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That was a giant freaking scare. A loose USB port connection on my #honeycomb_lx2k carrier board took it out of commission half of today.

Given I was already down one machine, this wasn't looking promising for stream tonight; but I'm burning it in with a temporary fix in place.
sometimes the answer to "why is my system unstable" is actually "because the USB ports are bad".
the burn-in is looking good so far, so we're on for the stream tonight!

Meanwhile, in other computer troubles, ASRock thinks the 5600X is a dud and that the B550M motherboard is fine, so on to asking AMD to RMA a grey market scalped (but authentic/sealed) processor...
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It's on! #AdventOfCode from my #Honeycomb_LX2K ARM64 machine starting in 5 min! obs running showing a wayland desktop
Screensharing glitched first 5 min then was rock stable 60 FPS! #AdventOfCode

My application of De Morgan's Laws wasn't rock stable. I wasted 30 minutes on !(a || b) that should have been !a && !b instead of !a || !b

Timestamps say I was stuck for 35 minutes on that two character mistake. and reviewing it, I see _exactly_ what happened. It wasn't just !(a || b) expansion, I was simultaneously refactoring !(f(x) == 2 || f(x) == 3) to only eval f(x) once, so I forgot the intention #AdventOfCode
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Who'd be interested in a stream about my arm64 work, including both my local arm64 dev environment, and also Honeycomb's AWS Graviton2 deployment?
Alright, it's on, 2pm Eastern on Wednesday! I'll be talking all things #honeycomb_lx2k, #Graviton2, and workload porting to arm64/aarch64!

This is happening in 5 hours!
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Here's a detailed writeup of the most current instructions for installing Ubuntu 20.04 on a #Honeycomb_LX2K!…
Linux kernel 5.7-rc6 seems to work fine. Will update the instructions after I've put a few days of stable usage on it.
Prebuilt signed DEBs if you don't want to wait an hour for the build to finish:…
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Prep work for my #honeycomb_lx2k: self tapping some screws into the heatsink, in a way @Noctua_at definitely would not recommend. Two screws sticking out of the underside of a heatsink, in holes that are smooth rather than screw tapped.
@Noctua_at crossing my fingers that those dimensions align with the supported fan mounting holes (I know @linux4kix has been experimenting with AIO setups, so would know exactly how many mm between the fan mounting holes...)
suggests the side springs might fit, but if they're too wide, then I'm pretty sure the diagonal configuration will work.
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