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Is Abbott Deep State?

I'm gunna slap you.

Who in TARNATION did you think was doing all the drug and child-trafficking?

Repeat after me ...

B-O-R-D-E-R S-T-A-T-E-S !-! Image
(888) 373-7888

Matthew McConnaughey and Texas Attorney General team up to fight human trafficking ... or maybe NOT.😬
Please call (888) 373-7888. Okaaaay!

Virtue-signaling is an important map.…
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Mitt making his pitch for August DNC. 🍿🍿
Biden will croak from COVID20.

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#MuslimBrotherhood #Sununu #Shaheen

►1928: Started in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna

►1950s: Said Ramadan(his SIL) became prominent leader, developed close ties w/ CIA & Eisenhower

►1936: MB founded in Lebanon

►NH run by Lebanese Arabs (MB?) for 40 yrs…
Christians in name only.

Gov. Chris #Sununu's grandfather named after Prophet in Quran —John Saleh Sununu.

Has #MuslimBrotherhood been playing the long game?
Obama is tip of the iceberg.
#MuslimBrotherhood leaders, including Said Ramadan, with Eisenhower at White House Oval Office in 1953.

CIA-backed from the 1950s.……
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US pays $450M to World Health Organization
China pays $40M, controls WHO.

New measures:
►Terminating our relationship with #WHO
►Re-shoring #SupplyChain
►Protecting our Financial Systems/Markets from Chinese
►Espionage measures: revoking visas

I believe China uses shell corporations & hedge funds to hold large amounts of stock in U.S. Companies.

Overlap with Venture Capital, Investment Bank financing in Private-Public-Partnerships which have scooped up much of America's Infrastructure. Ex: #LOOPCapital

#PPPs #PowerGrid #ChinaChinaChina #wellhellzbellz
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Mormuns love genealogy.

I found #JosephGoebbels hanging out in Cuba, c. 1959. He brought 7 children. Are they in positions of power?

Is 2nd from left Dr. Josef Mengele? Could be.

#wellhellzbellz #NazisInAmerica #ProjectPaperClip #Haiti #SatanicRituals
Similar thread. #JosephGoebbels #NazisInAmerica

Guess what ... they didn't all head to Argentina. Hollywood propaganda to hide the truth.
2nd from left, seated next to Joseph Goebbels, looks to be Josef Mengele, aka Angel of Death.

Born in 1911, would've been 48 yo in pic c. 1959 in Haiti.

#JosefMengele #ProjectPaperClip #NazisInAmerica #Haiti #wellhellzbellz #AngelofDeath #satanicrituals
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How many assassination attempts on Pence?
How many assassination attempts on Trump?

"The truth is right in front of you." -Q

Vehicle attempts to ram Presidential Motorcade in Springfield, MO
AS THE WORLD TURNS, pulls up 6 Q posts.…

Chilling!! Jeremiah 29:11

"Marc Short told me that in moments of need, Pence turns to a favorite passage in Jeremiah: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future……
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Governors, Judges, Child Protective Services & ChildrenOrgs run largest child-trafficking ring in country.

Shadow coordination similar to Nick Sandmann MSM smear campaign.

State corruption flourished under Obama. Weaponized.
#childtraffucking #CPS #OBAMAGATE #ClintonFoundation
h/t @FederalistNo78

Would they like to call my children as witnesses? Our legal record documents our entire nightmare. Still hostages; still hunted.

Note: my children were taken as punishment/favor to MormunMafia players, partners with Deep State.

Same system which traps sex-trafficked foster children.
All connected.

Research when mood permits.
#childtraffucking #wellhellzbellz #humantrafficking

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As sad as our story is…I found much worse. I went on a journey looking for legal avenues to emancipate my 17 yo son. His father wanted revenge after he ran away.

What I discovered about children's agencies and CPS nationwide would make you cry. They are EVIL.

Another day...
I pray this won't be the end of our story.

Michele MacNeil's daughter. State of Utah coverup.
The daughter knew, but no one would listen.

Thread on Dr. Martin MacNeil and #MormunMafia coverup. He was on the Team.

#MartinMacNeil #JonHuntsman #EnemyOfThePeople #ObamaGate #wellhellzbellz
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Me chillin … waiting for all the BigQ stars to catch up.

[Example A]
Who [former WH staff][one or more] introduced [pushed] DAN COATS as DNI DIR to POTUS?
Who [former WH staff][one or more] insisted he could be trusted?
Knowingly or unknowingly?
Q is warming you up.
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#RickBright: whistleblower complaint.

He was relegated to a lower position because he would not permit the widespread use of

▲▼ #hydroxychloroquine ▲▼

a malaria drug that President Donald Trump touted as being effective in treating patients with COVID-19.
▼▲ VACCINOLOGIST ▼▲ #BigPharma #DrPoison

Bright's doctoral advisor: Jacqueline Katz
(Dir flu division at National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases)

In 2010 Bright completed Advanced Course in Vaccinology from U of Geneva 🇨🇭😬#Vaccines #depopulationagenda
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Holleeee SHIT!
Remember the Counterinsurgency Manual?

America ... here's your new burqa.

Will you follow the narrative?
#Burqas for women wasn't enough. Burqas, chips and vaccines for everyone.

You are being controlled.

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"What is it about President Obama that really gets under your skin? … Is it because he's smarter than you? …

Wife is more accomplished, better looking?

I don't know, what is it? ..."

#MelaniaVBigMike 😂😂😂

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#CrossroadsInOurCivilization #TrumpsQspeech #ExistentialThreat #TrumpSpeech #Qanon #wellhellzbellz

Listen carefully.
Date speech made?
[-1] Election Day

I wonder if Q wants us to watch this video? 😊
They only posted it 1000X.

I have it memorized at this point.
Never gets old.

Still overcome with emotion, knowing what Trump has gone through to save us, along countless, nameless Military operators. God bless!
It's hard to find the date because he gave similar speeches for the last month of his campaign.

According to Q, it was November 7, 2016.
Looks like Scranton, Pennsylvania speech.

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Nicked the video from BlueSky.

#FareedZakaria — author of book Obama was holding in the #Q295



Holy Cow! Freedom more likely to come from Autocracy, not Democracy.…

Photo of Obama in #Q295.
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The World is waking up.

#Precious #HowDareYou #GretaThunberg #Greta #wellhellzbellz

Right here, right now, the World is waking up. - #GretaThunberg


The same suckers who bought climate change are the ones wearing masks everywhere. As Q points out, people have to feel the pain themselves to come out of their deep slumber.

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When private businesses claimed right to enforce segregation of black citizens, the Atty General used Commerce Clause to enforce Civil Rights.

Feeling lazy, I'll find the caselaw later.

For low IQ followers, analogies highlight similarities; do not imply identical situations.
Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States


Katzenbach v. McClung. Supreme Court unanimously held that Congress acted w/in its power under Commerce Clause in forbidding racial discrimination in restaurants as this was a burden to interstate commerce.…
Thank you friend. Lots of cases but these two are popular precedent.

If Commerce Clause can be used to enforce Civil Rights Act of 1964, it can certainly be used as basis to federally enforce rights spelled out in the Constitution itself.

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Save this CDC link. Very difficult to find on CDC's website, intentionally buried.…

Great info for friends and family.
Proof Corona is big hoax.

CDC revises 55K alleged COVID deaths to flu & pneumonia. H/T @CameraPhyllis

#COVIDistheflu #CDC_LIES
#Q4040 lol, I should check Q when I get back on the computer. Now it's a Q drop.…📁
>11,356 COVID-19
>54,217 Pneumonia, Influenza, OR COVID-19
Influenza death rate low v previous years?
Knowledge is power.
Information warfare.

#CDC_Lies #Covidistheflu Image
Can't wait to share w/parents; put their fears at ease.

2½ yrs since I've seen them.
3½ yrs since I've seen my son.
I left America in 2017 to stay alive.
People didn't believe DeepState was real.

My how things have changed!
#CDC… Image
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#MuslimBrotherhood founded in Egypt 1928…


Soninlaw of founder ran MB in 1950s
▬▬ backed by CIA! ▬▬…

REMEMBER … #AnnDunham NOT Obama's birth mother; #Obama Sr was cover story.

Sr saw Jr ONCE!
Pinned at 2nd tweet of thread

If Ann Dunham isn't Obama's Mamma, then who is?
What are they trying to hide?

IMO, someone from Iran and/or MB is his father.

#Obama #AnnDunham #CIAfamily #ObamasMama

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In Philadelphia, police are throwing this man off of a SEPTA bus because he refused to wear a mask.

#CoronaCrimes #NoMask

Meridian, Idaho. Mother arrested in front of her children for using the public playground.

#CoronaCrimes #Playground #Idaho
Playground arrest, Clip 2
#wellhellzbellz #CoronaCrimes #Idaho #Playground

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Clowns run
Good for Q drops, nothing else.
Even their Qpost headlines are misleading.

Pope: neutral/unknown
Sergey Brin (Google): neutral/unknown
#ChristopherWray: Traitor/Pawn

CIA runs this website. Their assessments should NEVER be quoted as a source.
2nd tweet on one of my China threads ...

Wray is a sleeper.
Future marker.

#wellhellzbellz #chinachinachina #wray #wrayisasleeper
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Time to shoot down a few more Chinese satellites.
Good time to re-read those Q drops.…
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