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2/ SKipping the first line "D" for now...

Morning sun brings heat

Q loves puns.

Morning ➡️ Mourning
Sun➡️ Son

Tomorrow is MLK Jr Day, 1/20/20

We MOURN the SON (mlkJR) who's actual birthday is 1/15/20
3/ So we have

Mourning Son brings Heat.

what HAPPENED on 1/15/20,

MLKJR (the SON we are MOURNING)'s actual birthday?

Did anyone "bring the Heat"?

4/ Full Moon Coming

The January Full moon was the WOLF MOON, named for how loudly wolves howl in winter.

Certainly DJT was ''thrown to the wolves" this Month via impeachment?

The next, the COMING full moon is Feb 9.

One name is THE STORM moon
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Note the two lines of people are each on the 40 yard lines, left and right. and @POTUS IS ON ONE SIDE OF THE 40, AND @FLOTUS ON THE OTHER!!

1st and 10 on the 40!
Q drop 3313 Proof
@POTUS @FLOTUS 2/ @POTUS is on the HASH mark of the 40 yard line.
#doublemeaning of HASH is CRYPTOLOGY, used in military and @NSAGov operations!
@POTUS @FLOTUS @NSAGov 3/ some MOAR great shots on the 40 yard line.

Note Q in the closed captioning!
@POTUS standing on HASH mark signals Cryptology, meaning @nsa has it all!

and the play clock in back showing 25 5:5!
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1/ "Big Ben" lookalike clock shows 6:20 in what looks like a CASTLE.

Q drop 620 days Royals are seeking shelter.
Prince Philip hospitalized today....#coincidence?
2/ World Series Stadium? Anyone seen 'W' bush lately? GAME OVER for the black ops C_IA SPOOKS.

Bullpen #doublemeaning? a holding tank for PRISONERS under a RED LINE?
GEICO - Trolling the "Insurance Policy" of the coup plotters.
3/ GRAHAM crackers above the red WARNING TRACK on the field?

@LindseyGrahamSC and military tribunals?

PNC, representing $$$, is in the FOUL area?
Bud Coke = BC = Bill Clinton?

Lego trucks = L12 + E5 = 17 GO!
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1/ SPEED Defines Democrats' Impeachment Push

Yes, US Attorney General James SPEED DID define what would happen to coup plotters involved in the Ass@ssination of Pres. Abraham Lincoln in 1865...…
2/ in 1865, to a grieving Nation, AG James SPEED laid out the case for MILITARY TRIBUNALS for Lincoln's coup plotters.
The Conspirators were not tried in civilian courts.…
3/ James Speed, 27th Attorney General of the USA
born 3/11/1812 (yes that sums to 17)
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1/ UPDATE : IMO I see a "WAPO-Proof" of Q's "C before D" having a #doublemeaning of C-oats before D-eclas

Not just Dan Coats' ouster, but LITERAL COATS!

WAPO tried to destroy @flotus for wearing a COAT during her video of the WH Spirit of Christmas decorations.
@FLOTUS 2/ another Confirmation that "C before D" is happening?

Trump put " " around the word "C-rushe-D".
another C before D!
@FLOTUS 3/ which brings us to DECLAS.

I've wondered why it's not DeClass, with a double S, since it's short for Declassification.

But are there #multiplemeanings?

D plus e c l a s = D plus 5 more letters....D5
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1/ It doesn't look good for Prince Andrew... the #comms are beyond ominous...

spoiler alert:
Car Crash…
2/ Yes, 'hoodwinked' means to deceive.

But also?

It's what's done to a criminal to PREPARE FOR EXECUTION.
3/ and the other pic released?

Andrew on this horse ride ...
All in black
On black horses
All 'hooded'

appears 'funeral-esque' to me
and denotes JUDGMENT , with the SCALES of the Black Horse of Rev 6
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1/ Decode:
POTUS tweet:


does CORT have a meaning?
if so, has a CORT been UP-ended?

Looks plausible?
a CORT can be a dirty animal abode OR the residence of a sovereign...
I KNOW SOMEONE who fits BOTH those definitions! ....
2/ due to his FILTHY actions, in the 'pig sty' that is Epstein's mansion and island, the SOVEREIGN's own son, Prince Andrew, has had his life UP-ended and is thrown out of his CORT, the Sovereign's castle.

a CORTUPTION, if you will.

The NYPost illustrates for us?
3/ I meant this in jest initially, but this photo has #comms, nonetheless

Queen in Rothschild's purple, backed up by GOLD.
Andrew's uniform is wrong.

There's a RED LINE photoshopped on as a belt and also down the leg.

The Prince crossed a RED LINE?
a red belt/scarf future?
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1/ Pretty clear #comms that harm was intended this weekend for POTUS.

3rd = 3 and (18r + 4d) = 322 skull and bones
"hit job"

also Matthew Dowd initials = MD (doctor)
present and past = 2 P's x 16 = 32 skull and bones again.
2/ the 9:09 EDT timestamp?

LOOK at Q drop 909
has a PP !!
links to "P-resent or P-ast in this tweet",

plus the ongoing "Congressional Investigation"

3/ Remarks at the Louisiana Rally hinted this?

"duck hunting" as in "DONALD DUCK?"
They almost got me (repeated 3 times)

reference to Saturday (#doublemeaning of LA election)

"eyes of History" is a JFK Ass@ssination reference

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1/ BRAINSTORMING a Possible Q Code ?

Today POTUS has an "erroneous" apostrophe added to his tweet

should read Ukraine got "its" money, not "it's"

2/ regarding Apostrophes?

POTUS went off on Apostrophes vs Hyphens a while back, in the context of Adam Schiff.

POTUS 'incorrectly' labelled an Apostrophe as a Hyphen

and in the same tweet typed dd instead of tt

and "misspelled" dIscribing, not dEscribing
3/ A Decode theory. IMO.

an Apostrophe signals a MISSING LETTER.

Liddle' means a letter is missing.

If we add another L?

we get

ALICE Liddell, the muse for Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND
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1/ Definition:

Rig - verb, to prepare and equip, to get ready for a task, such as sailing a ship

so...Patriots? Rig for RED!

Get your MAGA RED on--it's HAPPENING!
2/ Q's been out for 93 days of darkness
9 and 3 = 12
2/ 12 is on the #comms today...

12 = High Noon, think 'SHOW down' time?

#Doublemeaning for ENJOY THE SHOW?
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1/ Patriots, did we miss the 27th letter of the Alphabet as a HUGE QLUE?

the lowly Ampersand, the &&&&&&&&& ?
2/ VERY EARLY ON in the Q drops we see attention drawn to the Amersand &

drop 74 , an 11 marker

surrounded by quotation marks "&"

Alice "&" Wonderland
3/ it's an INTENTIONAL mis-quoting of the book title, which is properly, Alice's Adventures IN Wonderland, not AND or &
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1/ 'the' should be 'they'
y missing

in Q drops?
There are Y's and there are [Y]'s

Let's explore....
2/ Y can mean the Y Family of Gold?

The Y and Owl family that has [heretofore] run the world
The Head of Gold, the Rothschilds
3/ Q has asked us to TRACE THE BLOODLINES of these 3 families: Soros, House of Saud, Rothschilds

Soros replaced Family Y

These families tie to Hitl*r, Merkle and the FED, Q drop 142
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1/ Decode of POTUS interview last night Oct 21 with Hannity.

Here is the tape in its entirety....~40 minutes
2/ Incessantly claims call to Ukraine was PERFECT, a PERFECT conversation became a PERFECT transcript, which became a PERFECT document.

Why the emphasis on PERFECT?
3/ PERFECT is a legal term used in real estate and in other court transactions.

It's a verb, pronounced purFECT, and it's when a DOCUMENT is formally and properly filed with a court, submitted as EVIDENCE.
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1/ @cia's lovely KOI pond post, appears to have #doublemeaning?

(I know--coming from C_IA, that'd be a shocker, eh?)
@CIA 2/ Luke's TTD clue is of interest...For those of you (like me) that weren't aware? Tac Terrain Data is satellite imagery of earth, analyzed for tactical purposes. One of the tools used is called Q-GiS

@CIA 3/ but why the KOI?

Koi fish, known for swimming upstream, are associated with Perseverance, Strength under pressure, etc. There's a Legend of the Koi turning into a Dragon, actually. Both are used a lot in tattoo art too, due to the symbolism...
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translation? what you YELL when you jump out of a plane to commence a MISSION.

Flynn new banner assuming a jumping pose?

Q drop GERONIMO decode to follow...
2/ Here's the Q drop. The only one with Geronimo

Comms inside [ ] =

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1/ Today is ZERO DAY on the Jewish Calendar.
The Jewish NEW Year is Sept 29-Oct 1, with today 9/30 at the midpoint
Celebrates the birthday of the Creation of the World

Zero Hour has other meanings , doesn't it? As in COUNTDOWN?
2/ Right away we note this High Holy day is derived from Leviticus chapter 23: 23-32

It's a day of SHOUTING and TRUMPet blasts
!!! = exclamation points = Shouting?

NowC@mes THEP@in ---23!!!
3/ Does Q mention a Zero Day?

Has TRUMP tweeted ZERO?
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1/ 'BIBLICAL' 'As the World turns' (ATWT) BIG meaning per Jewish calendar

Sept 30 = Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, celebrates the Birthday of the Creation of the World (ATWT qlue?)

Via Drop 315 @MastersShelby has a great thread tying to WATCH dates
@MastersShelby 2/ Watch = 11 min before 5 o'clock. @Mastersshelby decodes above. Also? ⬇️
5-6 o'clock is the 11th hour in Jewish time

11th hr= LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT before the END.
11 min before 11th hr.
11.11 marker?
my previous thread:
@MastersShelby 3/ Back to Rosh Hashanah, (RH) the blowing of the TRUMPet and the start of the 10 DAYS OF AWE...
in the final Month of ELUL
Note RH is 9/29 this year... a 9/11? (2+9)

Note the KING of Israel is in the Field?
Trump retweets W-ayne A-llen R-oot W A R initials?S
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When do you play the TRUMP CARD?

TRUMP CARD coming-
Q drop 1201

12/1= Sept 1 on BIBLICAL calendar, Sept 1 = 1st day of 12th Jewish month of Elul
2/ Q told us it would be BIBLICAL..IMO this=Biblical Time

Events have followed the Jewish calendar. Most striking example was release of MUELLER report 3/22-the morning after Jewish holiday PURIM

Purim=When the ACCUSER becomes the ACCUSED!
When the HUNTER becomes the HUNTED!
3/ what TIME CLOCKS have we been noticing of late?

The G7 'clock' provoked interest. Trump sitting at the 10/11 o'clock marker. Boris Johnson at the 5. This appeared to closely match the WATCH MARKER [1] of 4:49.

Why is this significant re: BIBLICAL time?
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1/@40_head has a great thread re: PB - a marker in the Q drops.

I think he's onto something- I see another possible confirmation?

pb on the Chans = Prior Bread (bread=threads)

someone else VERY INTERESTING also has been tweeting out pb's...stay tuned...🔽
@40_head 2 recall that Q tells us when we find out just WHO exposed the pedo network in Hwood, we would LAUGH??


Why COMEDIANS do, don't they?

and what shtick to comedians often use?
Sarcasm, much?
to drop TRUTH BOMBS?
...stay tuned...
@40_head 3/ what comedian does POTUS spar with? ...@billmaher

Listen to Bill's monologues. They're FULL OF REDPILLS, said supposedly 'tongue-in-cheek' of course, chock full of sarcasm, but word for word RED PILLS none the less...

SEE the PB's??? They've been on past pinned tweets too!
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1/ Did team Q just 'kick the can' from Aug 19 to Sept 19?

@nationalmallnps is advising us to HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS on Sept 19.

Just HAPPENS to be the WATCH date....
@NationalMallNPS 2/ Here's that crazy WATCH that puts us in a tizzy every 19th...

date 19th

time 4:49, or 11 minutes before 5
second hand at 12 high noon

stopwatch hands at 30 and 30
@NationalMallNPS 3/ Q's cryptic words...

Worth Remembering.... This is an historical photo, for sure!

If you look close enough you might see...

I looked closely... there's certainly a QUEUE lined up!

Is there more?
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1/New #Qanon 3569-3570
Gotta be a sports fan for my decode

slam-dunk= Basketball term
"4 corner offense" = Basketball term

"public events" = game?

4 Corner Offense defined
involves 4/5 players (45 POTUS)
utilizes STALL and BLOCKing [think BLOCKADE] tactics
3/ Q: We've HAD THE BALL the entire time

Note: Teams would attempt 4 corner Offense against stronger opponents [Slam Dunk = SD= Deep State?]

The stronger team would attempt TAKEWAWAY
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The TOWERS are showing up in more places. Twin Towers. Thread at 2/
2/ Twin Towers burning flag showed in my dig this week re: the Iranian tanker seizure significance ...

IMO DECLAS will lead to many things, incl. truths about 9/11

3/ @DrDannielle posits @HillaryClinton has played the TOWER (DESTRUCTION) CARD . It was apparently also 'played' 9.11.01 by the EVIL globalist cabal.

The STAR CARD is next...
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Q drop 854 Is the STAGE SET for a DROP? of the
2/ This was NO JOKE, as the deceitful MSM well knows. it's Q drop 854 playing out in front of us.

Re-Read re: STAGE.

The toxic HRC video, the NAIL IN MANY COFFINS, is about to "drop"
3/ July 31, 2019?
a genius Anon calculated that on this day, tomorrow, 57.74% of the year will have passed... ties to the video info in drop 854.
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@htlong @stormypatriot21 1/Yes Members of Congress cannot be arrested while in Session, Except for Treason.

House is OUT of session July 27.
Senate Aug 3.

27th date? Watch Marker perhaps?
@htlong @stormypatriot21 2/ Think #doublemeanings...SESSIONS (not Jeff) is missing the apostrophe. Punctuation and misspellings matter. Could this Q drop be a clue that indictments are imminent when Congress makes their DEPARTURE after their respective SESSIONS [end]??
@htlong @stormypatriot21 3/ WHOA!!! There's more.
[RR] deposition week
[RR] Departure thereafter

IMO this is NOT Rosenstein, it's Ricardo Rosello…
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