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So we’re driving around Minot, North Dakota and a guy runs up to the #InternationalDogBus and I’m thinking “uh oh is something wrong” but he gestures me to roll down the window so I do A series of storefronts in a sort of brick western style, including a saddlery, a colorful bar, and a building that says “flight instruction flights”
And he’s like, “I noticed your dogs”
He seems friendly.
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We’ve been driving the #internationalDogBus around Minot, North Dakota for like 10 minutes trying to catch up to a guy going very fast on a tiny motorcycle so Q can ask to take his picture
Update: he U-turned and we lost him
We really like Minot because its city slogan is “Why not Minot?” which is the best city slogan ever.
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How do the dogs take pit stops on the #InternationalDogBus? You might notice that we have little welded loops all along the bottom of the truck and trailer. A big white truck with ten kennel doors in a box on the back of it, pulling a large white trailer with a dogsled strapped on top of it. In the next pic we see a close-up of the side of the truck, with little metal loops welded to the bottom of a metal storage box.
When it’s time for a pee break, we take little double ended chains (called “drop lines”) and clip one end to the dogs’ collars and the other ends to the loops on the truck.
Taking all the dogs out of the truck, then putting them back in, is called a “dog drop.” Depending on the location, we can also let some of the dogs run loose; this is called “loose dropping.” I am not sure what dropping has to do with any of this, but that’s musher lingo for ya.
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Thank you for the sweetest birthday wishes! We are in the portion of the #InternationalDogBus trek with absolutely zero reception, but here is a family of bison we encountered yesterday, which was very exciting for dogs and humans alike.
Boo sends this tiny kiss.
Wickson says be sure to get some sun on your paws today.
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Hi I wanted to show you how dogs travel on the #InternationalDogBus
Audio: Blair pets Willow (then Boudica + Talese) and explains that the dogs travel in wooden bunks about the size of an airline kennel, with wood shavings and straw for bedding. Straw insulated and wood shavings keep things cooler, so we’ll use more shavings as we drive south.
Most of the dogs stay with the same bunk the whole trip unless they don’t get along with their neighbors. Weegee just had to move down from a top bunk because, while he likes climbing up, he’s a bit afraid of heights when it’s time to come down and pee and stretch his legs.
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Weegee practiced climbing downhill today to get to the beach in Seward.
So many smells!
Helli practiced going in the water. #InternationalDogBus A man stands in the sunlight on a rocky beach, his feet in the water, with a dog on a leash beside him. Two other dogs run at the edge of the frame and there are mountains in the background.
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Things are happening. Yesterday was MOVING DAY. Q drove to the lodge (drove! on the Denali Highway! winter is truly over) and we loaded up all our stuff and dogs to hit the road and start driving south. A big white truck with dog boxes on the back (little kennel doors on both sides) parks next to two dog houses in front of an enormous scenic vista of white mountains and evergreens.
Recognize those dog houses on top of the truck? They were painted during the Ugly Dogs work party in Wasilla! Mostly by @Kristieinaction, I believe. We’re leaving them at the lodge for future mushers.
I hadn’t seen Flame in two weeks, which was very difficult, so naturally she sat on my feet as much as possible during the packing process. A yellow dog sits calmly on the feet of someone in green neoprene boots and a purple down skirt.
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Passing the Seavey team, part 2
If you’ve been paying very close attention, you may have noticed something different about the sled we’re using here.
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Me after drinking my first caffeinated beverage in 5 weeks in preparation for pulling an all-nighter with the dogs
Q will drop off @ChrissieBodz, me, and the adult dogs (then he’ll head to Anchorage to complete the #InternationalDogBus journey). Here’s what I expect our mushing-to-the-cabin setup will look like tonight. It’s a wide trail. After months of planning, I’m so excited to GET THERE! A drawing showing 19 dogs in front of a snowmobile in front of a wooden trailer in front of two separate dogsleds, all packed with gear in a single long chain
Well, friends.
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Willow had her babies in a box in the trailer last spring. It’s six months later, and her pups are big and strong now, but she still checks that box every day to make sure she didn’t miss one. A mama dog nurses her hamster-sized pups in a cozy wooden cubby-type box in a trailer. Later, the cubbies are filled with camping supplies, but she still sticks her nose in to investigate “her” box.
Whatcha looking for, mama?
#InternationalDogBus A teenage puppy with mismatched eyes and floppy ears, tilting his head
@juliehubs do you recognize baby Jules?
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We are!!!! We celebrated our arrival with a flat tire in Tok, but it’s all fixed and we’re good to go. Now: some serious errands tomorrow, plus dropping off #InternationalDogBus passengers, and then we start toward the cabin. Can we drive or will we have to mush in? Stay tuned...
To be clear: we actually have no idea if we can reach the cabin by road or not. There was too much snow, then it rained and melted, and now it’s snowing again. If there’s deep snow when we get there, we’ll pack all our belongings into the dogsleds and do a two-day trek to get in.
Alaska doesn’t mess around. A single dog standing in a snowy plain, sun setting behind her.
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Sometimes it feels like we’ll be on the #InternationalDogBus forever, but also look how far we’ve come! A map of North America, with a red circle in Wisconsin and a blue dot up in the Yukon, representing where we are currently
We heard the news last week that the Denali Highway is now snowed in for the season. That means that when the #InternationalDogBus finally gets to the end of the road, two hours from Fairbanks, we’ll have to mush 68 miles (a 2+ day trip) to reach our little cabin. A sled dog standing her harness with perky ears and a white beard made of frost
For much of this trip, with the heavy trailer on icy roads, we haven’t been able to go more than 40-45 mph. All day long, with breaks for the dogs to get out every few hours. So while it’s beautiful, we are ready to get to our cabin and continue training the team in earnest.
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more sled blobs that we met today on the #InternationalDogBus A series of photos in which one small wiggly puppy climbs into a house and another puppy squeezes past her with his tiny ears inside out
They’re good blobs, @ChrissieBodz. A woman in coveralls kneels on the snow as tiny puppies leap up onto her from all directions
Not to brag but we found the best blob Chrissie stands by a dog house with puppies on it. Another puppy on the ground presses its tiny head against her hip
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we’re picking up new #InternationalDogBus passengers outside the Happiest Place on Earth aka IKEA and how am I supposed to be that close to IKEA without looking at everything for hours??? Plastic tags (they’re livestock tags but will attach to dogs’ collars) that say Roxy, Big Wig, and Merc
When I was 10 years old and lived in Oslo, my mom @JanaKay4 and I used to take the special IKEA bus to go hang out in IKEA for the day (and eat meatballs). I don’t get to go often anymore but it’s, like, this magic portal where at any given moment you might be in Norway.
Apparently now it’s also a magic portal where sled dogs appear
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Got to Montana and did some zoomies at dusk in an empty rodeo ground. Dogs trotting around a grassy field, which is crusted with patches of snow. A man in coveralls stands and watches.
They like to race each other. #InternationalDogBus Two dogs with their legs stretched out, running beside each other
Grinch and Xander waiting their turn at the public restroom.

#InternationalDogBus Two dogs lift their legs on an outdoor toilet seat, which is sitting in the middle of a bare field
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Thanks @loganpass for the head's up about Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet! Season 2 Ep 1 is about the Percy DeWolfe dogsled race and it's on amazon prime for $1.99. We're about to watch it, and if you too are on the couch on Saturday night, you can join us :)…
first things first
the episode starts with Dr Oakley clipping a musk ox’s toenails
Now there’s a beautiful 15 year old sled dog with some weird growths.
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Packing for Alaska! Making lists of what we use, have, and need. Seriously, the amount of equipment needed for a winter in the Alaskan bush, plus thousands of training miles, plus entering major dogsled races is Next Level. 👀
Here's a breakdown from Anna+Kristy Berington of what it costs to run Iditarod. They already live in Alaska, so their travel costs are much cheaper, but it still comes out to $21,800--and that's JUST for the race, not the rest of the year.…
Incidentally, Anna and Kristy Berington are two of my mushing heroes -- amazing dogsledders, community members, dog lovers, and human athletes to boot. I met Anna this summer when she dropped off a dog for the #internationaldogbus. Plus, they know Blowhole!

#MusherCrushMonday A yellow dog gives a kiss to a woman in a hoodie and baseball cap. The next pic shows the cover of Runner's World magazine, with the twins running with dogs.
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Perhaps you’re familiar with Willow’s puppies.
They were born on the #InternationalDogBus as we drove across the Yukon.
For that reason, we gave a lot of thought to their litter theme. Should they be the immigrants litter? The road snacks litter? The On the Road litter?
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So, Q and I are leaving for a project that will take us off the grid completely for 2-3 weeks. But I will miss y’all terribly. Will you still be here when we get back??
Today we’ll post some exciting news (that you’ve all been waiting for) and I’m gonna try to make a Thread of Threads for anyone who missed some of our stories from the past year. And then our accounts will go dark for a little while, and then we’ll be back!
In the meantime, accounts like @TeamWolfMoon, @OtterRunKennel, @ATAOkennel, @MariaBGaffney1, @julie_buckles, and the wonderful rest of #mushertwitter should keep you in sled dog stories.
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As you know, we have a lot of puppies right now.
We have Willow’s puppies, who were born while we drove the #internationaldogbus through the Yukon. They’re bold and chubby and fearless and basically already world travelers.
And we have Glory’s puppies, who were born right after we got back and were conceived in, um, mysterious circumstances. They’re only a week younger but are much more timid than their cousins.
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