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I'm upset that this isn't headline news on all media.

3 historically Black churches have been set on fire in the past 10 days.

Esp at a time of rising domestic terror from white supremacists, we need to be diligent & stand united w/Black Christians.…

Police have arrested a man responsible for setting fire to 3 Black churches in the last 10 days
•He’s a white male
•He’s the son of a police officer—who turned him in
•45 still silent on this terrorism

Louisiana church fire terrorist:
•Is a white supremacist & Neo Nazi—Radicalized online by right wing ideologues, Just like Anders Breivik & other such terrorists
•Wanted to punish Christians, was vehemently anti-Christian
•45 is still silent🤔…
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This is Zephen Xaver. Today he murdered 5 people w/a gun
•He’s not a Mexican immigrant
•He’s not Muslim
•He’s not Black

He’s a terrorist & cops calmly arrested him. A wall would have done NOTHING to stop him. WH wholly silent😐
Cops:"After negotiations to try to get the barricaded subject to exit the bank were not successful, the HCSO SWAT team entered the bank & continued negotiations"

White privilege is when you murder 5 people, barricade yourself, take hostages,& Cops still politely arrest you alive
Tamir Rice, Stephon Clark, Aiyana Jones, Eric Garner
•Unarmed, murdered by Cops

Zephen Xaver
•Killed 5, taken alive

Nick Cruz
•Killed 17, taken alive

Dylann Roof
•Killed 9, taken alive

James Holmes
•Killed 12, taken alive

Cops KNOW how to de-escalate—They choose not to.
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Hey @McDonalds what are you doing??

A man harassed these girls & pulls a gun on them—and instead of calling the cops—you kick the girls out of your store?!😳

Are you *trying* to get them killed?

This is atrocious!

POC & White Allies: Record Everything
Full story
•White man harasses 4 Black Muslim teen girls
•Pulls gun on them & threatens to shoot
@McDonalds manager curses at girls—demands they leave her store despite the would be shooter right outside
•He ultimate got away
Y’all Know how to call the Cops. You do it when Black people:
•Sell water
•Park their car
•Play in the park
•Leave an Air B&B

But when a white man pulls a gun on four Black girls—you *refuse* to call the Cops & instead force the girls to face their attacker?🤔
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i figured people might need a full archive of the MAGA Bomber's tweets and retweets before Twitter takes them all down, so here's a PDF of them, archived this morning…
it's easier to find stuff from him by searching "from:hardrock2016" and then whatever keywords you're looking for, though
you won't be able to do that once twitter suspends the account though, which i am assuming they will do (they usually do)
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Breaking: Authorities arrest Cesar Sayoc—a 57-year-old white male in Florida—as a suspect in the epidemic of bombings targeting liberal politicians, media, and activists
Consider these facts:
•Sayoc is a registered Republican
•He is on record saying 45 is the "greatest president ever”
•He has extensive pro-45 paraphernalia on his van
•He has a criminal history

Imagine the outrage from the WH if he was Black, POC, Muslim, &/or an immigrant?
Plot twist. While police records report Cesar Sayoc as a white male, he identifies as a “Native American 45 supporter” and has a history of promoting violence against people critical of 45.
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