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#cicada3301 #coverup3301 #QAnonCult
3301 Never had good intentions the development of software for "secure leaks" from 2012 follows the same agenda 3301 has in 2017-18, #QAnon #FBIAnon #MegaAnon came from the same group of people...
#Cicada3301 2012 might have been a copycat as well, 6 months before the first 3301 puzzles appeared in #4chan, the #BBC did a treasure hunt based on prime numbers and CICADAS

this Pseudo-ARG was called "The Code"…
I'm not going to focus on this because I only brought it up because ignorant people claim that because "it's not the original" #cicada3301 it doesn't matter or other similar arguments, Now before we continue we need to know who Victurus Libertas are
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Devin Nunes lawyer #StevenBiss and his wife #TanyaBiss have become crusaders against #FreeSpeech while at the same time representing propagandists like #RobertDavidSteele #GeneralFlynn's brother #DavidSeaman #TrevorFitzgibbon... and hire the same trolls that started #Qanon 😡
This will be a thread about the people involved with Devin Nunes lawyer Steven Biss and the campaign against free speech/ targeting of the @DevinCow account, former and current clients as well.

- Steven Biss client David Seaman (#Pizzagate promoter)
Steven Biss client Robert David Steele ExCIA, #Qanon promoter, launched a campaign called #UNRIG that targets social media companies with million-dollar lawsuits, former RIAC member
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Jordan Sather and Robert David Steele
November 29th 2017

"I'm very familiar with #Q"
RDS gives a shoutout to #StevePieczenik and how he was the first one to talk about #WhiteHats
Also mentions #BenjaminFulford
#Qanon #coverup3301 #UNRIG
November 30th, 2017

Jordan Sather talks about #Qanon #8chan migration and how #OriginalQ stop posting on November 25th, 2017.
Also questions the validity of #Meganon
Jordan Sather promotes his first interview in #GAIA
July 27th, 2017

The first time #JordanSather talks about an "Anon" in this case #WHanon has appeared on #Reddit mentioning how #Pizzagate is going to break open
Jordan Sather also mentions #GeorgeWebb and the #AwanBrothers
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[#VictoryOfTheLight Thread]

After posting some evidence showing #Defango's #lightworker #starseed #newage #gaia #endoftimes beliefs and promotion in his youtube channel and #Steemit account... this was denied by Manny in his usual style [...]
This post written by #Defango was posted on May 16th, 2017

"@victoryofthelight Twitter account is Leaking Major Details on the Deep state on Twitter"

- Defango
#VictoryoftheLight was a Twitter account that got the attention of #4chan and conspiracy Youtubers due to the things it would post and another reason that blew my mind the first time I heard about it.

But let's take a look at what #VictoryoftheLight posted about.
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Who was the "White hat" that #Q confirmed on December 25th, 2017 #Kill_Rogue?
#QAnon post 459:

"10, [10-9]
Floor is yours.
Twitter FW_
Twitter [kill_rogue]

It's hard to tell who the person is behind the account (still active), but it does show #Qanon "related activities", what we do know is who tried to hijack the name #Kill_Rogue... #EyeTheSpy

(or so it looks like)
But it's interesting that it connects to #SethRich and #JulianAssange

#EyeTheSpy #Qanon #cicada3301 #coverup3301
The date is also important December 25th, 2017
Keep in mind that #EyeTheSpy did an operation to discredit #WikiLeaks and #JulianAssange

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it's amazing that she has been doing this since 2019 and only a few people have caught on to this.

#coverup3301 Image
Lil' SH1LLLS and #Janon who is also a #freemason, templar, and other white supremacist sects, both of them have been for at least 2 years deflected and cover for Schoenberger and his involvement with #Qanon, this is a fact, everything else is irrelevant. ImageImageImageImage
It's really funny that both have been constantly claiming that "Thomas had nothing to do with Q" but Schoenberger has been the one constantly claiming otherwise / and at the same time denying it.
This is an obvious disruptive firehose of lies, but #Qanon experts are slow AF ImageImage
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With all the things coming out about #PaulManafort and #Ukraine this segment from #RachelMaddow made me connects some mad dots 🤭 in a good way, maybe others can help out making sense of this
Regarding the main points made in the clip posted above, would be ¨people connected to Russian Intelligence launder influence narratives and tried to damage US ties to #Ukraine
The first thing that popped in my head was #OliverStone
But while I was looking into Stone´s documentaries I stumbled upon this trailer from another documentary called ¨Ukraine: From Democracy To Chaos¨ from Journeyman Pictures and the person of interest is Yulia Tymoshenko...
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Really Thomas? You think those lame tricks you are going to do something? on new years eve? 😂 #A858 #ThomasSchoenberger

Honest question, you're a "prophet"... how many moons until the #FBI storm your house for what happened last week in #CapitolRiots? Image
Remember all those comments you left on this #Breitbart article? Image
Or how about this one? @FBI is eventually going to connect the dots Image
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