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1. This was a good find on the BLM DC’s own site. But what really caught my attention was their use of the word “Pods”.
“Transformative Pods... becoming stronger together.”
Want to know what else a “Pod” is? ...
#ItsGonnaBeBiblical #QAnon
2. “Pods” 👉🏻An egg case of certain insects ESPECIALLY A LOCUST or other orthopteran.

(There’s also Pea Pod, Pea = [P] deep state comms I’m not doing that now. Just tagging word for adding that later).

3. Revelation 9 you will find Locusts. Out of the bottomless pit.
Verse 11: they had a king over them which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew tongue is Abaddon... Greek tongue his name Apollyon.”
Brimstone = sulfur = acidic = symbol S = 19 = destruction..
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1. THREAD: 👉🏻CoronaVirus 👉🏻Chloroquine 👉🏻Hydroxychloroquine (Hydra 💦 #watchthewater quine - equine 🐎 #horseshoe) 👉🏻Artemesinin 👉🏻[P]arasites & Yeast 👉🏻Wormwood 🐛 👉🏻Eat Unleavened Bread of Truth🥖🙏🏻 👉🏻BB Bread & Butter🦃 👉🏻Butter Gets Pardoned #BeBest 👉🏻 #ItsGonnaBeBiblical Image
2. This is going to be a doozy! Please be patient. It will be 20+ long. I’m going to do my #BeBest to explain it & pull some couple years of decodes together & from others #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork 🙏🏻. The delay is I keep uncovering things & I’m mind blown 🤯 Image
H = 8 works better with A = 1.
Let’s explore Hydroxychloroquine aka Chloroquine.
A 70 yr old malaria medicine w/ “spectacular improvement & recommended for all clinical cases that test positive for CoronaVirus” source following Image
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Pray for Potus! I believe we are at war. It’s happening. @realDonaldTrump is keeping us safe under the guise of quarantine.
1. Would major stars announce to the world they have the corona virus? They think we are lowly sheep! Tom Hanks/Rita arrested more likely
Think logically
2. Chet Wilson-Tom Hanks son goes on with the all seeing eye tattooed 2 his chest!
3. Spielberg abruptly leaves Indiana Jones 5
4. Spielberg’s daughter is a porn star? Saying it was “expected” of her?
5. Oprah falls
6. Madonna falls off stage
#followTheStars (Q)
7. Think Big=Tom Hanks
Bigger=Steven Spielberg
8. How weird was Tom Hanks pict with Oprah and Gayle King? With a hot dog clock? WEIRD!
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Today on the #QClock we have JL. This refers to John Legend. Q asks, “How many pics of JL & HRC can you find re: Haiti?” Marching Into The Darkness (lyrics) Follow the Stars. It’s everywhere.#QAnon #QArmy #TruthForFreedom #WWG1WGA Please feel free to add to the thread! Dig it?
John Legend and The Clinton’s
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