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Brigham Young grew up next to Alphonso Taft in Southern Vermont. Joseph Smith was born in Vermont.

Freemasons founded our nation and settled the West.

☠️Skull and Bones was founded in 1832
☠️LDS Church founded, officially in 1832, United Firm.…
Brigham Young's family was from Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Willard Richards, Brigham's first cousin, was born in Hopkinton and practiced medicine in Holliston, MA.

Alphonso Taft's family was from Uxbridge, MA.
Mormons haven't heard of Jesse Gause, conveniently erased from Church records.

Kirtland Ohio, Counselor to Joseph Smith.

Church claims he left to rejoin family. His sister claims they didn't see him.🥴

Historian Michael Quinn discovered him in 1980s.…
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Nationwide injunction: Unconstitutional.

Are U smarter than a 5th grader?🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️

A single unelected judge cannot subvert entire Executive Branch.

We're waiting for RBG's exit to bring important issue before the Supreme Court.

My guess: Majority opinion framework already written.
Many angles to rule nationwide injunctions are unconstitutional.

When ascertaining intent of Framers, look at
► context and
► actual text of Constitution.

ARTICLE III. Section 2.
💥Gets VERY specific w/details of types of cases for judges.…
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Plot twist.

Walter Reed doctors discover Trump was poisoned by mints Pence gave him.

How do you wake public to the real "insurance plan"?
No sauce.😂Can't you tell when I'm making shit up?

This part is NOT made up.. 👇🏽
Who knew Pence was dirty the second they heard of an assassination attempt?🙋🏽‍♀️

#Q20 They told us the very first week.
I take for granted people know my humor. New followers need to lurk for a while.

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Subject matter was so dark, Epstein Prosecution team only took volunteers. God bless Maureen Comey.

James Comey knows what's on the Weiner Laptop. He knows they'll kill anyone who tries to leak it.

Both put their lives at risk to expose the Death Cult.

This is not a game.

R.I.P. Officer Familia, and the many others whose sacrifice is not forgotten.

@GodandCountry11 Here's your wonderful video.

Shortly after Comey/Gowdy testimony,
Gen Flynn speaks in Cleveland 7/15/16.

Flynn and Comey are good friends.

Comey brought matter public because Loretta Lynch was blocking everything.

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Who is Obama?

This is a thread you won't want to miss.
A #WellHellzBellz exclusive.

Mossad propaganda (Corsi) want you to focus on the father.
Everyone has overlooked his mother, Ann Dunham.

Ann Dunham IS NOT Obama's birth mother.
Obama probably doesn't know who he is. All he knows is what they told him.

▶️February 2, 1961: Ann marries Obama Sr.
▶️August 4, 1961: Ann gives birth to Baby Obama.
▶️September 1961: Ann starts classes at U of WA

► w/a 3 wk old infant
►leaving parents and
►new hubby behind in Hawaii,
►at age of 18
►on her own

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Old meme found on the web. Hilarious.

She will never be VP. Rumored Trump stuck her at the UN to get her out of the way.

If I were playing 4D Chess ...Haley's accusations likely keeping Kelly safe from enemy fire while he assists in Deep State takedown.
#Q2637 Exhibit A
Exhibit B

I'm ready for another state funeral. So much fun for Anons.

Any day now ...
- Carter
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I've been trying to find this Q post for a long time.

3 min video:
Retired US Admiral James #Lyons explains how Military was constantly sabotaged by highest levels.

Falls on deaf ears.
Not w/ this administration.
R.I.P. Admiral James Lyons…

"Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion, we must identify the enemy! Turkish dictator Erdogan says 'Islam is #Islam. There are no modifiers.'”

Secy DoD, Casper Weinberger, Jewish grandparents from Bohemia.😲Died in Bangor, Maine.…

Secy DoD #WilliamCohen, born Bangor, Maine to Russian Jewish immigrants. Accused pedophile.…

#NazisInAmerica 😱#CIA #PoppyBush #wellhellzbellz
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I should really slow down enough to spell names right.


The news cycle is so boring, I started watching paint dry.
lol, you thought I was lying. Paint is still drying.

The Nazi order.
NWO [N does not refer to “New”].

#NWO #NaziWorldOrder #NaziParty #GretaThunberg

What is going on with these bloodlines?!!

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#wellhellzbellz Close, not close enuf.

♦️Man at satanic ceremony with #Goebbles c.1959 Haiti
♦️Heinrich #Himmler, b.1900—May 11,1945 #fakesuicide

For reference:
♦️Joseph Goebbles, b.1897—May 1,1945 #fakesuicide
♦️Adolph Hitler, b.1889—April 30,1945 #fakesuicide

The Nazis didn't go to Argentina. That was another lie. They came here. Who are their children?

#ProjectPaperClip was tip of the iceberg.…
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A lot of commotion in Iran this morning.
Hassan Rouhani exploding on my feed.

Ready to get ousted?
or strings cut?

Either way ... something seems to have shifted.
Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen.
[Hassan Rouhani]
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.
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Trump retweet today. 🤔

I'll let you in on a little secret.

"regimes that sponsor terror ..." 👈🏽
I recognize Bolton's words.

👉🏽Deep State

"the President use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, .."
Summary in 1 tweet, or scroll up if you want the legal info.

"FISA goes both ways" is an understatement.

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Accident or Message?

Louis Freeh: FBI Director, 1993 - 2001


▶️September 11, 2012: Benghazi
▶️November 2012: Obama wins
▶️January 2013: Hillary before Congress
▶️August 2013: Investigation presses forward
▶️August 25, 2013: Freeh nearly dies in freak accident
▶️January 2013. Hillary testifies before Congress.

Department of Justice onto the FBI: Mueller/Comey/Wray

▶️September 2013: FBI Directors
- Robert Mueller steps down
- James Comey steps in

#wellhellzbellz #LouisFreehAccident #ciafuku
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A short CIA #mkultra thread.

FYI, they renamed that program.
Let's call it: #ciafuku🍗A nice chicken dish.

#Q772 - #Q777

and #Q782 Behold a Pale Horse.

The GOAL!👇🏽👇🏽
Clown Agency>No Such Agency.
RIP JFK - we will succeed.
Pyramid will collapse.
Think shell.
Anon writes opinion about Bill Cooper's book,
Behold a Pale Horse, p. 1991


pic file for better viewing:…
link: 1977 Congressional Hearing on MkUltra.

Everything they deny, they continued. These dog-n-pony shows are for public optics, to pretend they've taken the programs down.

-Highest level of classified.
-Use frequencies via phones to control people's minds and cars.
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OMG! Almost went full day w/o mentioning Mike Pence.

Fixed it! 😁

Why did Trump give his death penalty/opioid dealer speech in New Hampshire?

Trump knows.

#MikeGill #StateofCorruptionNH #wellhellzbellz #sununus #cherylmaher #PenceKnew #opioidcapital #shaheens #nhpolics
Sauce: 30 youtube videos and following Mike Gill's story for 3+ years. #StateofCorruptionNH #MikeGill #MichaelGill #OpioidCartel #CherylMaher #DrEricKnight

Need to landscape my memes.
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It's all connected — just like Q tells us.

Did you know Epstein was a Director of #CFR?😲

Council on Foreign Relations
World Jewish Congress

GoodGravyGranny!! That's a lot of dots!
Relevant: ABC claiming people didn't know Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein was a Director for Council of Foreign Relations, well-known thanks to publicity about his "money managing" talent.

Featured in this 2003 Vanity Fair article. Money Manager for billionaires and elites like Larry Summers.…
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▶️Trump Jr. retweeted Gorka between 11:13 pm—11:46 pm last night.

▶️Jr. has top MI to corroborate.

▶️POTUS tweeted (almost) daily about Whistleblower since September 20th.

▶️Set stage, goad them into climbing higher.

▶️This isn't about Ciamarella.

Review ..

▶️Complaint 100% hearsay.

▶️CIA (Haspel) had to approve critical policy change allowing hearsay on Complaints.

▶️House voted on Impeachment crap, albeit not Articles of Impeachment — irrelevant for our purposes.

▶️Vote provides proof positive of intent for sedition.
▶️ All collaborators will be exposed shortly (I hope)

▶️Including those who helped write Complaint (Pence)

▶️and those who provided the information.

▶️Translation: Big Domino for public consumption just tumbled.

#Wellhellzbellz #ImpeachmentParty #Ciaramella #Whistleblower
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Bet he's CIA MKUltra specialist. Religion is their favorite tool. Look at Mormuns, in a deep dream.

MK-Ultra was NAME used for testing stage (Q drop). They don't do MKUltra because

👉🏽they RENAMED it.

Helps when they testify to Congress, promise it's not used anymore. 4realz
Thread on Osteens.

Blue stripes, Cage — unmistakable symbolism.

#Q1763 Those you are taught to TRUST the most ...

Catholics, Mormuns, Osteens, Grahams ... others?

#Osteen #Haiti #childtraffucking #mkultra #WellHellzBellz #JoelOsteen

House of GOD?
Only the beginning.
Those who you are taught to trust the most..
Expect MANY MANY MANY similar reports to surface. from around the world.
The choice to know will be yours.

#bluewhite #wellhellzbellz
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What the hell!

Corey Lewandowski contributed $5000 to Pence's weird-ass PAC started on May 17, 2017, day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed.
What is going on here?

Website listed for donations on wiki page
Is this blatant FRAUD!!
It makes it look like you're donating to Trump.

Article from May 17, 2017.…
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#LaVoyFinicum FBI Greg Bretzing
#JimmyHoffa FBI Richard Bretzing

Both by Mormun Mafia hits by father/son team.

German Immigrant parents for Richard Bretzing ..

Nazi World Order in America.
You didn't know I solved the great mystery of crime history.

Yep, scouring old articles, I found Richard bragging about it.

Gotta dig up that thread.

#JimmyHoffa #MormunMafia #Wellhellzbellz
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Wow, I researched this and didn't know a Q drop spelled out the answer.

Another Anon kept asking about POTUS' War Powers.
Funny, he didn't like my answer.

Same answer Q gave us. #Q613

POTUS War Powers, Opinion by Office of Legal Counsel

based on caselaw and
Senate Joint Resolution 23, effective September 18, 2001.
Extent of POTUS War Powers ..

Military can detain U.S. citizens

pg 6 of link, 2nd ¶

We accordingly conclude that, under Milligan & Quirin, the President's constitutional authority as Commander in Chief to detain enemy combatants extends to U.S. citizens and non-citizens alike.
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Why is Trump teasing us?

Close to 50 tweets about the whistleblower in past 30 days.

He's bringing us all to the cliff to witness the disaster.
"Keep on climbing .. up this ladder .. because you're going to fall a long way when the truth comes out." -Trump

"There's a little piece of me that's wondering if this is all orchestrated to bring everybody down who's seeking impeachment." -John Roberts

We've all seen this ... just keeping info together.

@ 1:40

"That's a BIG story.."

"He knew long before and he helped write it too." -Trump

#PenceKnew #WellHellzBellz #WheresTheWhistleblower

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'Member that time you asked lots of questions ...
and they had nothing..
Yeah, that was awesome.

🐸We are the news now! 🐸


Robyn Gritz knows .. She investigated it, worked for Andy McCabe most of her career. Dual FBI, CIA agent.

'Member that time Jen Moore died 2 wks aft talking to her — Yeah, I remember.

Bake ur noodle.

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Anger is a righteous passion.

Embrace the fire to fight the enemy — ANGER.

Religion is used by those in power to control masses.
CIA loved this MK-ULTRA tactic.

Thank heaven Donald J. Trump disregarded religious norms.

He loves revenge.

Now he's God's greatest warrior.
Pray for the pedovores.


I'm a hater and proud of it.

I will happily make the streets unsafe for them.
PSYOP thread

Black leaders were trained in caste system passivity before being promoted to positions of influence.

#WellHellzBellz #Psyop

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