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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3533...
This is one of the best written synopsis of the realities that form the heart of the current #GeoPolitical specters.
a. There aren't anywhere hear enough votes in the Senate 2carry an #Impeachment vote in the yea...!
2) #QAnon 3533 cont...
b. The #Leftist base, exists in a plastic version of current & historic events & continues 2swallow the narratives, that [D] propagandists spew.
Societal integration of the #ObstructionCon, is centrally positioned within the #Anti_American narrative push.
3) #QAnon 3534...
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Graphics from link below.…

@charliekirk11 Tweet about the historic fact that the last 3 Mayors of #Baltimore, all stepped down due 2corruption!
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1) Thread: Attacks on President Trump will likely increase in frequency and intensity over the next two weeks and beyond. Take heart, truth, and justice is on his side. Some major news just broke yesterday. .@POTUS
2)The former Mayor of N.Y. City and current attorney for @POTUS , @RudyGiuliani , former U.S. Attorney, #JoediGenova , and former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray , joined @GovMikeHuckabee former Gov. of Ak., on @IngrahamAngle while filling in for Laura Ingraham.
3) Playing to her audience, Clinton commented on the recent release of the Mueller report during a speech at Time 100 Gala. In classic style she deflected attention from her own criminal failings by projecting them onto someone else while whining about the unfairness of it all.
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1) cont... #QAnon 3317
Apologies, seems that "Threads" don't work as they once did. Must need at least 2 to start or, like here, a RT is needed. The images may not appear here. They can be seen by opening the below Tweet.
2) #QAnon 3318...
Drop has the Punisher skull frequently symbolic of #PAIN...
3) #QAnon 3319...
Nod to a real "Hero" in this process 2reclaim #TheRepublic & bring those engaged in the conspiracies to #Justice, #AdmMikeRogers [ ! ]
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#JoediGenova absolutely rips #KrystalBall a new one for calling the #AttorneyGeneral a liar...and it's F'ing GLORIOUS.

#AGBarr #Barr #MuellerReport #Trump
What does intentional throttling/suppression look like you ask?

104 retweets now doesn't even earn 3K impressions. Last year this same # of r/t's would easily translate to 8-10K impressions.

#FreeSpeech doesn't apply to Conservative's...apparently.

#IBOR @parscale @Jim_Jordan
Reports are that some are unable to view the video due to suppression. If you can't see the clip on the tweet, try it here:

#AGBarr #Barr #MuellerReport #JoediGenova

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5) #Hussein orchestrated $ shipments 2Iran. At least $1.7bil went there. The #TreasuryDept & #DOS (Bureau of Polical-Military Affairs - which links 2the #DefenseDept -Think big #BudgetAllocations) control the flow of $, but bottom line, the #Fed secretly, or not, controls $$$. It
6) can be greatly aided in the effort with an #Executive's blessings. The Office of the Inspector General has a hand in distribution & the accounting of #ForeignAid. The #GAO (General Accounting Office) investigates $ moves.
7) orgs & then be redirected to the personal holdings of the creator/s. Another secondary shuffle is the covert placement in offshore holdings 4distribution. Activities attributed to slush funds come to mind. They move in all directions as needed. These methods are in use
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