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#PSAparents --

Gain a better understanding of some of the terminology used by #whitesupremacists, #neonazis, the #altright movement, and other neo-reactionaries.


Watch and listen for the terminology in this thread.
Most of these words and phrases are going to sound ridiculous but...

"Annudda Shoah" – used to mock Jews who (supposedly) use every slight against them to express concern that another Shoah, or Holocaust, could be around the corner. Alt-right website The Right Stuff defines it as simply a “displeasing situation.” See Shoah
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#PSAparents ⚠️
No one thinks THEIR kid is capable of doing these things, but the reality is that kids are actively being radicalized online, on social media, in gaming chat rooms.

Become familiar with #WhitePowerExtremist symbolism

Talk to your babies.
You could save lives.
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January 2018
#WhitePowerExtremists KKK, NSM (#neoNazi) & others deliver hate propaganda to Columbus, Ohio area neighborhoods… ht @leesgirl9

Members of the NSM held a rally at Columbus City Hall in 2006.
One of the flyers distributed in a Clintonville neighborhood on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day 2018 said it was from the National Socialist Movement
( fka The American Nazi Party)


• NSM has its roots in the original American Nazi Party

• Leadership passed to Jeff Schoep in 1994, who renamed the group the “National Socialist Movement” or NSM

• largest neo-Nazi org in the country
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Hi @Roblox —🚨

My kid plays Roblox.
Did you know you have members on your site promoting #WhitePowerExtremist #DomesticTerrorism groups?

ATOMWAFFEN is responsible for 5 deaths over the last few years & is one of the most violent #WhiteSupremacistTerrorist groups in the US.
In case you don’t know who #WhitePowerExtremist groups like ATOMWAFFEN DIVISION or AWD are, I’ve gone through the trouble of providing some info for you.

Why are they on your site?
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#WhitePowerExtremists 🚨
Based on @FightExtremism report on 8 especially virulent #WhiteSupremacist groups

These eight groups principally espouse
#WhiteEthnoNationalism and/or
aka National Socialist Movement /NSM and #neoNazi
These Neo-Nazi (NSM) groups don’t hide their belief that the white race is superior to others.

⚑National Socialist Movement (NSM)
⚑Hammerskin Nation
⚑Atomwaffen Division (AWD)

Their ideologies also usually include anti-Semitic & homophobic components in line w Nazi dogma.
Other groups propagate their radical stances under the GUISE of WHITE ETHNO-NATIONALISM, seeking to highlight the distinctiveness––rather than the superiority––of the white identity.↴

➝ League of the South
➝ Identity Evropa/IE
(IE was renamed American Identity Movement/AIM)
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#WhitePowerExtremism : Republican lawmaker aided group training young men for 'biblical warfare'…
Republican politician MATT SHEA connected close allies w a group offering training to young men in “BIBLICAL WARFARE”

• how to use knives, pistols, rifles
• lessons based in part on the teachings of a GA-based neo-Confederate pastor, emails obtained by the Guardian reveal.
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