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What are they so afraid of concerning Assange? blocked me instantly for this reply.

Easier to block me than deal with my facts. Some mighty fine journalism there Lou.

Everyone knows. #ItWasSeth
My reply was relevant to his tweet. Maybe too relevant.

They can't handle the truth. Mocking birds gonna mock.

Reminds me of when Annie Linsky iced my cake the day after @realDonaldTrump responded with Q code and confirmed #ItWasSeth.

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The meme war is on... I could not post this meme on President Trump's MAGA tweet (#5) that Q taunted Jack about... not even in a reply to a reply.

But I can post it here. #QAnon #Autist #MemeWar

1 of 6 #QAnon
Jack is showing his hand.

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Who has the 'real' control?
Can you remove the top comments?

Still the first tweet, #PaidShillBrothers way down now.

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Democrats hate America so much they held sham hearings to disrupt NORK denuclearization talks. It worked.

The Russian hoax failed so now they're harassing scores of people searching for dirt?

This is the end of the democrats. Last gasp of a dying beast. #TheyPartysOver #QAnon
The democrats are in panic mode because they follow Q too. They know #TrumpRespondedWithQCode.

They know all roads lead back to SCR.

This is what it's all about folks. What they had to risk everything to hide.

#ItWasSeth #QAnon #SethRich

Do you follow Q?

Read every drop ASAP?

Hit refresh to see if you missed any?

Imagine how closely democrats and deep state targets follow Q!

They must be up all night wondering what Q will do next!

No wonder they're being irrational.

#QAnon rent free in their heads 24/7
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Remember this: When you hear @realDonaldTrump say the word "hoax" think of his response to my tweet.

Everything will come back full circle. All roads lead back to SCR.

When the news comes out, when you hear Russia..

#QAnon Hoax #TrumpRespondedWithQCode
Do you think Q told us what happened and there will be no justice?

When you hear about MS-13 think of Trump's response.

Why was deporting MS-13 first priority? Remember SCR.โ€ฆ

When you hear about P0desta, think about Trump's response to my pinned tweet. #TrumpKnowsAboutSeth #QAnon
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Ha! It took 2 seconds after I tweeted Q's list and I was locked out.

Had to do like 20 captchas

#ItWasSeth #TrmpRespondedWithQCode
And verify my phone number. Again.

Nope. I'm not a bot.

But Trump responded with code.....

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