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Maybe Louise Linton & hubby finally got that the Malibu elite won't welcome them back into the fold after dotard goes to prison.
An unbearable realization 4 such sycophants.
So maybe Mnuchin pretends to be in secret resistance to get his celeb friends back.
Wut U think, @nytimes?
Hmm... remember this? From last October?
Someone is a leaker, casting himself as a superhero.
Because he's a sycophant, who is losing all his "friends."
And his boss, the #DumbestMobsterEver, doesn't have a clue.…
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"Blowing the MOB Whistle: A Journey of Obstacles & Middle Fingers"

Learn DJT: 1) in fatal debt to "scary" Russians for whom he'd been laundering; 2) lost everything but brand, which then became vehicle 4 his mob $ cut/take ("licensing")
2/ 2006-2015
Forge ahead with writing career and keep distance from former social group. Too many Russians, shadow bankers, and yachts. Smells bad.

2015 - DJT declares run for POTUS. Start calling old "friends": "He's going to win. You don't understand what he's awakening...
3/ "...You don't know this country." Get laughed at and dismissed.

2016 - DJT wins nomination. Resist saying, "I told you so." Instead, keep pleading for those who know to go public. Crickets.

2016 - Mark Burnett's crew start talking. Burnett denies any control over "tapes"...
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I warned you this was coming.
There will now be a concerted effort to normalize mobsters - the mafia.
This is gas-lighting. Trump Org is, and always has been, a money-laundering front for organized crime. The same mafia family, whose roots are with Capone. /1
2/ That "family" are the Genovese, Lucky Luciano's group - the mafioso who created contemporary organized crime structure with his partner, Meyer Lansky.
Capone was Luciano's cousin and his eyes inside Cosa Nostra's money hub, The Chicago Outfit.
3/ There would be no Trump Org without the Genovese - and later the Gambinos. Here is the history, and it leads right to Manafort. To Manafort's blood money.
Which is why donald is freaking out beyond all measure.
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Rise and Shine followers, especially the journalists. I have something VERY worthy to share about this tweet from @realDonaldTrump.
And it has EVERYTHING to do with FRED TRUMP.
1. All day, folks will point out that Trump knew Manafort for years, Manafort lived in Trump Tower...
2. ...and donald even used/ "hired" Manafort decades ago for help with his Congressional testimony on Indian gaming.

BUT THERE IS SOMETHING MUCH, MUCH MORE DAMNING in the past business between donald and Manafort - that directly refutes his idiotic tweet.
3. BRAD ZACKSON - Fred Trump's man - is in a lawsuit w/Manafort & SEMION MOGILEVICH. This explosive suit blew the lid off Manafort's criminal connections 2 RUSSIAN MAFIA, via Ukraine.…
donald knew full well about all of Manafort's crimes, b4 he hired him...
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