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Why is WAPO dedicated to attacking this movement?
If we aren't a threat—or real—or simply just a conspiracy theory—why the [constant] heavy attacks?

[Information Warfare][IW] (…
#QAnon🦅 @POTUS

Your Country Needs You.
Your Vote Matters!
We, the People.

The Time is Now.
Patriots Fight!
– Ephesians 6:10-18
– Declaration of Independence
We Will Do Our Job to Protect the Vote.
Will You Do Yours?
Will You Answer the Call?
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Thinking back to 2016, no one thought Donald Trump would become President. I voted for him and I wasn't even sure what would happen. I was a little nervous but I voted for him anyways. A lot of people probably stayed home and didn't vote for that reason. He was an unknown...
Fast forward to 2018 and our economy is skyrocketing, world conflicts are being resolved without military invention, the Russia witch hunt has been shown to be a fraud from the start based on politically motivated intelligence agencies and government officials....
And the fake news media has gone even farther off the deep end with their insanity and hyperbole that no one trusts them at all anymore. There is no way there is a blue wave. Zero chance. The silent majority isn't so silent anymore (check the 10k people at every rally)...
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Welcome back #Q. We are waiting for you doing our job (voting and inviting to vote red). We are patriots and love our President and #POTUS loves us. God bless him!
President @realDonaldTrump walking from Marine One to the @WhiteHouse upon returning from Columbia, Missouri....
Q posts from November 1, 2018
Q !!
Nov 1 2018 19:44:41 (EST)
Do not let them DIVIDE you.
Your vote matters!
Re_read drops re: Polls……
The Hatch Act is a United States federal law, that prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials, from engaging in some forms of political activity.
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1. Barack Hussein Obama was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Friday race-baiting a largely African American audience. #JustWalkAway #WalkAway #WalkAwayFromDemocrats
2. Barack Hussein Obama suggested to his audience that "'people' try to make it hard for you to vote", "you [who won] the right to vote". #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #VoteRed #VoteRedSaveAmerica2018
3. Barack Hussein Obama tried to tell his audience that we "try to exploit our history of racial division"; that it is we who "try to pit us against one another". . #JobsNotMobs #CandaceOwens #KanyeWest
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🗳️❤️🇺🇸 16 DAYS until #Midterms2018 Make it a #NovemerTORemember...…
🍑I'm voting tomorrow in Georgia. Early voting is now open in most states.
#VoteRedSaveAmerica2018 🗳️❤️🇺🇸 #LeadRight………

"The majority of states have early voting, which allows registered voters to vote on specified dates prior to Election Day.
States with early voting do not require voters to submit an excuse explaining why they need to vote early."
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