaire) teamed w/Epstein & Gates scientist in 2019 to pitch Vx products to JPMorgan in 2019
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In 2009, a group of Epstein-Ghislaine aligned billionaires discussed overpopulation & how to curb population growth. In 2012, Epstein held a “doomsday” conference consisting of many of the 🦠 or 💉 aligned scientists.

I find that interesting. Don’t you? ImageImageImageImage
In 2015, representatives for Gates & Benioff, who made a lot of wealth by hooking people to subscriptions to software (#SaaS), met to discuss future of healthcare tech, biotech, wearables, etc...we now have what appears to be vaccine subscriptions (#VaaS)

Isn’t that something? ImageImageImageImage
In 2017, Tedros & Schwab discussed “future collaboration of WHO-WEF”

In Nov 2019, they discussed “progress in health & development to deliver UN”
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So they’re going to blame their next lab creation on terrorists & “bio terrorism”, instead of nature & climate change? Is that the narrative shift here?

Make no mistake, they want their bio surveillance state. 4IR & transhumanism agenda relies on implementing it w/o your vote
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Not sure. Thesis, back then, based on the IMF’s assessment on potential efficacy of NIRP.

Soviet-style consolidation of banks/wipe out smaller banks for central control/data collection is more likely goal

Adjust $ velocity via expiring CBDCs (FedCoin, digital SDR, digital yuan)
Part of the obvious goal of🦠💉was to eliminate physical cash:

*attack on anonymity/privacy
*provide more immediate combined fiscal/monetary response
*provide real-time data to monitor/adjust economy, control behavior (Social credit scoring)
*dilute sovereignty of currency
Epstein&Ghislaine very much tie into the WEF/UN/4IR

Blockchain/AI/IoT to be used to track all shipping

OBOR/BRI appears to be favored by Davos, setting up WEF centrally-controlled shipping/trade/economy

IoBNT to replace wearable IoT - you, rather than on you
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I keep saying it’s deliberate...literally crimes against humanity & treason. These things are coincidences

#DRASTIC crew got screwed by IC

Afghanistan being handed to🇨🇳

very concerned about the #VaaS theory & injecting our military

#BeijingBiden handing us over to CCP&Davos
Will be “stakeholder capitalism”...companies that implement WEF/UN agendas (ESG & SDGs) will be favored financially. Those that don’t? Might not survive

Same thing on ind level-CBDCs to collect data to central bank, create social credit score, control behavior

Crush small banks
*aren’t coincidences...
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👀”The severity of the virus is not the conspiracy”
Next to my💩hanlon’s razor line, I’d beaten this drum

Is this👇🏼the case?
🇨🇳seemed desperate to stop it, at first
🇨🇳didn’t tinker w/common cold
HIV also appears mild, at first, w/latent worsened effects
🇮🇳early HIV📄was censored
I think either they were working on an HIV Vx...but dual use(bioweapon)lab/research, or nefarious plan was VaaS...goal=control

Technocrats saw opportunity
Zoonosis, or negligent early leak, either are cover/pretext for mRNA/transhumanism agenda

Attractive opportunity for “oops”
Hijacked immune systems makes humanity more reliant on them than relying on them for $, energy, food, or supplies...

Sick world.

Also Fauci long history w/HIV fascination...outsourced to 🇨🇳 due to morality&regs in 🇺🇸

Interesting...and concerning. But 2021 🌎ending anyway🤷🏼‍♂️🙃
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