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I’m not gonna lie: with the possible exception of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, yesterday was the worst I’ve felt since Election Day 2016. I barely slept, tossing & turning & doubting my own sanity. Which is EXACTLY what these traitors want.

Some thoughts:

1/ Obvious: Barr’s summary is NOT the full report. People much smarter than me pointed out all the strange things about it:
2/ The likeliest explanation is that Barr is a bad actor. I mean, he DID write that asinine attack on the OSC, which prompted Trump to hire him. Maybe he really does feel that way.

At best, Barr was a very conservative establishment Republican. At worst? He's a traitor.
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Let’s talk about how Brexit and Trump are the same Russian op in a different country.
1/ First, understand that what Vladimir Putin wants to do is undermine the West. He wants to sow chaos and discord, destroy our alliances, and weaken us from within. That’s his prime directive in this war. And yes, this is a war he’s fighting against us.
2/ The EU w/ British participation is a huge threat to Russia. An economic powerhouse on its Western front, w/ some of the best military forces on earth & with nuclear weapons, absolutely checks Putin's territorial ambitions, which are to REGAIN territory lost by breakup of USSR.
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Yesterday was a big day for democracy, for the rule of law, and for the United States. But with so much breaking news, it's a lot to process. Let's try and keep it straight.

1/ First and foremost: Trump/Russia is real. It is not a witch hunt. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is not cooked up by a fraudster on 4Chan. It's real. Trump conspired with Russia. He did. That none of yesterday's 16 guilty pleas directly finger Russia is irrelevant.
2/ Anyone who went around yesterday with "But there was no Russia" as a talking point is a desperate Trumpist collaborator, negligently muddying the waters when things should now be clearer. (Looking at you, @LindseyGrahamSC and @mschlapp.)
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Let’s take a closer look at the Trump Transition Team. As per usual, Trump has surrounded himself with grifters, scumbags, con-men, and traitors.

1/ The chair of the TTT? Mike Pence. The @VP has lived in the shadows for most of the last two years, emerging only to protest at NFL games or to promote zany space stuff. But make no mistake: Manafort’s Chosen One (and thus Putin’s) was IN CHARGE OF THE TRANSITION.
2/ Let me reiterate: Putin chose Manafort, who chose Pence, who chose EVERYONE, in theory, as the head of the Trump Transition Team.

ANYTHING criminal that happened at that time lands right in his lap.

The buck stops with Pence.
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Once again, it's becoming difficult to keep all the pieces of Trump/Russia straight in my head. Let's have a go at it.

The key players in Trump/Russia were the ones who had the most direct dealings with the Russians. They are: Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Michael Cohen, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump pere et fils.
Flynn had already pleaded guilty.
Manafort is indicted on a comical number of charges.
Junior could be busted for the Trump Tower meeting alone.
Sessions is safe for now, but only for now.
Kushner may be the guiltiest of the lot.
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Let's examine the seemingly-random pattern of #TrumpRussia-related tea leaves from the last few days, and see what we can divine.

1/ First, #Pruitt. Not long ago, there was scuttlebutt that Pruitt would replace Sessions as AG, and then fire Mueller. Pruitt may be the only guy in the cabinet corrupt enough to do that. Now it looks like he's out.
2/ Next, that WaPo piece from a day or two ago in which Mueller says Trump is a "subject" not a "target" of the investigation, and Trump trying to spin that as good news.

It's like the Patriots have first and goal from the 1 and he's celebrating b/c they haven't scored yet.
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Let's talk about Paul Ryan.

BLUF: @SpeakerRyan is complicit in #TrumpRussia.

To what extent remains to be seen, but he is, at best, an accessory to obstruction of justice by his refusal to remove @DevinNunes from the House intel committee.

At best.


I like to keep my focus on #TrumpRussia, but allow me a few comments about Paul Ryan.

First, there is a narrative that he is a "policy wonk," possessed of the keen intellect necessary to give heft to the GOP tax plan. William Buckley 2.0 or somesuch.

This is preposterous.
In fact, Paul Ryan is kind of a dope.

Let me furnish a few examples.
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Let’s talk about Jared #Kushner: son-in-law & senior adviser to 45, wife to The Scientist, son to a scumbag convicted felon, head of a failing RE company, recidivist SF-86 liar, and traitor to his country.

1/ It can be tempting to regard Jared Kushner as a little twerp, an undeserving nebbish who bought his way into Harvard yet somehow gets to boink Ivanka and also run the country. Let’s put that stupid narrative aside.
2/ Kushner is arguably the most egregious lawbreaker & evildoer in all of Trump’s Cell Bock D of an administration. He is more criminal mastermind than schlemiel. Not a GOOD criminal mastermind, but still. What is already publicly known is enough to convict him many times over.
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The end is near, guys.

How is Donald Trump f*cked? Let us count the ways.

1/ Let's start with the desperation move to replace HR with Buck, John Bolton. Sure, Bolton is a lunatic hawk, but he's not even popular with the GOP. This Hail Mary pass will fall 15 yards from the end zone.
2/ #Emoluments, baby! The courts ruled this week that the case against Trump violating the Emoluments Clause can proceed. Have fun in court, dickweed!
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