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Operation Werewolf: the propoganda did not fail, it is still very much alive. The Nazis did not disappear (Operation PaperClip) , they are here in America. Wake up you are being programmed In every aspect of your life. The Jesuit cabal run Hollywood! 👇🏽👇🏽
432 DNA Tuning and the Nazi-ization of Music
the 432 Hz tuning is in some way tuned to the vibrations of nature itself, whereas the 440 Hz tuning was introduced by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda.
(Operation WereWolf)
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From The Book: Hitler's Monsters: A Supernatural History Of The Third Reich (pg.278,279,281)
By Eric Kurlander (1973)
PDF File:…
#Jesuitism #JesuitOrder #NewAge #VaticanRatlines #RomanCatholics
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"CIA Tried to Use {Jesuit}Georgetown Medical Center in 1950s" Washington Post, August 7th 1977
The Central Intelligence Agency sought to use {Jesuit}Georgetown University Medical Center to hide "a cover organization for highly sensitive projects' in "biological,chemical warfare
Many people do not realize that they were used in government experiments throughout the 50s through 90s. Most research documents were destroyed unlawfully in 1973 by Richard Helms, the C.I.A. director that ordered massive experiments on unwitting citizens to cover the C.I.A.’s
massive crimes when the Rockefeller Commission began investigations along-side congress.

Already Characterized:Rockefeller Commission Report : PROJECT MKIULTRA, THE CIA'S PROGRAM OF
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Being apart papal bloodlines that descended from the ruling Holy Roman Emperor families: (KOMalta)Rockefellers were/are involved in aspects of the fake UFO phenomenon: the public disclosure part. In pitting disclosure demanding citizens against secrecy-maintaining governments,
“The Elite” are creating a conflict that will find resolution when the New World Order and Disclosure are publicly unveiled.

Good propaganda effort

Don’t Forget the Vatican

Of course, the globalist-directed Disclosure Movement isn’t run solely by the Rockefellers; the Vatican is involved too. In an entry titled The Vatican is preparing to introduce us (Demons) (take)Aliens. the Jesuits are working to prepare the public for
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Esoteric Perspective on Epidemics From the Alice Bailey writings The general staff of the(Lucifer) christ is already active in the form of the New Group of World Servers. The planet’s power to absorb the negative forces that result from humanity’s psychological condition often
The “planets” power to absorb the negative forces that result from humanity’s psychological condition often breaks down in the aftermath of wars. #ORDOABCHAO #Riseofthephoenix #ComingofLhcifer #ProjectBlueBeam
They want U to be in peace with yourself and calm so when project bluebeam occurs they’ll think U won’t question and comply thinking it’s “Jesus” when really it’s into Lucifer’s New World Order.
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illustration from Jesuit Athanasius Kircher, S.J.’s ‘Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae,’ (1646), ‘The Grand Magic of Lucifer and Darkness.’ Bottom to Top, the Allegorical Founder Ignatius de Loyola, S.J. (the Jesuit Order) Directly
Stems from the Ancient (the Double-Headed Phoenix) Proof the Jesuit Order’s Own Works Proclaim They Have Been Established by Satan to Be Its Actual Inheritors on Earth in the Flesh
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Californian software developer Landing AI has created a video tool that can be used to ascertain whether people are following social distancing rules. “Landing AI has developed an AI-enabled social distancing detection tool that can detect if people are keeping a safe distance
from each other by analyzing real-time video streams from the camera,” They also have biometrics one that they place outside of your homes to tell if you’re “sick” or not. Coming to a city near you #OrwellianPoliceState #ANTINWO
It goes along with the 5G towers/ Nanotechnology facial recognition patent for the United States #SmartCities #Nowheretohide #Radiation #MedicalMartialLaw #COVID19
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“It’s a Decision for the Jesuit coadjutor of the United States”
No matter what, do NOT get the RFID CHIP MARK OF THE BEAST or ANY VACCINES. You have been warned. #Kushner666 #Qanon #Wakeup #MAGA #FordhamJesuitUniversity #JesuitTrained #Smartcities #Agenda212030 #NWO
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Bill Cooper: The Alien Invasion

Global Deception Office, London
January 1993

"The public believed the War Of The Worlds was an actual news broadcast thus setting the stage for the implementation of an alien threat scenario. The only problem was that the state of the art of
technology at that time did not allow for a believable presentation. The development of saucer shaped wingless and tailless flying machines by the Germans during WW-II and the implementation of psychological warfare against the sheople of the world solved the problem.
" - Bill Cooper.

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond.
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