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Nikola Tesla [THREAD]
Forbidden technology
Part II
Part III
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#Nature's #Creation, from scratch :)

Everything starts from a #PointOfStillness sitting at #ZeroPoint, the center of every #ToroidalEnergySystem.

This point of stillness is the infinite electric energy source of all creation.
It's opposite of nothing, a place of perfect harmony Image
If this stillness is disturbed,as in "first was the word", electric energy starts to spin at place, forming a stable permanent #Toroidal #EnergyUnit

This is the universe's smallest "pixel"
Top left image symbolizes the light-ray disturbance from stillness ending in bottom right ImageImageImageImage
Two toroidal systems combine, forming a perfectly equilibrated double-toroidal energy system ImageImageImage
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#Magnetism & #Electropotential
Are the #Energy #Fields of #Nature that create all #Geometry over all #scales of our #ElectromagneticUniverse. Vibrations that overlap, create wave-interferrence patterns aka Geometry.
Imagine a #vortex on each pole, spinning in opposite direction
It's these #two #spins that make up everything on fundamental level.

!Two spins! in a #specific #ratio.
#GoldenRatio !
#Fibonacci !

Two spins grinding against each other, originating from their common center-point.

You can find these two spins in absolutely everything.
Keep your eyes open to try to find the #Two #Spins of #Nature. Two vibrations #in #harmony, in #golden #ratio, therefore manifesting the fibonacci numbers
Two spins #equilibrating each other, playing in
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About Space & Zero Point Energy Technologies
How is it that we have had virtually no progress when it comes to space travel and technology since the moon landing in 1969?

That’s over 50 years with little advancement as far as rocket technology goes.
On September 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 Trillion was missing from the Pentagon’s budget, and then we all know what happened the very next day.

Where did all of this money go?
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.@POTUS says :
“We will count down to that very special number .....”
THAT number is #ZERO
In quantum physics, the energy that fills the cosmos is "Zero-Point Energy." It is formless, moves beyond light speed, and is omnipresent. Held within Zero-Point Energy is the potential of all existence and the intelligence to create perfect form.
#CosmicReset back to ZERO POINT
We will realign ourselves with our natural state of harmony& health. We open ourselves to the flow of the Energetic Continuum as it travels from #ZeroPoint Energy thru Tachyon to the SOEFs, our being is energized and restructured so that we may create neg-entropy or anti-aging.
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