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@SimonWDC YES!! Simon, this is the culmination of a 50+ years, long-term, plan of the GOP. They're trying to destroy the federal govt from within. Once it's accomplished, they'll blame trump & ditch him 4 Pence. Pence was their preferred POTUS all along.
@SimonWDC Are you familiar with Council for National Policy? Everyone, but trump, is a member/affiliated with the group. IMHO this is a revenge presidency for Nixon. Republicans hate liberals/Democrats. I heard it in church during 15/16. Please look at this. 2/
@SimonWDC #Exvangelicals, like me, have been trying to get the media & others to listen to us. Did you know that the evangelical charlatans ran a HUGE data operation to elect trump? The GOP has been taken over by religious zealots that want theocracy by 2020. #ChristianTaliban
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"They will overturn everything that we've done and they'll do it quickly and violently, and violently. There's violence. When you look at Antifa and you look at some of these groups — these are violent people" #EmptyThePews #EvangelicalContributions…
If by "overturn everything that we've done quickly and violently" Trump means "use democratic means to restore the separation of church and state & end discrimination in the name of religious freedom," then yes, he is 100% correct.
Trump privately urges pastors to help him from the pulpit in the midterms, falsely claims he has eliminated the Johnson Amendment, which threatens religious organizations with the loss of tax-exempt status if they endorse or oppose political candidates
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@MichaelRWear Disaster relief does not cancel out the harm done by #EvangelicalContributions. Let's just start from the top: Charitable giving comes down to poor families being hassled for 10 % of their income in the name of "tithes and offerings." 1/
@MichaelRWear 2/ "cultivation of millions of healthy families"- you mean the ones that throw their LGBTQ kids out on the street? The churches that only recognize the nuclear family and not the fact that just over 1/2 of adult women are not married (divorced, widowed, single)?
@MichaelRWear 3/ "positive contribution to moral fabric of the nation." *tartly* 81 percent of Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump, a thrice married adulterer who is mobbed up and likely a criminal. Also, bringing in a bunch of Republicans who want to sell our country off to businesses!
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1. A few thoughts on Trump's dinner in honor of evangelicals, which I'll be discussing with @RickSmithShow later. Key context to consider is that fascism is concerned with defining who belongs to "the nation" or "the people," and who doesn't. Internal enemies (Others) are needed.
2. This dovetails neatly with the way in which fundamentalist believers police who does and does not count as a member of their religious confession. This is critical to understanding the Christian Right's politics of "religious freedom":

3. Indeed, as I have written elsewhere, "Fundamentalism is authoritarianism in microcosm, or on the margins. Fascism is essentially fundamentalism in power." The vast majority of white evangelicals are authoritarian and fundamentalist.…

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