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#BrexitConcerns about the impact of Brexit on developing nations as they lose access to a range of EU agreements (GSP, EBA, EPAs) allowing vulnerable developing countries to pay fewer or no duties on their exports, and import duties are once again imposed…
"findings show that losing these preferences together with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU may cause EBA countries’ GDPs to fall by -0.01% to -1.08%."
Simulations also indicate that the highest losses will occur in Cambodia & Malawi, where dependence on the UK market is strong
Brexit may cause the number of those living in extreme poverty (PPP $1.90 a day) to rise by nearly 1.7M in all EBA countries. These are conservative estimates of Brexit’s negative impacts"
Also uncertainty, depreciation of sterling, reduced aid spending, remittances & investments
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I've spent the last 2.5 years in a horrible place and no, I'm not talking about Birmingham - in fact, I love where I live, in the place many seem to fear most, a truly multicultural neighbourhood, it's part of why I fight so hard.
We voted Remain btw
When the referendum came I wasn't paying attention to the world, I was just hanging out with my 3yo child, who was going to start school that autumn.
It was our last Spring of hanging out together.
I read around all the arguments for Leave but in my view the EU is not our enemy
In fact, my experience of the EU has been very positive as previously I worked in Home & Child Safety promotion and before that set up a small business in event services with the help of EU regional development funds.
Plus I have lived in Germany, my friends & family are European
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The 6th list of #Brexitconcerns is building up here:…

1-5 are linked to at the top of this thread
That thread I made from the IFS report about the impact of Brexit on employment is here:
ICYMI (many did) here's the parliamentary debate on 11th December 2017 on why we should hold a 2nd ref on Brexit which had many MPs speaking sense, incl.
@CarolineLucas & @susanelanjones

#PeoplesVote #FinalSay
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Another important question about the Leave Campaign's funding:
The truth about Brexit, big sugar and the bad boys from Belize is also worth investigating.
(h/t @Otto_English)…
And then there's the huge amount of very worrying evidence that the actual electoral registration process was compromised, and the involvement of a company with a director who was a Vote Leave campaigner in the processing of our votes
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#BrexitConcerns from the ONS about a worrying disparity in our trade statistics.

"in 2016, Britain recorded imports of services from seven countries of £68bn: but those countries registered total exports to the UK of £140bn"…
Seems there is even more at stake than we realised.

Brexit is a bad decision.
I haven't a clue why the colours on that pic are inverted.
Here it is.
Just another huge reason to #LookB4WeLeave

#FinalSay #FinalSayForAll
#ProjectFear #BrexitReality
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Big #BrexitConcerns about the 5 serious potential threats to the availability and affordability of food in the United Kingdom after Brexit.
I realise you may not have access so I requested permission from one of the authors to tell you about it. (thread)…
"A new report from the House of Commons Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Committee indicates that food prices, trade & jobs, and food flows across borders -especially in Ireland- look set to be altered and, at worst disrupted, with potentially important implications for health"
Until '54 food was rationed and, during WW2 UK faced serious risk of 2/3 of its food supply being cut off. Today it still imports heavily, mostly from EU. Growth of foodbanks in the UK is a reminder of how precarious the situation is now for some of the most vulnerable in society
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