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In relation to the #SettledStatus stories I tweeted about, let me say again: please stop feeling ashamed! Shame won’t get us anywhere. What we need is your help! Please consider becoming an #EUcitizensChampion - it makes a real difference!…
All funds raised go, in full and directly, to @the3million so they can continue their vital work to ensure that no EU citizen is left behind. Most critically, this includes outreach work as many EU citizens do not even know that they have to apply. 2/
At the moment the fundraiser is also the sole source of funding for SETTLED, a new charity to help the most vulnerable EU citizens to get documented and remain lawfully in the UK for the rest of their lives. Please keep supporting this with your donations. Thank you. 3/3
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For me the reason why @NicolaSturgeon's letter is so important and so very welcome isn't just the support it offers (though that is brilliant, of course), but the fact that it recognises the impact 1015 days of living in limbo have had on EU citizens. Thank you! 1/
Much like @NicolaSturgeon, I have always found the hardest part in all this chaos to meet and hear the stories of fellow EU citizens. On the one hand I feel privileged that so many of you trust me to tell me your stories - thousands by now. But the reality is that what I can 2/
do to help is very limited. In a sense the situation is similar for @scotgov and @NicolaSturgeon: we know they want to do more, but the UK Govt have consistently tied their hands. That is one reason why the pink fluffy words from the UK Govt mean nothing to me: their actions 3/
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Brexit isn’t fun. But we all need a laugh sometimes, especially in these dark times. So if you have @SkyArts make sure to watch @NyetFilm *tonight* at 21:25. It’s a #UKborderfarce and I love it. Watch until the very end: it has an important message! #NyetFilm
Trailer 🎞⬇️ 1/
The film’s premiere @RegentStCinema a little while ago was great, and directors @meinhelf & @newjorg are amazing #EUcitizensChampion(s), also showing #HandsOff on the big screen as part of the premiere. Want to be an EU citizens’ champion too? Check… 2/
And don’t worry if you can’t watch #NyetFilm on @SkyArts tonight: the film will be available online for FREE from tomorrow. 3/3
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Please stop being ashamed. Shame. Anger. None of these feelings actually help EU citizens. These posters should not be needed. But we are where we are and they are vital now. In fact: we need much more outreach. To help make a real difference become an #EUcitizensChampion. 1/
While the above posters are part of a government campaign to inform EU citizens that campaign is nowhere near enough. Please consider making a donation @eucitizenschamp to help us inform more EU citizens so that nobody is left behind. Thank you.… 2/
This is so critical because of settled status fails thousands could become illegal. We have to all, collectively, help make sure that this doesn’t happen. *All* donations made to the fundraiser go directly to @the3million. 3/3
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Brilliant premiere of @NyetFilm last night — you’ll be able to watch the film soon. And I am so very grateful to the amazing @meinhelf & @newjorg, and to @RegentStCinema, for screening #HandsOff too. Seeing it on the big screen in support of @the3million was incredibly moving. 1/
Please continue to say #HandsOff your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family who are EU citizens by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion now. We need your help. All the funds raised go directly to @the3million so they can continue their vital work.… 2/
I am also so delighted to announce that @SimonWallfisch will be giving a concert (in London) to support the @eucitizenschamp campaign for @the3million Details to be confirmed soon. This is incredibly special to me personally — here’s why. 3/…
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Fantastic evening at the premiere of @NyetFilm ... you’ll all be able to watch it soon. Also great to spend #IWD2109 with such a wonderful group of people including the best of the best #EUcitizensChampion @davidschneider, @meinhelf, @newjorg, @antoni_UK and @GabriellaMoran_
Also so great to see @JMPSimor & @seanjonesqc ... The QCs and that Professor, what could possibly go wrong?
Huge thank you to @meinhelf & @newjorg for getting me on board for this adventure — they’re amazing and I look forward very much to the next adventure we have already planned ... so excited x
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It makes me feel sad and angry too. Very. But it is also what keeps me going despite what I shared in my thread last night. But I am only one person. As I have said before: outrage about this is simply not enough. We need you all to help. The Scottish Govt has done all they 1/
can do within the context of devolved powers and as opposition in Westminster. But we need more people to stand with us. Please consider supporting my @eucitizenschamp campaign today. That campaign is directly funding the vital outreach work carried out by @the3million. 2/
If EU citizens don't know what they have to do, if settled status fails, 1000s could become illegal and fall into the #HostileEnvironement. People like Tove who are *already* at home here. Become an #EUcitizensChampion today to make a real difference… 3/
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I see a lot of people are outraged by this poster directed at EU citizens at home in the UK, a poster that is now being put up throughout the UK. Many are suggesting these posters should be taken down immediately. I am sorry, but that really is not helping. [THREAD] 1/
Am I happy to see these posters? In my heart: no, of course not! They are a visible sign that Vote Leave got away with one of their biggest lies; that May got away with the most hostile approach to the rights of us EU citizens: implementing an application system. BUT ... 2/
Because of exactly that these posters are now vital. We need them, and much more, so that we can make sure *all* EU citizens can secure their future in the UK. Informing EU citizens about what they have to do now is absolutely *critical*. If that fails, if people do not apply 3/
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Tonight the #CostaAmendment was adopted as Govt policy. Huge thanks to @the3million & @BritishInEurope ... and of course to @AlbertoCostaMP! He gave a fantastic speech to those assembled and it was my privilege to meet him tonight. He made sure people are put before politics. 1/
Now the ball is in your court @eucopresident. We know you agree that @the3million & @BritishInEurope should be protected. So let’s finally make sure this happens no matter what. Let’s take #The5Million out of limbo and ring-fence the citizens’ rights agreement now. 2/
I will make the case for exactly that with representatives at the Bundestag in Germany in two week’s time. Those who live the EU through freedom of movement are the EU’s very heart. They must not be sacrificed on the Brexit altar. 3/
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I get why it's really easy to be taken aback by this. But let's add some context here: @TowerHamletsNow have been excellent in the way they are helping to make sure all EU citizens at home in Tower Hamlets are informed so they can stay post-Brexit. The UK govt are not 1/
providing any real support. With that in mind, what are councils meant to do? They don't have much resource to use. They don't have details about all EU citizens to contact us individually. What means does that leave? Disagree with the garbage truck as much as you like, but as 2/
far as I am concerned this will prove a lifeline for many. If you want to be critical of someone, be critical of @theresa_may. If she hadn't pushed for an application system we wouldn't need posters to "advertise" to EU citizens that the onus is on us to secure our rights. 3/
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Today is #MotherLanguageDay. Many people and organisations are celebrating the beauty of diverse languages. For EU citizens at home in the UK #Brexit only comes in a universal language: that of anxiety. Anxiety because we all have to apply to stay in our home.
Ring-fencing our rights would help take away some of that anxiety. So today we call on the countries of our mother language, @10DowningStreet, @Europarl_EN, @EU_Commission, @MichelBarnier, @eucopresident, @EP_President and @guyverhofstadt to finally do that! 2/
If you want to help EU citizens at home in the UK then please become an #EUcitizensChampion
🇩🇰 Tak.
🇸🇰 Vd‘aka.
🇮🇹 Grazie.
🇪🇪 Aitäh
🇫🇷 Merci.
🇮🇸 Takk.
🇷🇴 Mulţumiri.
❤️ Thank you.… 3/
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I am glad that @Anna_Soubry is pointing this out so clearly. It's been obvious for some time that this - people like me choosing to commit our lives to the UK - is the only reason why we are where we are now. At every turn, @theresa_may chose the route that would make it as 1/
complicated and hostile as possible for us to remain in our homes. She went so far as to seek stripping 65 million British citizens of freedom of movement for it. Let that sink in! For just some examples of what May did, have a look at this thread: 2/
That also explains why we EU citizens can only remain very concerned. Read this important thread by @the3million on that wider subject: 3/
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Since 24 June 2016 @scotgov have been the beacon of hope even for many EU citizens who do not live in Scotland. Thank you @NicolaSturgeon for your ongoing, vocal and strong support. Karin's story included in this article makes me very sad though.… 1/
Her stories reveals the anxieties and feelings of millions, but also the extent to which this could all go so terribly wrong. We really do need your help! Please become and #EUcitizensChampion today if you want to make a real difference.… 2/
If Darren Grimes can raise £78k for his case, I hope we can, together, at least do the same for the future of EU citizens at home in the UK. Thank you. 3/3
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For this not to happen @ukhomeoffice would have to process
~4000 applications (deal)
~5000 applications (no deal)
*every single day* from today. This will never work. That is why MPs should help press the stop button now before it is too late. We need a declaratory system. 1/
If you agree that the settled status system is not good enough; that, as @YvetteCooperMP rightly pointed out, it would create "Windrush on steroids", please write to your MP today to tell them to back the @JCWI_UK recommendations set out here:… 2/
So please join the many others who already have said #HandsOff, and help us make sure that no EU citizen is left behind because of Brexit by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion today. Thank you!… 3/3
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Settled status, we were promised by @theresa_may, would protect our future in the UK. The future of 3.6m of your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family. Give us certainty. But even getting settled status does *not* do that. Here’s the lastest development that shows why: 1/
All of us who get settled status have to make sure these details are constantly kept up to date for the rest of our lives. The identification document is obviously the most important as settled status, a status recorded *only* in digital form, is linked directly to it. 2/
So every time an EU citizen gets a new passport they will have to go through this process. A German passport is valid for ten years. So if I used mine now and live until I’m 90ish I would have to update this at least *five* times. That is not certainty. ... and it gets worse! 3/
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This is a saddening but very accurate article by @itsjamestapper, showing how bleak the situation has already become for EU citizens. It’s important to recognise that none of this is new: this is how EU citizens have been living for nearly 950 days now. 1/…
I have been sent 1000s of such accounts since 2016. Every single one of them, every single story of despair, anxiety and insomnia, is on those who chose to do this to 3.6 million people at home here. Primarily that means you @theresa_may: you are the main architect of this. 2/
But these accounts also demonstrate why it is so important that we all do more to help. @theresa_may made the choice to create this situation. You can make the choice to counter it by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion.… 3/3
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I have been giving you many reasons why I hope you will help me support @the3million by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion; why I hope you'll stand with us and say #HandsOff. In this thread are some of the reasons donors have given; to make a donation see… 1/
I am worried about EU27 citizens living in the UK who don't realise that they need to apply for Settled Status. Outreach work is important. — Susannah 2/
I abhor this systematic stripping of rights from 3.5 million people who contribute so much to this country. — Julian 3/
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I'm a bit late with my #10YearChallenge, but there's a reason. It comes now because I arrived in the UK 10 years ago today. I felt that I had finally arrived home. What a difference 10 years make. They were quite a ride, but nothing can top the ride of the last 945 days ... 1/
Before I tell you a bit more about that ride here's the thing: please consider becoming an #EUcitizensChampion today. Help me to support @the3million so no EU citizen is left behind. Today, more than any other day, it would mean the world to me.… 2/
But now for that ride 🎢 ... It really first started in the early 1990s when I first visited the UK together with my grandmother. I told a little bit of that story in more detail at a @FinalSayForAll Beehive in London in 2018. 3/
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As more and more problems with #SettledStatus emerge, it is time to hold those to account who failed the 3.6m EU citizens and put them in this situation. First up are Vote Leave who made a commitment to EU citizens during the EU referendum but #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis! 1/
Vote Leave also often referred to the Vienna Convention to lure EU citizens into a false sense of security. Here is @GiselaStuart telling a German EU citizen about it. Stuart talked about it often even though the statement was always a lie. And #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis 2/
What is interesting about @GiselaStuart is that although she kept saying the right things all the - she even chaired an inquire that recommended protections, her actions tell a different story. #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis as it does not respect the rights of EU citizens. 3/
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From tomorrow the #SettledStatus scheme will be open for all EU citizens at home in the UK. It forces us to apply to stay. To apply so we can remain your colleagues, friends, lovers and family. That is why now is the time for you to say: #HandsOff! Please help #RescueOurRights 1/
Tomorrow will mark a watershed with the general opening of the scheme. It will be a difficult day for EU citizens. So please keep sharing who you are standing with, who you want the UK Govt to keep their #HandsOff. Stories with photos/videos welcome. 2/
To learn more about the #HandsOff campaign - part of @eucitizenschamp - read this article; it includes some of the beautiful stories already shared and a little more on some of those who appear in the campaign video.… 3/
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It's been absolutely amazing to see the reaction to the #HandsOff campaign today; to read the many beautiful stories about why Britons want to stand with us EU citizens to help us #RescueOurRights. I am so happy @MetroUK picked this up!… 1/
#HandsOff is part of my #EUcitizensChampion campaign, set up in support of @the3million. Today they achieved something brilliant and this shows exactly why we need to continue to enable them to keep doing this work: it does make a real difference. 2/
A real difference to the lives of millions. So help me make sure @the3million can continue their work. Help me make sure that the UK government keeps their #HandsOff EU citizens and that nobody is left behind, by making a donation to the campaign here:… 3/3
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EU citizens are your colleagues, neighbours, friends and family. Your doctors, builders, teachers and hairdressers. As the UK descends further and further into chaos, we need you to stand with EU citizens. We need you to say: #HandsOff and support us to #RescueOurRights. 1/
#HandsOff is the new campaign drive for the #EUcitizensChampion campaign. Please support it with your own stories of who you're standing with and for who you're saying #HandsOff on our social media campaign day tomorrow, 17 January 2019. 2/
And please continue to support @eucitizenschamp. All donations made go directly, and in full, to @the3million so they can continue to make sure that no EU citizen is left behind because of Brexit. Thank you ❤️… 3/
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Did you vote Leave?
Are you just tired of the permanent fight between Leave & Remain? Well here is a #Brexit topic both Leavers & Remainers can unite & agree on: the #citizensrights of EU citizens who have made their home in the UK.

No one voted to take away #citizensrights from EU citizens already living in the UK.
No one voted to put 3m EU citizens through almost 1,000 days of uncertainty over their status in the country they made their home.
No one voted to punish their EU neighbours & colleagues.

Whether people voted Leave or Remain they voted in the knowledge of the Vote Leave promise to EU citizens:
- no change for EU citizens
- a new automatic status
- treated no less favourably than at present

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To help those who want to support EU citizens at home in the UK as they remain stuck in Brexit limbo — 931 days today — we’ve made some website updates @eucitizenschamp. Check them out here: 1/
The news archive with articles written by #citizensrights campaigners, such as @maikebohn, @antoni_UK, @alexandrabulat, @monlouhawk, @NicolasHatton and myself, gives important insights into our fight to protect EU citizens at home in the UK since 2016.… 2/
We have some new explainers and materials (incl videos) you can use to help us raise awareness about the situation of EU citizens at home in the UK now faced with having to apply so they can stay in their home, and the #EUcitizensChampion campaign.… 3/
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