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1⚡️@TheDeaconShow attempting to discredit #BillCooper?

✅”Version” (Doc) has been “transposed” into “words, so it cannot be seen?”
✅Secrets of 2nd Amendment?
✅Interesting choice of friends
👉🏻#GaryHunt👈🏻 🤡


#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2⚡️✅Definition of Transpose:…

✅Define #Dogma; Puppy Show? 🐶


#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3⚡️@TheDeaconShow & #GaryHunt “PROJECT” #BillCooper was
“HANDLED” by 🤡’s?

✅Did Cooper have Hunt Vetted?
✅Was Hunt who he Claimed to be?
✅👆🏻Why was Hunt Really denied access to the #WACO conference?
✅Hunt claims FBI knew him

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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1. About every 2-3 weeks a bunch more people finally realize @TrueEyeTheSpy aka ETS is a fraud and a scam. Yet, without fail, the same half asleep Anons who depend on ETS for their #QNews end up demanding proof, again, all while saying those who call out Spy are causing division.
2. Here's something DEEPER than him just lying. This is how he gets 10's of thousands of followers in record time. He makes your account GHOST follow him. Even when you have blocked him or he has blocked you, several of us still show that we follow him. That's hacking folks.
3. Twitter has been informed by dozens of action has ever been taken. ETS is probably in league with twitter. I believe over 100 Anons had confirmed they were ghost following spy without their permission and no ability to stop it.

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1. Of all the research, of all the digs, and of all the work I have done for #TheGreatAwakening, this may be THE MOST IMPORTANT thread I have written to you. Please, read the whole thread. It may very well save you a LOT of wasted time and effort, and keep you from being mislead.
2. "Encryption is a method of converting an original message of regular text into encoded text. The text is encrypted by means of an algorithm (type of formula). If information is encrypted, there would be a low probability that anyone other than the receiving party who has...
3. ...the key to the code or access to another confidential process would be able to decrypt (translate) the text and convert it into plain, comprehensible text."…

So, there's a process of hiding and revealing secret messages.
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QDrops for April 2019

The Return Edition:

Thought Q was gone? Think again. Shills, trolls and fake MAGA

have all just been proven wrong. #BeCarefulWhoYouFollow







(-60) = 4/10

QDrops for April 10, 2019

Hive Mind Edition:

The attacks increased while Q was absent but there many

habbenings. Dems keep failing, Barr testimony, BO stepped

down, MAGA & paytriots exposed, Wall being built and

@realDonaldTrump is still YOUR @POTUS!


QDrop # 3311 🐣April 10, 2019🐣…
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1. #QAnon, I suggest you copy these links if they're of interest to you. I have a feeling it may not be well received by TPTB. We were given a list of 200 users who were targeted because of their use of hash tags while searching/proclaiming truth. I'm returning the favor.
2. Q's drop on it

Here's the report generated that named the 200 PATRIOTIC #MAGA #QAnon users.…

And, here's who put that list together.

George King -
Michele Graphieti -
3. IV.AI - (Francisco Brito - CPO)
San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Data Science Hub at UC San Diego - (Scary, considering University of CA has produced A LOT of big name democrats)
Dave Krafstow - No site given.
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💰 If someone is trying to CHARGE YOU to interpret Ǫ (through a seemingly harmless "donation") THINK TWICE! 🤑

You are being LIED TO! 🧐

💯 #TruthHasNoAgenda 💯

#Paytriots are here to DIVIDE & DECEIVE!

Do NOT subscribe to them!
🆘 Q warns us 🆘 👇
👁 #Paytriots attempt to "infiltrate, repackage and rebrand as their own" 👁

Ask yourself, who here has created a "brand" out of their profile?
Who is trying to shove their opinion down your throat?

Who gets angry when others disagree with their narrative?
Who is trying to get you to visit "other platforms" and give them MONEY?

Don't buy their excuses. They are DEEP STATE SHILLS.

Q tell us 👇



Theses are #FakePatriots

Cut them out. Block. Stop funding the beast
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