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Gove, Patel, Lewis & Johnson himself: the Govt spent *every single day* of this week lying and dog-whistling about EU citizens, implying we do not contribute or cause harm. Stand with EU citizens and become an #EUcitizensChampion to make a real difference.…
Let me tell you a bit more about the week. Every single point made by Govt ministers etc this week is misleading at best, but mostly a blunt lie - one of those lies long since debunked by the Government's *own* report here:…
It began with an article by Michael Gove in which he equated FoM with unlimited & uncontrolled immigration (it isn't), arguing that maintaining FoM would be 'extreme, dangerous and out of touch with the British people', and mean 'Britons are less safe'.…
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EU citizens at home in the UK have seen an immediate negative impact on their lives since the EUref. Now all of us are forced to apply to stay in our home. There can be no doubt: without @the3million the situation would be much worse. So let’s hear a bit more about the group:
Recognised as the go-to NGO for EU citizens’ rights by politicians — noted most recently by @NicolaSturgeon in her lovely letter to EU citizens in Scotland — and the media, @the3million is a force for good, comprised of a core team and many more volunteers throughout the UK.
I founded @eucitizenschamp to support @the3million. Please become an #EUcitizensChampion with a donation to the new SOS Campaign to make a real difference and help ensure the group can continue to give EU citizens at home in the UK a voice. Thank you.…
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This is what settled status looks like.
This is why EU citizens need your help.
This is why I hope you will become an #EUcitizensChampion today.
Sonja's case is now finally resolved. But would it have been resolved without the BBC asking questions? We have now seen several cases that were resolved only because of media interest. That is good for those people and I am very happy for them. But what about everyone else? 2/
And yes, the Govt has given money to charities to be able to help, but it is very little money in the big scheme of things. Plus this primarily just proves that the Govt is pushing responsibility for this on to others. That is not acceptable. 3/
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As @BorisJohnson takes his first #PMQs, let’s remember one of his key promises: that to EU citizens.
❌ A promise he said he could not deliver while he wasn’t in power.
❌ One he *chose* not to deliver now that he is in power. In fact: he’s made things much worse for EU citizens.
So if you don’t already, please follow @the3million - the NGO that has been holding May, and now Johnson, to account for all their broken promises. Let’s get the group over the 40k follower line here to help amplify the concerns of EU citizens. 2/
➡️ As always: thank you for your solidarity! But please also consider taking an active step to help. You can make a real difference & support EU citizens at home in the UK as they are forced to apply to stay by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion. Learn more:…
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Exactly this. I asked the Home Office this morning what they were doing about other cases. I am so happy for every single case that ends well, famous or not. After all, settled status shouldn’t even exist because it goes against everything promised to us. 1/
But this two-tier support we have been seeing over the last few weeks is entirely unacceptable, especially given that problems are the *direct* result of not listening to the concerns raised for years. The easiest solution is to change the system to a registration. 2/
➡️ As always: thank you for your solidarity! But please also consider taking an active step to help. You can make a real difference & support EU citizens at home in the UK as they are forced to apply to stay by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion. Learn more:…
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It’s 1 September 2019 and has gone all Brexit — it’s the “get ready” thing, I assume. ... For EU citizens at home in the UK and British in the EU, however, it’s simply producing more confusion or unhelpful generalities. Let’s have a look. [Thread]
So first of all it reiterates everywhere that the UK is leaving the EU on 31 October ... 2/
The first thing the checker then actually asks is what nationality I am. 3/
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Tomorrow’s Sunday Times reports that @patel4witham’s reckless plan to end freedom of movement at midnight on 31 Oct is to be postponed for legal reasons. I hope this is accurate. But let’s be very clear: the despair and chaos the plan has already caused cannot be undone. 1/
As a result of the original plan:
❌ The Home Office helpline gave confusing advice.
❌ The Home Office started monitoring the press for articles about this and requested changes in line with the narrative they wanted to see even though articles were factually accurate. 2/
❌ Airlines told EU citizens they might have trouble travelling.
❌ Employers asked questions about the right to work.
❌ EU citizens were effectively taken hostage with the original plan, and the uncertainty the plan triggered had a negative impact on their wellbeing. 4/
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EU citizens in the UK are your:
🏠 neighbours
👫 friends
👩‍❤️‍👩 lovers
👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 family
The UK is our home. But the Govt’s reckless no-deal plan sucks millions of us right into #HostileEnvironment
Please say #HandsOff & become an #EUcitizensChampion…
If you’re not sure what this is about listen to @antoni_UK explain the impact of the new no-deal plan to end freedom of movement on 31 Oct.
All donations made to the @eucitizenschamp campaign go directly to @the3million to support the group’s vital work: to protect EU citizens at home in the UK and their rights. Thank you.
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.@patel4witham’s freedom of movement no-deal plan and its impact explained in two pictures:

Picture on the left:
🏠 An EU citizen already at home in the UK.

Picture on the right:
✈️ An EU citizen arriving in the UK for the first time on 1 November.

Tell the difference.
Border guards, employers, banks and landlords ... all would be faced with this question on 1 Nov if there’s no-deal and Patel’s plan goes ahead. How are they meant to distinguish between these two classes of EU citizens — one with rights, one without? It might work for those 2/
who already have settled status, but even that isn’t really certain because it is a digital status only and all were previously told no checks would be required immediately. As a result, Patel’s plan basically holds 3.6 million EU citizens at home in the UK hostage. 3/
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I have warned for months that the UK Govt wants to suck all of us EU citizens at home in the UK into the #HostileEnvironment. It has been clear that the Govt would use no-deal to speed up that process. And today it begins with our access to the #NHS.…
Those of us already here shouldn’t have to pay the charge, but how are we meant to prove our eligibility? Settled status is not yet a requirement now. Less than a third of EU citizens currently have it. So how are those who don’t have it yet meant to prove their status? 2/
It would be impossible to differentiate between someone like me who has lived in the UK for over a decade and a new arrival. So @maikebohn from @the3million is absolutely right: this is outrageous! 3/
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I am so proud of all of you who helped get the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge crowdjustice across the line last night. This is only the beginning, but I know @the3million will continue to fight protecting our democracy as this case moves forward — it is an incredible group.
So before I head off on holiday let me say again that I hope that *together* we will continue to do all we can to ensure the group can keep going. I set up @eucitizenschamp a year ago to help with that and all of you who chose to become one have made a real difference. Thank you!
The song in the @eucitizenschamp anniversary video is called “Home” and comes from the album ”1,000 Days” by the wonderful @GuitarMoog. It will be available exclusively via the campaign in September. Learn more here:
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To honour my t-shirt promise from last night I’m still going to have to find out who actually got @the3million crowdjustice fundraiser over the line. In the meantime, as some of you asked, the t-shirt is available from @DemarcationDSGN
There’s a hoodie too — sadly, @davidschneider is not included in the order but he sure has been an amazing #EUcitizensChampion!
Or, if you’re one of @the3million or @BritishInEurope you might also like this one — #The5Million is a slogan first coined by @nickynoo007 to capture how Brexit is personal for the two groups so immediately affected.
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🎉 #EUcitizensChampion is 1 year old. I founded it because I wanted to do more to support @the3million, the leading NGO protecting EU citizens’ rights. I am proud of what we have achieved so far. THANK YOU to donors & supporters who chose to help EU citizens at HOME in the UK ...
... HOME brings me to the amazing @GuitarMoog who’s done something very, very special: he’s recorded an album 🎵1,000 Days🎵 and is making it available *exclusively* via @eucitizenschamp in September. The album includes the song HOME used in the above video.
Learn more about @GuitarMoog’s motivation for recording the album 🎵1,000 Days🎵 and also why he chose to make it available exclusively via @eucitizenschamp on the album website here:
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The marvellous @JamesSilvester1 has done something very special here, dedicating his latest book released today to @the3million. What a wonderful thing to do! James has been a great #EUcitizensChampion for a long time too — be like James, everyone!
On a personal level I must say that I feel quite emotional having just read Cp 15. Thanks @JamesSilvester1 for this — and the serious points made about the fight for citizens’ rights! This definitely is an unexpected Brexit outcome: never thought I’d play a role in a novel 😉
But then I never thought I — together with 3.6m more EU citizens — would be forced to apply to stay in my own home either! So please stand with us, like James chose to do so many times. Make that choice too and become an #EUcitizensChampion. Thank you!…
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Happy Birthday and a big thank you to @the3million! Founded by passionate activists in 2016, the3million is doing all it can to ensure that no EU citizen is left behind because of Brexit. Say Happy Birthday too by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion today.
All of those involved, like co-founder @NicolasHatton, are truly amazing people who are changing the lives of millions for the better — it is my great privilege to stand alongside them. They do what they do with passion, determination and dedication. 2/
They spend every day, night shifts included if needs be, standing up not only for what is right, but also for what is human — for 3.6 million lives; for 3.6 million futures. Without them, there can be no doubt, EU citizens at home in the UK would be in a much worse situation. 3/
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Little Twitter break at this end. Make sure you follow @the3million for updates on #citizensrights — for EU citizens at home in the UK, Brexit isn’t something in the future, it’s been happening every day for 1100+ days now. Without @the3million we’d be in a much worse situation.
So while I’m away, don’t forget to continue to support this amazing group. You can:
✅ Become a supporter — anyone can:
✅ Become an #EUcitizensChampion:…. To learn why I founded that campaign in support of @the3million, see:
So please continue to help make sure the group can keep going — your donations make a real difference to the lives of EU citizens. Ultimately, the road ahead is a steep one and we need @the3million more than ever. Thank you very much for your ongoing support.
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Three years ago @the3million at home in the UK were waiting what the referendum would bring. Now, 1095 days later, we know. And we want to tell you: #3million3years3words
🇪🇺 Become an #EUcitizensChampion to help.
❤️ That would be lovely, actually.…
Tanja 🇩🇪
If you’re an EU27 / EEA etc citizen at home in the UK, please share your 3 words too. Let’s tell people that what 3 years in limbo has meant for 3+ million of us.
Agnieszka 🇵🇱
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I was looking at these beautiful peonies on my windowsill today and it got me thinking... 1/
I live in NL. The flowers were a gift from a neighbour. The 2nd bunch in 2 weeks. I don't have the heart to tell him that I'm allergic, because it's so lovely of him. Now contrast this kindness with what @the3million have to deal with in the UK. /2
Last week I voted in the EP elections. My polling card was automatically sent, no extra forms, no delays. At the polling station, I showed my polling card and id (compulsory for everyone here) and voted. I spent the rest of the day watching in horror as #DeniedMyVote unfolded. /3
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This time last week I was dreading #EP2019. Why? Because I knew #DeniedMyVote would hit us. It wasn't called that yet, but... To learn more, listen to the new @CakeWatchCast where @ottocrat, @antoni_UK from @the3million and I discuss this huge scandal. 1/
If, after listening, you're as much in awe of the amazing work the campaigners of @the3million do as I am, please consider:
1⃣ Becoming a supporter. It's a great way to give regular support. I'm one, please join me - anyone can become a supporter! 2/
2⃣ Make a donation to #EUcitizensChampion. The funding also goes directly to @the3million but funds specific initiatives, for instance the new charity 'Settled' to support EU citizens, and the work for a Home Office monitoring research project.… 3/
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.@the3million are my heroes —passionate & determined campaigners who have spent the last 1000+ days fighting for the rights of EU citizens at home in the UK.
❤️ Please help make sure they can keep going — after #DeniedMyVote we need them more than ever!…
With much appreciation and admiration to: @NicolasHatton, @maikebohn, @antoni_UK, @monlouhawk, @alexandrabulat, @DimitriScarlato, @cos_detoma, @ilsemogensen, @KatiaWidlak, @ToniPetkova, @Alexa_Kantor and whoever I’ve now forgotten to list (sorry!). 2/
And the many activists and volunteers throughout the UK who give their time to help. Amazing! Also a shout-out to @Pipermigration and all the other experts who help, incl those at @HereForGoodLaw & @RomaSupport. Also a nod for @smismanss, @CristinaTegolo and @jablonow. 3/
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For many EU citizens #EP2019 meant #DeniedMyVote. While the outrage over it is fading, I know @the3million will continue to fight our corner. But it is on us to support them so they can. Please consider making a donation to #EUcitizensChampion to help. ➡️…
Not sure whether to donate or not? Her are the reasons of some of those who already have donated - maybe they'll help you decide:
"My family is European and I believe in the UK’s future at the heart of Europe. My Swedish husband and I have ... been married since 1972! I can’t believe he has to ask to stay in my country." ~ Rosalind
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#DeniedMyVote showed us that the rights of EU citizens at home in the UK are not protected. Today I don’t have a new #EUcitizensChampion campaign video to offer, I only have this. But I hope you’ll choose today to become an #EUCitizensChampion! Here’s how:…
And if that appeal isn’t enough to convince you to become an #EUcitizensChampion, then maybe the outtake version is. As you can see, I do whatever it takes to support @the3million 🤣 They’re my heroes. So please help me to support them so they can continue their vital work.
All #EUcitizensChampion funds raised go directly to @the3million. At the moment this provides the only funding the the new charity Settled to support vulnerable EU citizens. Your donations make a real difference. Thank you ❤️…
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Since 24 June 2016, so for now 1038 days, EU citizens have lived in limbo. But since then, since the first press conference after the EUref, we’ve had one formidable #EUcitizensChampion in @NicolaSturgeon, who again made clear today that we are part of communities here. 1/ #SNP19
The same cannot be said for the UK government. They dispense nice-sounding words on paper too, but as @BrandonLewis made clear only last week in connection with #EP2019, they simply cannot see that our home (in this case = our EU home member state) is here in the UK. 2/
1038 days and still perceived by some as people who do not belong. A message that has become policy through #SettledStatus, which forces us to apply to stay. A message we now see on display every day on posters, watch on TV, and hear on the radio and in Spotify ads. 3/
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Want to do something positive this Easter amid all the ongoing Brexit chaos? Then can I please ask you to consider becoming an #EUcitizensChampion. The gov’t isn’t doing enough to help EU citizens secure their future here. So we urgently need your help.… 1/
For example, the fundraiser is the only funding for SETTLED by @the3million, a new charity to support vulnerable EU citizens at risk because of the settled status scheme. Help us make sure no EU citizen is left behind. More about Settled at 2/
About the campaign and donations: I fund the campaign and all associated engagement activities, so no donations are used for costs to do with these. As a result, all your donations go, in full, directly to @the3million so they can continue their vital work. 3/3
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