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Voters! Pls use @resistbot to email your senators to pressure @senatemajldr for a vote on the #SAFEAct, which would ban #BarcodeVoting & make it illegal to connect election systems to the internet. The #SAFEAct has already passed the House. Pls reply ✅TY. #defcon2019 1/
@resistbot @senatemajldr 3/ You can use @resistbot by DM'ing them the word "Resist." Alternatively, you can follow the instructions at to send an email via text message. It's really easy! Thanks. #ProtectOurVotes
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Dear @NCSBE & @NYSBOE: Pls do NOT certify ES&S’s ExpressVote XL barcode voting system. ES&S’s founder hired a convicted embezzler—whose crimes involved sophisticated computer tampering—to program voting machines 4 Diebold, which ES&S acquired in 09. TY.… 1/
2/ The #SAFEAct, which the House recently passed, would ban #BarcodeVoting systems like the ExpressVote XL. 2/
3/ Humans can’t read barcodes.
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Dear @NCSBE & @NYSBOE: Pls do NOT certify ES&S’s ExpressVote XL barcode voting system. ES&S’s founder hired a convicted embezzler—whose crimes involved sophisticated computer tampering—to program voting machines 4 Diebold, which ES&S acquired in 09. TY.… 1/
The #SAFEAct, which the House recently passed, would ban #BarcodeVoting systems like the ExpressVote XL. 2/
Humans can’t read barcodes. 3/
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Big news! The House just passed the #SAFEAct, which gives all voters the option to use #HandmarkedPaperBallots & requires #RiskLimitingAudits 4 federal races.

It also bans:

*Barcode voting,
*Hybrid voting, &
*Remote access & internet connectivity!

Next stop: the Senate. 1/
2/ Here’s a link to the #SAFEAct and a screen shot of the amendment that bans barcode voting.…
3/ #BarcodeVoting refers to hackable machine-marked printouts with text & barcodes marked by insecure ballot marking devices like the ES&S ExpressVote & ExpressVote XL. The barcode, which humans can’t read, is the only part counted as your vote. This is banned under the #SAFEAct!
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Pls attend the June 6 #ElectionSecurityActionNY! You can buy one of these shirts at the Action & help stop NY state from certifying a risky new #BarcodeVoting system.

There will be a bus or carpools leaving NYC at 7:00 AM, returning 7:30 PM.

🔥 RSVP:…
If you will need transportation or can drive others, please email 2/
If you don’t want to RSVP on Facebook, you can do it here on EventBrite!… 3/
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Please RSVP for the June 6 #ElectionSecurityActionNY! You can buy one of these t-shirts at the Action & help stop NY state from certifying a dangerous new #BarcodeVoting system. TY!

🔥 RSVP here:…

#SMARTelections #HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting
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NY is poised to certify touchscreen ballot marking devices that put voters’ selections into an unverifiable barcode & can’t be reliably audited. The vendor, ES&S, has donated $30K to the GOP.

Pls attend #ElectionSecurityActionNY on June 6 to protest! #BanBarcodeVoting 1/
We will sell these tee-shirts and buttons at the event. 2/
Please RSVP to #ElectionSecurityActionNY via The event is at 11 AM in Albany, New York. We will provide transportation from NYC and back that day. 3/
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🔥 Plz join me & #SMARTelections on June 6 in Albany, NY to demand #HandMarkedPaperBallots & to protest #BarcodeVoting.

For details & to RSVP, please see If u can get to NYC, we can get u to and from the event. TY! 1/
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Paper ballots are safe only if marked by hand, not by a machine. Pls RSVP at SmartElections.US if you can join us in NY on June 6 to call attention to the importance of #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary voting system & the dangers of #BarcodeVoting and #HybridVoting. TY!
Graphics by @Jodi______!
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Pls join SmartElections.US in NY 2 raise the volume on concerns about #BarcodeVoting.

Counties in GA, OH, PA, KS, WI, TX, DE, NJ, NY, CA, TN, KY, WV, IN, AR, & FL are replacing dangerous old voting machines w/ dangerous new barcode voting machines. Sign up below. TY! 1/
2/ To attend this important election security Action, pls RSVP at SmartElections.US. We can not afford to sit down any longer. It’s time to put our boots on the ground. TY. #HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting
3/ Article about the dangers of #BarcodeVoting.…
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🔥 Voters! Dangerous #BarcodeVoting systems from ES&S, which has donated $30K to the GOP, are threatening YOUR elections if u live in:


Attend #ElectionSecurityNY on June 6 to sound the alarm for all!… 1/
2/ Article about the dangers of #BarcodeVoting…
3/ Article listing many of the states that have already moved to #BarcodeVoting ballot marking devices from ES&S, including these I forgot in post 1: WV, KY (Mitch McConnell’s State), & Michigan (another swing state):…
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The #PAVEAct bans #BarcodeVoting, #HybridVoting, & wireless & internet connections. I wish it went further too (#PaperVoterRolls as backups, preservation of digital images, publication of precinct totals). But it’s by far the best we have. Our only chance. Pls support it. TY! 1/
2/ We can advocate some of these other points in the meantime. HR 1 is not as good bc it allows #BarcodeVoting & #HybridVoting & wireless & internet connections. All of these things are very dangerous.
3/ This is one of my barcode voting pieces.…
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@SenKamalaHarris Altho @KamalaHarris wasn’t specific, she’s referring to the new #PAVEAct, which:
*Gives voters the right to #HandMarkedPaperBallots
* Bans machine-marked barcoded paper ballots from hackable ballot marking devices & Hybrids
* Bans DREs
*.Requires manual Risk Limiting Audits! 1/
@SenKamalaHarris @KamalaHarris 3/ And thank you to @RonWyden, who took the laboring oar on the #PAVEAct!
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Thank you, @Elaijuh - Why won’t you report that this is a #BarcodeVoting system that Pennsylvania’s highly touted “Blue Ribbon” election security commission recommended against? We’ve discussed before & still nothing...1/
2/ I believe I’ve sent you the Blue Ribbon Commission report before, but here it is again w/ a screenshot about barcode voting. Thank you. @PAAuditorGen @RebeccaRhynhart @ChrisDeluzio @PittCyber

3/ The National Academies also recommends against systems, such as the ExpressVote XL (chosen by @PhillyVotes) that “print only selections with abbreviated names/descriptions of the contests,” calling them “virtually unusable for verifying voter intent.”…
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“The nation's top voting machine maker [ES&S] has admitted in a letter to a federal lawmaker that the company installed REMOTE-ACCESS SOFTWARE on election-management systems it sold over a period of six years...” - By @KimZetter, 7/17/18 1/…
This revelation raises “questions about the security of those systems AND THE INTEGRITY OF ELECTIONS THAT WERE CONDUCTED WITH THEM,” which would include the 2016 presidential election! 2/
“Election-management systems are not the voting terminals that voters use to cast their ballots, but are just as critical: they ... tabulate final results aggregated from voting machines.” 3/
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Thank you @RebeccaRhynhart for standing by your convictions. We could use a lot more of that lately. #ProtectOurVotes 1/…
2/ ES&S's ExpressVote XL "Hybrid" voting system, which @PhillyVotes selected, is a dangerous system that experts say can change paper ballots after they've been cast. They should never have chosen it. #EXPELtheXL

Link to article about Hybrid…
3/ The other dangerous "Hybrid" voting system that to which jurisdictions are flocking is the Dominion Image Cast Evolution (ICE). #ICEtheICE
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NO! The Secure Elections Act would allow the new hybrid voting systems that, per experts, can add fake votes 2 paper ballots after they are cast! Your time wld be better spent WARNING the public about Hybrids & #BarcodeVoting #HandMarkedPaperBallots

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Cybersecurity experts recommend #HandmarkedPaperBallots, not the machine-marked barcoded kind from hackable machines!

Link to report:… 1/
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This is how to do it! Because the Georgia senate refuses to allow a full hearing on Brian Kemps’s & ES&S’s dangerous #BarcodeVoting bill, Stacey Abrams’s @fairfightaction will hold its own hearing from 6-8 pm. tomorrow. The media shld be all over this! @chrislhayes #HB316 #gapol
1/ Independent cybersecurity experts unanimously recommend #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary voting system, not the machine-marked barcoded kind that corrupt election officials like Brian Kemp are pushing.…
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I wrote about the dangers of #BarcodeVoting a year ago & many times since. Altho I’m thrilled @ericgeller & @VerifiedVoting have finally sounded the alarm, we should all ask what took so long & why is the TV media still silent?! @stevebenen 1/
2/ By waiting so long to sound the alarm, the national media & @VerifiedVoting have allowed the vendor propaganda—that INSECURE machine-marked barcoded printouts are “secure”—to settle in. Overcoming this propaganda will require significant repetition.
3/ I say this based on SCIENCE. No one can expect that a few articles and letters will suffice now to undue the significant damage wrought by allowing vendors to misleadingly promote crappy barcoded printouts as “paper ballots” again and again and again.
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Too many of us are wasting time on the #MuellerIsComing fantasy, as GA, PA, WI, TN, AR, NJ, KY, TX, KS, DE, & LA buy insecure #BarcodeVoting systems that will make it impossible to know if elections R stolen. We are throwing it away. @repjohnlewis @OfficialCBC @RepMaxineWaters 1/
2/ Georgia is voting this week.…
3/ Philly already voted for #barcodevoting last week. This is my article that tried & failed to stop this travesty.…
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This is a lie. Philly chose a #BarcodeVoting system, even tho: (a) PA’s Blue Ribbon Commission recommended against barcode voting in its election-security report, & (b) the system has major accessibility problems. cc: @PAStateDept @Commish_Schmidt @ChrisDeluzio @PAAuditorGen 1/
2/ The system Philly chose is the ExpressVote XL. This is a ballot marking device that generates a machine-marked printout with a barcode & text. The barcode which humans can’t read & thus can’t verify is the only thing counted as your vote.
3/ Because there is no universal definition of “paper ballot,” vendors & corrupt election officials misleadingly refer to these barcoded paper printouts as “paper ballots.” See how @PhillyVotes did that here? Tricky, huh?
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Wrong again, @beckerdavidj! As @PittCyber’s own @chrisdeluzio will be happy to discuss with u, the Blue Ribbon Commission’s election security report specifically recommends against #BarcodeVoting systems. Philly selected ES&S’s ExpressVote XL, which is a barcode voting system. 1/
2/ Apparently you skipped the end notes to the report. @PAAuditorGen…
3/ @ericgeller - stand strong. You were right. @beckerdavidj was wrong.
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Why did @IvankaTrump get a voting machine trademark from China, why did she meet with Brian Kemp on the same day as Georgia’s contentious hearing re: controversial new voting equipment, & where is the effing media?! @stevebenen @henryrbutler @AliVelshi @JoyAnnReid #gapol 1/
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