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Bet he's CIA MKUltra specialist. Religion is their favorite tool. Look at Mormuns, in a deep dream.

MK-Ultra was NAME used for testing stage (Q drop). They don't do MKUltra because

👉🏽they RENAMED it.

Helps when they testify to Congress, promise it's not used anymore. 4realz
Thread on Osteens.

Blue stripes, Cage — unmistakable symbolism.

#Q1763 Those you are taught to TRUST the most ...

Catholics, Mormuns, Osteens, Grahams ... others?

#Osteen #Haiti #childtraffucking #mkultra #WellHellzBellz #JoelOsteen

House of GOD?
Only the beginning.
Those who you are taught to trust the most..
Expect MANY MANY MANY similar reports to surface. from around the world.
The choice to know will be yours.

#bluewhite #wellhellzbellz
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Someone asked about Unicef.

▶️Blue and White (see thread)
▶️Audrey Hepburn, in Rothschild Party Photos
▶️Wreath of grain prominently displayed on Greek Orthodox blue and white Cathedral in my city.
▶️Reference to harvest, god of Saturn/Cronus??🤷‍♀️
funny, did a short post on Unicef and forgot about it.

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A is for abuser
B is for bonefide
C is for child trafficker
D is for death cult
E is for exterminated

It's on all of us to #ENDviolence by satanic globalists.
Stand up. Speak out.

Great advise. Thank you — I will.

Nice symbolism: light blue, kids in a cage/container.
If you're new to the neighborhood, don't miss the #BlueWhite thread.

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Perfect description!

#FeralSeminary with #WellHellzbellz
Thought-provoking questions about religion aren't a bad thing.

As a Mormon, when you discover history, ur forced to deal w/a new reality.

Everyone in your life is:
A) duped
B) lying, or
C) never gave a shit in the first place.

It is a huge blow!

Faith is recovered in pieces.
Every truth-seeker must challenge their own beliefs. Nothing to fear. Good and God are everywhere.

(what I'm really trying to say — don't be a f**king pansy)

You'll be fine.😉

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►The Mormons are brainwashed
►The Muslims are brainwashed
►The Liberals are brainwashed
►The Jews are brainwashed

Phew! Glad I don't have to question my beliefs.

Ready for #SaltySeminary with #WellHellzBellz?


Cain Slaying Abel, painted 1608.

by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)…

Abraham and Isaac.
Did it happen?

Sacrifice of Isaac painting by Caravaggio, 1603.
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Symbols track back to Solomon's temple & before.

Jesus died at 33

The Order of Solomon's Temple, aka Knights Templar (1119 AD) picked up old traditions.

Solomon was married to Pharaoh's daughter.
Solomon was involved w/Molech towards end.

Human-sacrificing death cult.

33 👈🏽
I Kings 11:6

I only use the King James Bible.
Bible is a mess to begin with.
Why accept further dilution?
I Kings 11:7

Solomon worshiped Molech— things they didn't teach in Sunday School class.

#wellhellzbellz is on it.
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Bohemian Grove

#BohemianClub Monte Rio, CA.
Little Bohemia is a historic neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. Starting in the 1880s, Czech immigrants settled in this area, also called "Praha" (Prague) or "Bohemian Town."

The Prague Hotel, in the heart of Little Bohemia.…
Bohemia, present-day Czech Republic.
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Just putting this out there.
Hilton Export Group.

Shipping and transport headquartered in Tehran, Iran.

Yes, where is all that Red Cross $$ going?
Hilton Export Group
We can safely assume they're related to our famous Cabal Family. It's easy to set up shell companies to hide corporate ties.
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symbolism: Blue and White stripes, Gold. #Q195

Blue and White date back to the Pharaohs.
This site predates Q -less likely to be 💩by clowns.

They have a twitter account. @AncientPages

#wellhellsbells #BlueWhite #Pharaoh #Epstein…
#Q194, #Q195 weird, it's the exact same drop, word for word.

Put ID code in Google books search bar:
👉🏽 YzNom6b4 👈🏽
2 pages of good books.

#wellhellsbells #Qanon
Old Testament Bible w/new eyes:

-Abraham, Isaac - human sacrifice
-Joseph of Egypt
-Moses, Pharaoh - 10th plague, death of first-born son, unless door marked w/lamb's blood. Passover.

Was human sacrifice part of culture, rewritten?

From for #Q194
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No Name's buddy, Soccermouaz posting a temple. Want to guess where it is?


#wellhellsbells #temple #BlueWhite
I've tried to show these temples and symbols are located all over the world.
See #Q1095 for SoccerMouaz pics.

Instagram, April 19th. That date sounds familiar. Does worship include an offerings?

Northern most tip of the northern most island in Indonesia.
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Epstein Island temple
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