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Over the moon here in Australia to be Q'ed!!!
Been fighting the fight since Nov 2017!!
My how we have grown!!
ThankQ all!!!
Stickers sent to me in Australia from @QWho01 in the US..
Never Forget...
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This is the continuation of the Books of Q Part XIV.

So many books it’s hard to decide what to read first. 🤔





@beldandolo @mbees39 @796Qap @PhillyQ_ @AutistMember @love4thegameAK @freenaynow @LadyStephC
🌻 August 15, 2018 🌻

QDrop #1900

📚 6c8d85b7849f504dabf6063a079219a4.jpg 📚
1 World of Gloria Vanderbilt…
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@realDonaldTrump 📢#RETWEET 📢
🚨#BreakingNews 🚨

Why President @realDonaldTrump may not Need to Pardon @GenFlynn
WHY General Flynn 'Sentencing' Delayed So He Can Further Expose the Deep State since its Not an 'On going investigation' after Mueller report Concluded.

👇[Thread Explains]👇
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 1) Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former National Security Adviser to President @realDonaldTrump , will have to wait longer to find out 'IF' he is penalized for his 'Alleged' lying to the FBI, after a federal judge delayed the 'sentencing' #ISTANDWITHGENFLYNN
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 2) U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan agreed with the defense to give Flynn more time to continue in his cooperation with cases against Deep State operpretives who face charges for concealing that they lobbied in the United States on behalf of Turkey. #ISTANDWITHGENFLYNN
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📢#RETWEET You Want President @realDonaldTrump to Pardon @GenFlynn 📢
🚨#BreakingNews 🚨

@POTUS Trump Should Pardon General Flynn, Especially after FACTS of No Russian 'Collusion' by Trump Team & in FACT BHO & HRC used illegal Foreign 'Aid' to Spy on U.S. Citizens

1) Sen. @RandPaul (R-Ky) said he told President @realDonaldTrump that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn should receive a pardon. Foreign intelligence was unfairly weaponized against @GenFlynn in a way that should be unconstitutional
2) “The one that I have the strongest feeling about is General Flynn,” @RandPaul told Fox news on March 26, when asked if Trump should pardon anybody after special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his probe.

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.Here Is A Picture Of Three FBI Agents That LIED To CONGRESS! They Write Books, have retirement & Spread Lies, while @GenFlynn had to sell his home and suffer the abuse the liberals yell at him everyday! Comey, Strozk & McCabe belong in Jail.The BIAS IS APPALLING! RT if you agree
Growing body of evidence' James Comey lied to Congress..…
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For whatever reason that link above stopped working for me so I found this live stream but it appears that no cameras are allowed inside so all camera crews are set up outside the court house waiting

Now I'm reading on Twitter that phones are also not so allowed in the courtroom
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Let's get started! 😎
I hope you've all been keeping up with today's news! We know MSM sure hasn't covered it!

This will be my QThread for Dec. 13th
2. ICYMI: The CF Hearing was today
Full video here:

Alt. Link:…
3. @tracybeanz did a fantastic LIVE thread during the hearing. Read here:
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Guess who's back! 😎

Q's been on the chans for a couple of hours, and I finally have some time to thread 🤗 We have a lot to get to today folks, buckle up!

Thread for Dec. 11th

2. New drop 2579

Q links past drop 2502 showing us the defense spending & budget for 2019 already passed in congress.

Q links POTUS' tweet & F0X article saying POTUS will use Mil to build the wall within the 2019 defense budget.

But we knew that 😎…
3. New drop 2580

Q links WH post with video of Kellyanne reiterating the fact that border security is a national security threat.
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👀👀 I had a feeling!

#Q has returned! This will be my Q thread for Dec 4/5th.

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #TheStorm
2. QDrop 2548

We were right Patriots! Past QDrop from 1 year ago was a signifier. Q links same drop! #QProof #FlynnIsSafe

Lots to decipher through this drop! Let's go! 🐸😎
3. Q linked these 2 posts from Tom Winter.

Q quotes (((+++separate criminal investigation going on outside of Muellers purview+++)))

Who did Q say +++ was?
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RALLY to support @GenFlynn at his Sentencing on Dec 18th around 10 am at the District Court of DC on 333 Constitution Ave.
Don't forget their objective ....
His silence is their goal ~
▪️Gen Flynn + FBI investigated Gulen Islamic group-but Mueller quashed it
▪️Gen Flynn KNOWS all about their dirty deeds
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