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* Only 16% of college-educated white women will marry a man with only a high school diploma.

* Asian man / white women hold the highest median household income of all pairings. Why? Because white women *will* marry Asian men if they are doctors, attorneys, engineers, etc.
And we know white women will marry black professional athletes, celebrities, music entertainers

So the idea that white women will settle for poorer white men is false

Only if she is also poor w limited options.

Overall, white women like & prioritize comfort.

In fact, college-educated white women in cities like NYC will choose to remain single over mating down, socioeconomically.

There's a whole book on it.

They treat the poorer, less-educated men of their race as if they're invisible.

It's fascinating. ☕
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When you're a woman in your teens thru early 20s, men are essentially worthless.


1) Death. A woman's greatest risk of homicide is between 15 - 24. Intimate partners. It drops dramatically as you age.

2) Unplanned Pregnancy

3) Derailment of education/career goals
Men in their early 20s aren't looking to settle down, so your relationships likely won't last anyway.

A woman's early 20s pretty much sets the foundation for the rest of her life.

Utimately, you're so temporary in their lives and yet mistakes in that time window will screw you.
So if you're smart and ambitious, you'll use that time to build yourself up.

Acquire an education based on YOUR passions & talents without the distraction of fantasizing some future with a guy that will never pan out (you're temporary).

By mid 20s, you're positioned for better
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I'm not sure why this is shocking some people.

Many of these #GenZ children are younger than popular social media platforms.

Personally, I love the idea of being able to access which programs other kids are involved.

As a parent of an elementary school-aged child, I know from personal experience how much is spread by word of mouth.

These are the new "rites of passage" in the digital age.

I suggest that black parents, especially, stay up-to-date and expose your child to as much as possible.
Too often, our children are late to the game, late to get the memo and then are made to feel inadequate or unprepared because of it.

It carries on through college.

This is not an opinion, btw.
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White women should not be the high profile spokespeople for feminism, EVER.

Feminism doesn't belong to them, never has.

Look no further than their own history. They pushed for the right to vote *on the explicit platform* to aid in white supremacy.

Not fiction. Their own words.
92% of college-educated white women are married when they give birth.

When white women divorce, 60% will remarry.
When black women divorce 60% will NOT.
White women go to college and get married in order to produce highly-educated white sons to dominate the business world.…
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Saving for later reading.
Like when my child goes to swim practice this evening. 😊
So I've read this and as a self-described feminist, you may be surprised to hear that I'm siding with the guy on this. I'm annoyed by her.
In my opinion, the REAL issue is her insecurity about coming into a relationship financially insecure, not the prenup. She's a mess.
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