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Karl Marx, b. in Germany, came from a long line of Jewish Rabbis. ImageImage
God of Saturn and Communism — same roots.

Father Time
Baby New Year
God of Harvest
Novus Ordo Seclorum

#FeralSeminary #wellhellzbellz #Communism #GodofSaturn #Scythe #Santa #Marxism #NWO

▬ Rome
▬ Temples
▬ Keystone
▬ Saturn ate his children
▬ Easter symbol: white rabbit
▬ Adam Schiff says "Rabbit Rabbit" on New Years
▬ They sacrificed Jesus; we eat his flesh, drink his blood in remembrance.😳

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1905 Russian Document: Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion.

Let's blame the Jews. Fake document. 3rd party wrote this, but who?


Russian Jews
Khazarian Mafia

Are they the Fifth Column?

2015 Preston James…
Set aside the debate about who wrote and promoted these protocols.

The document(s) contain mind-blowing detail about NWO's agenda to enslave humanity.

NWO predates Jesus Christ.

Context of NWO meaning: Virgil's Ecologue: return of Saturn's reign.…
▬ God of Saturn (aka Greek god of Cronos, Kronos)
▬ Temple of Solomon (three Abrahamic Religions)

Take your pick — both go back to keystone:
human sacrifice for renewal.

#feralseminary #GodofSaturn #Temples #FatherTime #Saturnalia #SpiritCooking
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#feralseminary #wellhellzbellz #temples #brazensea
Be prepared for what you find. Image
Q directs us to learn about temples.
Qanon dot pub
Search bar: temple
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Temples from Abrahamic Religions go back to
Temple of Solomon.

Why was the temple built?
Built specifically to perform offerings to their God.

5 min video w/temple specs…
"… the brasen altar which Solomon had made was not able to receive the burnt offerings, and the meat offerings, and the fat."

#brasensea #brazensea

Why exact specs for Brasen Sea?
👉Saline solution to purify meat.
Offerings were prepared and eaten. Image
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Many bigQ are CIA. They need to slow/distort the info.

Because I dig, I see what they try to hide from you.

2 years ago I was confounded by their blind spots, eventually realized it was intentional.

List ...

#Q129 Image
1. Who are the white rabbits?


Yes, Easter Bunny is intentional.

It is NOT adrenochrome — altho closely related, so not a biggie.

They flooded Qarmy with avatars, knowing you didn't have a clue. I block all white rabbits. EVIL.
2. World Jewish Congress

NXIVM case exposed Bronfmans, but many bigname diggers claimed it didn't connect to anything else.


Edgar head of WJC for 3 long decades.

It connects to EVERYTHING else, including BENGHAZI. Sara's hubby at center of it.

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