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Considering that a significant number of society’s ills are caused by psychopathic “Corporate Person’s”, it’s worth examining how differently Corporations were treated in the past.
⤵️..basically, with suspicion
#CorporateCharters #ahemPOLITICS
⤴️ Corporate Charter Thread
• Initially, corps were treated w/suspicion, a continuation of Royal Warrants/contracts & contrary to ~laissez faire~ capitalism. Thus they were tightly controlled through Charters of Incorporation, which governed their existence.
⤴️ Corporate Charter Thread
• Critically, charters were granted for a specific amount of time, for a specific purpose. That purpose had to be one which could at least be claimed to serve the public’s interest.
⤵️..more like 501(c)(3)’s
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Current US law states in order to restrict or punish speech it must meet the following tests:
• the speaker must have the intention to incite unlawful action, AND,
• there must be the likelihood that unlawful action will be the consequence of said speech.
⤵️ #FreeSpeech
⤴️Only speech which poses "imminent danger" illegal
— time & again, courts both liberal & conservative tend to rule in favor of speech rather than it's restriction. The burden of proving intent to, & reasonable expectation of inciting, unlawful behavior is high.
⤴️Only speech which poses "imminent danger" illegal
— it's ironic that universities/academics are leading the charge against "hate speech", given should they succeed, protests against ANYTHING will be illegal.
⤵️ #FreeSpeech #ahemPOLITICS
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North Korea: Diplomatic negotiations with NK are breaking down because of Max Thunder, US/SK military exercises which are practicing simulated nuclear bombing runs on North Korea.
⤵️#ahemPOLITICS #NorthKoreaNukes
⤴️North Korea/South Korea negotiations break down
— we're currently in a situation where the left hand (who knows all) is completely disconnected from the clueless right hand (Trump admin) by design. At root, the US doesn't want SK/NK unification.
⤴️North Korea/South Korea negotiations break down
— there's no doubt amongst honest military analysts what's going on here. The #DeepState has no intention of letting "peace break out". North Korea, a country in the thrall of a dictatorship, still is sovereign.
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Israel's official military doctrines are those of a terrorist rogue state. Consider for example, the #SamsonOption and the #DahiyaDoctrine. The Samson option is nothing short of codifying the movie Dr. Strangelove as foreign policy.
⤵️#ahemPOLITICS Image of multiple missiles being fired from silos in farmland. Text describing Samson Option, AKA Doomsday Device
⤴️Evidence of Israel being a "rogue state"
— the fact Israel has nuclear weapons yet hasn't signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty puts them in same category as North Korea. Except NK never vowed to take down even allies if their existence is threatened.
⤴️Evidence of Israel being a "rogue state"
— I'm sure the same people who advocated "Mutually Assured Destruction" as a "deterrence strategy" are all in on the #SamsonOption doomsday scenario. IMHO, it's morally repugnant.
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Iran Is In The Midst Of A Revolution |..the government just cut off internet amidst calls for "armed resistance" on Day 3 of the #IranProtests. Holy shit did this escalate quickly.
⤵️Thread #ahemPOLITICS…
Here is video of Ayatollah's police shooting down demonstrators in #Iran.

⤵️Police retreat
⤴️#IranProtests Police shoot..
Here in #Arak, police are seen fleeing from hundreds of demonstrators.
⤵️#Iran cuts off internet
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