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#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #TheSleeperMustAwaken
PART 2⃣3️⃣ The ending of I Pet Goat II looks remarkably similar to NASA's Trappist 1 drawing
#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #TheSleeperMustAwaken
PART 2⃣4️⃣ is this another Trappist 1 comparison?
#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #TheSleeperMustAwaken
PART 2⃣5⃣ I think the flood scene is the coming #CaliforniaArkStorm At the end of this clip it is compared to a simulation of the Oroville Dam breaking. I think the man's face is the Sutter Buttes.
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Here is a link to many of the weather modification documents in California in the 1960's…
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#TheSleeperMustAwaken #CaliforniaArkStorm

California, a storm in the Pacific stirred up and has your name on it. I won't make any more guesses as to if its natural or modified, I will just state the facts. But the manner in which these Atmospheric Rivers form has just occurred.
The westward flow of water vapor has made a hook near Hawaii and turned back to the Northeast pointing straight at the West Coast and there is a reservoir of intense storms behind the hook. The same reservoir was fueling the Atmospheric River in February
This video is from 2017 and has the wide view of how they form and hit the West Coast
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"engineers found that intense storms could trigger a premature opening of that dam’s massive spillway, swamping homes, schools, factories and roads from Pico Rivera to Long Beach. Engineers also found that the earthen structure could fail if water were to flow over its crest."
All the information is here in this thread.

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#IPetGoat #TheReal911Report #DeepStatePlanRevealed
#CaliforniaFiresRevealed #TheSleeperMustAwaken

I think this leaves little doubt as to the symbolism and meaning behind the video I, Pet Goat II. The Deep States' plan for your future is very frightening!
Wake up Americans!
This is a really long thread and you will need to "Refresh" at the end of the ThreadReader link to view everything.…

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#CaliforniaArkStorm #FollowTheWaterCalifornia #WatchTheWater

The Moccasin Dam spill over in March 2018 was the result of when cloud seeding works too well. Had enough of them playing with your lives so they can control the water you either get or don't get???
This shows the percentage increase for that specific area. Several are 300% increases. They are slowly getting you accustomed to these weather events so when they bring the big one you won't question that it was a natural event.
They are not keeping it a secret, they just aren't telling you about it. They couldn't care less if some lives are lost or some homes are destroyed because of their efforts. You are collateral damage, nothing more. In their minds, you should be taking one for the team anyway.
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#CaliforniaArkStorm #FollowTheWaterCalifornia #CaliforniaFiresRevealed

This is coming to California. Whether you believe me or not that it is going to be engineered doesn't really matter.
The record snow pack in the Sierras when hit with one of these for several days will cause enormous portions of the valley to flood. The news is making you aware, but not all the facts. This broadcast is from February 2019.

What they aren't showing you is this....Here is the GOES 17 satellite feed showing the water vapor levels in the atmosphere on February 11. The next day the satellite imagery changed and I am not able to get video feed.
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#CaliforniaArkStorm #FollowTheWaterCalifornia #CaliforniaFiresRevealed

People of California: Danger is coming your way. It's not an earthquake or volcano. The powers that be are already jockeying for position. Plans have been made so once again they profit off of your misery.
They have been setting the stage for years, getting you familiar with the term so when it comes they can blame God. He warned Noah, and I'm going warn you. They are preparing a catastrophic flood like the one that happen in 1862 that flooded the entire valley.
The FEMA simulation model was produced so the insurance companies can make their adjustments before you do! And two months ago, CA came up with a new scale to measure the intensity of Atmospheric Rivers.
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#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #DeepStateAttacksAmerica

The map has push pins for where the Deep State has been responsible for attacks on Americans.
1) Oklahoma City Bombing
2) New York on 9/11
3) New Orleans for Katrina
4) Gulf of Mexico for Deepwater Horizon
Its Deep State plans & shows 9/11 in detail and what caused the attack. You just need to know what to look for. This is the freedom of mankind (represented by the apple) and any wealth (the gold circle) about to be taken away. This is not a group of sad of children.
It is what depleted uranium looks like under a microscope. Its also been hiding in plain sight in front to the world trade center and again when it was repaired. the fist is crushing the atom. There were also depleted uranium tanks under the towers
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