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4-6% LOST FOREVER can also mean the second economic quarter?

The %'s, the statistics are bad.

Months 4 5 6 April May June are "lost forever" , meaning we were shutdown, unemployed, and our economy shuttered.

Months 7 8 9 are 3rd quarter
Months 10 11 12 are 4th quarter.
#doublemeaning of 4-6%?

Lost Forever = the American population that's brainwashed with no hope of changing their minds?

Lost Forever = economic losses during the 2nd quarter 2020?

Otherwise, wouldn't Q have just estimated 5%, not 4-6?
~16million people?
“4-6%” per Q
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Pregnant pause.

"Thought it would start in August/September, but it came early"

"We had to do what we did"
"We took a tremendous Risk"
"You should use Admirals, You should use Generals. I did"
"There hasn't been a mobilization like this since the Second World War"
"You listen in on those calls"
"We may have some embers coming, but we'll stomp them out. Very very powerfully"
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1/ NEW Q


IMO this pertains to the Cheyenne Mountain UNDERground complex…
3/ Article in May 2020, says CMC was designed for nuclear attack, but its FIRST REAL USE is now, during the COVID crisis.

I call BS.

It's being used as a protection from Cabal nuke assets that may be used against us in this coup attempt against POTUS.
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Today is Holy Saturday in the Western Church. The day between the Darkness of Good Friday and the Light of tomorrow, Resurrection Day...

In the Eastern Church, it's known as Lazarus Saturday. It's momentous, the Day before Palm Sunday, and 6 days before Orthodox Holy Friday
2/ Here's a description of the meaning of Lazarus Saturday from an Orthodox site.
Lazarus, Jesus's friend was VERY ILL.
I find it especially appropriate to celebrate this year... as the CoronaVirus rages.
3/ When Jesus arrived to Bethany, Lazarus had DIED from his illness and had been buried 4 days earlier.

The Miracle of Christ raising Lazarus from the dead foreshadowed the coming Death and Resurrection of Christ himself.
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Folks, I'm looking at the background windowpane reflections...people walking back and forth, appear to be in uniform...

Is POTUS photoshopped in?
2/ when he says "working on cases"....

#doublemeaning for LEGAL cases?
3/ UPDATE: we are extending the Slow the Spread for another 30 days....through April 30.

He said we should be in a better place by June 1. (paraphrase)
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1/ Moloch, aka Baal, the child-sacrifice god, has been on display at the Roman Colisseum since Sept 2019.…
2/ it's part of an exhibit of ancient Carthage, enemy to Rome. The idol is modeled after research/archaeology , and from the 1914 period movie Cabiria, where a young girl attempts to escape her fate of being sacrificed in the fiery chest of this monster.
3/ The Carthaginians 'chose' to sacrifice all first borns to Moloch, in hopes of a life of prosperity.

Remind us of anyone? Michelle is even clinging to a little gold idol as she credits her abortion for her H-wood success…
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Acc to this theory?
the SA Synthetic Adrenochrome from Wuhan was TAINTED , to work as a MARKER and give Corona to the users?

Q drop 3853 asks is "WH clean?"

WH = Wuhan, not White House

and the answer is NO!
the Synthetic Adreno from Wuhan was NOT CLEAN!

The people that are SICK are the child trafficking, SA Synthetic Adrenochrome users... hollywood and the elites.

POTUS sign says 15 days to flatten the Corona curve

Q re: SA says [15]
3/ the HUNTERS [of SA synthetic Adreno] become the HUNTED...
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1/ LIVE POTUS presser re the virus. Lots of interesting info and #comms too?
2/ 15 days on the sign behind


h/t @Laura_twelve
3/ the SILVER jacket?

silver - chemical sign Ag
= AG Barr? a BARR of Silver for #justice?

Recall the SILVER statue by Barr--and did the Shamrock indicate the timing is NOW?
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1/ Did we hit the long-anticipated 11.3 marker last night,Patriots? Wednesday, March 11, 2020?

11.3 = 3/11 ?

recall POTUS said on March 9, the "dramatic" and "major" economic speech re CoronaVirus was going to be Tuesday, March 10? Not Wednesday the 11th?
3/ which brings us to?

"they thought it was coming yesterday
they were wrong."

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I won't tell anyone else what to do, but all signs are this Corona is a massive False Flag. A real disease, but not beyond usual flu season. Cabal's last ditch effort to bring down POTUS for 2020.

Potus has spoken of our 401k's in EVERY RALLY.

I'm holding, not selling.
2/ IMO? It's like the BANK RUN in It's a Wonderful Life.

The cabal using FEAR, to get us to sell low so THEY can reap our profits AND bring down POTUS. He speaks of our 401ks in every rally. I'm trusting him. He built this market, He can sustain it.
3/ there will be some pain in the interim? Yes. Goods from China screeched to a halt.

But IMO POTUS anticipated this. Hence the dealing w/India. Under Nat Sec, India can fill in the gap b4 US factories can re-emerge.

12 steps ahead.…
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1/Corona Virus as a deep state ploy?

We know we are in a SILENT WAR with the Cabal.

We each have TOOLS at our disposal.

The Corona Virus, aka COVID-19 may be one of those tools?

Let's examine the #coincidences, shall we?
2/ the word CORONA in astronomy pertains to the SUN
3/ we have posited before (@JuliansRum and @DrDannielle ) that the Cabal may be employing Tarot cards in their fight against Q .

yes, it's Card no. XIX, 19.

COVID-19, one of the TRUMP cards.
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POTUS: "I just want to THANK and CONGRATULATE our BORDER Patrol.."

hmmm what specific JOB did they just perform?

:51 seconds vid
:01 timestamp refers to cross BORDER run attempt
2/ recall that Border Patrol is associated with ICE, charged with countering transnational crime...
3/ RECALL the CELEBRATION this week in Las Vegas of the MIRACLE ON "ICE" !

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1/ GET THE POPCORN for Hidden Figures
you are watching a movie
Enjoy the SHow...
2/ timestamp 7:25 EST matches Q drop 725
Hidden Figures the movie references a Movie of BHO as a ROGUE ACTOR?

3/ @usaf retweeted at 7:47 EST

a "Hidden Figure" REVEALED!

:47 matches 1047 Q drop of BHO , the ROGUE ACTOR, aiming an AK47 at the Red White and Blue

7:47 includes HIDDEN as a keyword
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1/ NEW Q

askes us to take another look at



Note: there's an 'i' missing in HRC's definition.
2/ first Renegade USSS name for Barack Hussein Obama

very familiar - Standard definition - a TRAITOR.

we've been patiently awaiting the REVEAL to ALL.
HRC USSS code name

Yes, it's a tree that doesn't lose leaves, but
Q wants the NONstandard definition...

I found this.
a LEGAL definition
an AGREEMENT that automatically renews unless a party OFFICIALLY ends it...
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1/ Q talks about PROJECTION a lot. Looks like it's FINALLY working in our favor.

The Left has been PROJECTING onto Trump all sorts of sins he never did--many crimes THEY actually committed. Not POTUS.

What does this have to do with poor Bloomberg today?

...stay tuned...
2/ Roll the tape. This is just one. There are more. Lots More. The African American community will NOT support this man. OR? anyone else who supports him.…
3/ how does this affect Trump?

The LEFT's been screaming R@CIST at Trump for 3 years. But there's been NO. EVIDENCE. They've just shouted louder...they just KNEW there had to be something....

Tom Arnold sure looked. But Even the Beast admits?

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1/ the HRC vid Q drop

I've assumed it's been an actual video, we're waiting to be dropped, of HRC doing atrocities.

That may be so...but the phrasing kept at me...

Nail in many Coffins
Impossible to Defend

Here's the link:
2/ "a drop of HRC"

stop there.

HRC has the letters for, and is very close to the chemical Symbol for ...

H yd R ogen C yanide
3/ could "SYMBOLISM be their DOWNFALL" also have a #doublemeaning?

the CHEMICAL SYMBOL for a lethal poison, when the CHOICE is theirs?

Symbolism = END is very similar to the "Drop of HRC" Q drop.
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1/ Set the Stage
the BIGGEST of Stages
Is the Stage Set?

You are WATCHING a Movie

Red Carpet Rollout

The WORLD is watching

Enjoy the Show.

We are all-so-familiar with these Q drops...

Does it all point to TONIGHT?


GUESS WHO's Nominated?
2/ will B and M be 'crowned' King and Queen tonight?

For their LAST CHANCE at glory?

POTUS tweeted 'last chance' today, after 'clean up'.

Q told us the Stage had to be set AFTER the WH was CLEANed.
3/ POTUS also tweeted out MUNCHKIN, instead of Manchin. the WIZARD of OZ reference, of course.

What do we find out about the WIZARD in OZ, when we peek behind the STAGE CURTAIN? .... you ALL KNOW.... but wait for it.
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"WHAT REALLY HAPPENED" - Potus deleted tweet late last night.

#comms for the TARMAC conversation?
re the '187' of AS Antonin Scalia aka "Saint Anthony"?

A E = Ass@ssination code of the coup plotters
Viv[a] Viv[e]

(adj'd for EST time zone timestamp)
2/ the SAN ANTONIO thread SA = AS
187 heroes died at the Alamo

AS was 187'd by the Cabal

Beautiful Beautiful Alamo

Beatified = a righteous SAINT goes to Heaven…
3/ the A E Ass@ssination code thread of the coup plotters

Viv[a] vs Viv[e]
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POTUS has only tweeted GAME OVER three times.

that's it.


2/ Q?

"Game" posted 89 times (8+9=17)

GAME OVER posted just 5 times.

Here they are.
Most recent, Nov 2019
3/ Let's focus on the most recent.

It was the video GAME, A vs Q team, shooting FISA in a barrel

A team (Schiff, Dems, MSM) LOST. Out of Ammo.

Q team WINS
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2/ SKipping the first line "D" for now...

Morning sun brings heat

Q loves puns.

Morning ➡️ Mourning
Sun➡️ Son

Tomorrow is MLK Jr Day, 1/20/20

We MOURN the SON (mlkJR) who's actual birthday is 1/15/20
3/ So we have

Mourning Son brings Heat.

what HAPPENED on 1/15/20,

MLKJR (the SON we are MOURNING)'s actual birthday?

Did anyone "bring the Heat"?

4/ Full Moon Coming

The January Full moon was the WOLF MOON, named for how loudly wolves howl in winter.

Certainly DJT was ''thrown to the wolves" this Month via impeachment?

The next, the COMING full moon is Feb 9.

One name is THE STORM moon
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Note the two lines of people are each on the 40 yard lines, left and right. and @POTUS IS ON ONE SIDE OF THE 40, AND @FLOTUS ON THE OTHER!!

1st and 10 on the 40!
Q drop 3313 Proof
@POTUS @FLOTUS 2/ @POTUS is on the HASH mark of the 40 yard line.
#doublemeaning of HASH is CRYPTOLOGY, used in military and @NSAGov operations!
@POTUS @FLOTUS @NSAGov 3/ some MOAR great shots on the 40 yard line.

Note Q in the closed captioning!
@POTUS standing on HASH mark signals Cryptology, meaning @nsa has it all!

and the play clock in back showing 25 5:5!
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1/ "Big Ben" lookalike clock shows 6:20 in what looks like a CASTLE.

Q drop 620 days Royals are seeking shelter.
Prince Philip hospitalized today....#coincidence?
2/ World Series Stadium? Anyone seen 'W' bush lately? GAME OVER for the black ops C_IA SPOOKS.

Bullpen #doublemeaning? a holding tank for PRISONERS under a RED LINE?
GEICO - Trolling the "Insurance Policy" of the coup plotters.
3/ GRAHAM crackers above the red WARNING TRACK on the field?

@LindseyGrahamSC and military tribunals?

PNC, representing $$$, is in the FOUL area?
Bud Coke = BC = Bill Clinton?

Lego trucks = L12 + E5 = 17 GO!
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1/ SPEED Defines Democrats' Impeachment Push

Yes, US Attorney General James SPEED DID define what would happen to coup plotters involved in the Ass@ssination of Pres. Abraham Lincoln in 1865...…
2/ in 1865, to a grieving Nation, AG James SPEED laid out the case for MILITARY TRIBUNALS for Lincoln's coup plotters.
The Conspirators were not tried in civilian courts.…
3/ James Speed, 27th Attorney General of the USA
born 3/11/1812 (yes that sums to 17)
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1/ UPDATE : IMO I see a "WAPO-Proof" of Q's "C before D" having a #doublemeaning of C-oats before D-eclas

Not just Dan Coats' ouster, but LITERAL COATS!

WAPO tried to destroy @flotus for wearing a COAT during her video of the WH Spirit of Christmas decorations.
@FLOTUS 2/ another Confirmation that "C before D" is happening?

Trump put " " around the word "C-rushe-D".
another C before D!
@FLOTUS 3/ which brings us to DECLAS.

I've wondered why it's not DeClass, with a double S, since it's short for Declassification.

But are there #multiplemeanings?

D plus e c l a s = D plus 5 more letters....D5
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