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.@jenanglaw of @justrightscot: Law is a tool, neither good or bad. Its impact on the world depends on what we do with it. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@jenanglaw: Being a human rights lawyer is not easy. There can be failure, lower pay, difficult problems. That has to make us reflect on why we do it in the 1st place - we need strength & resilence to do this. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@jenanglaw: @justrightscot is an attempt to create a better model to bring expertise together to provide legal support. #JusticeEdinburgh
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Eamon Keane, Convenor of @SCOLAG1, paraphrases Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ - where the legal profession is depicted as a nightmarish force of arbitrary power. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@SCOLAG1 provides a platform for discussion & campaigns for legal reform. Lack of funding for legal access, punitive sanctions of welfare, inequality of arms in the court room have been constant challenges in its work over its decades. #JusticeEdinburgh
Keane: This says something about Scottish society. Structural inequality remains a barrier to justice in wider society. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@StefanCross1, key lawyer in many high profile equal pay cases, says there remains a big challenge to increase access to justice in discrimination cases. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@StefanCross1: By 2022 there will be around £1.5bn paid out in Scotland through equal pay cases - arguably one of the biggest redistributions of wealth in history. If it hadn’t been for no win no fee lawyers working on the cases there would have been no victories.
.@StefanCross1: between 1997 and 2005 no discrimination cases for women were brought as trade unions had refused to take them. Part of the historic injustice behind the unequal pay cases. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@CabrelliDavid, Chair of Labour Law at EdUni, speaking about the wider context of employment law changes over the past centuries. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@CabrelliDavid: The original expansion of labour rights have swung back since the 1970s; mirroring the reduction of the organised power of the labour movement. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@CabrelliDavid: It’s unfair to assume there’s an out of touch judiciary in terms of employment law - many important current rights have come about through judicial decisions. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@stellarossssa of @betterthanzero talking about exploitation of workers, bullying, poor pay & mistreatment. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@stellarossssa: Workers in a Dundee organised a mass walk out over unpaid wages. When the company went into liquidation, a new company was created in its place - leaving the workers unpaid. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@stellarossssa: Scotland’s licensing laws are largely silent on workers rights. It says nothing on awarding a license to exploitative employers. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@gordonmaloney of @living_Rent concluding our housing panel. LR been campaigning for rent controls & housing justice. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@gordonmaloney: Living Rent deliberately set itself up as a Union. Member defence work has similarities to legal case work. While campaigning for legislative change, much already exists. The problem is the law is regularly being broken by landlords with impunity.
.@gordonmaloney: Edinburgh Council has powers to fine landlords up to £50,000. As far as we know the highest fine - if even used - has been £400. What disincentive is that? #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@DrNikLaw, Law Lecturer, there is a lack of flexibility in studying law in Scotland - in terms of what is taught & how you can access those courses. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@DrNikLaw: When studying there was a sneering attitude to human rights in practice in Scotland. That has now been transformed for the better, but there is still a struggle to enforce human rights law. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@DrNikLaw: Of things I teach no subject has a largergulf between our rights in law & what happens in practice than housing law. Homelessness is a failure of law: the law should not allow homelessness to happen. It is an obligation that no one should be homeless #JusticeEdinburgh
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Fiona McPhail, Principal Solicitor @shelterScotland, kicks off housing law panel. Shout out to @RebLawSco: there is a movement among lawyers & future lawyers to start using the law more as a tool for social change. #JusticeEdinburgh
McPhail: Scotland has established strong housing rights - but how are they accessed when we regularly see so many people on the street? #JusticeEdinburgh
McPhail tells the personal story of representing someone facing eviction. She had walked for 2 hours in the rain as she couldn’t afford the train. She’d had problems with benefits. They had no electricity & had little food. It’s a story that has been repeated. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@RMFerguson_ explaining the extent of sexual offence criminalisation. Criminal reform in any area brings great complexity about what types of conduct are criminalised. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@RMFerguson_: Extending criminal law brings consequences of the deprivation of liberty, the extension of ‘vulnerable groups’, & the feasibility of implementation/enforcement. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@RMFerguson_ As part of a prison reading group we were repeatedly faced with issues of suicide. Lack of knowledge of death in prisons in the wider population is abhorrent. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@DrHannahGraham up now! Talking about electronic monitoring in criminal justice. Says we need to think about what aims this tech serves: to rehabilitate? To monitor? To reduce prison populations? #JusticeEdinburgh
.@DrHannahGraham: Technology access - If used well - can improve harm reduction programmes for those in the judicial system. It can be used well or punitively, & that’s the question we face. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@DrHannahGraham: Prisons need to change. We need a national conversation about so called ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ criminal justice. Reject increasing the severity of punishment: what makes us feel better doesn’t make us safer. #JusticeEdinburgh
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Onto panel 2! Reform of criminal justice & prisons. @johndscott QC, @DrHannahGraham, @RMFerguson_. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@johndscott: we are still managing to lock up mainly poor young men in Scotland’s prisons. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@johndscott brings up the public response to the controversial dental student sexual offence case. Warns that there should never be knee jerk responses to cases. Need to always focus on facts & evidence. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@AamerAnwar what I learned as a student was through activism. Do not give up on the belief that law is based on a fight for justice. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@AamerAnwar: The horrors of 20th century wars & genocide are the reminder of what happens when we look the other way. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@AamerAnwar: I was told you can’t fight the system. But all the rights we cherish were all once considered impossible dreams. They were won by a fight for justice. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@Ryan_McCuaig talking about his upbringing in Easterhouse: how it felt like the law was something imposed on him by the council, by social work, by the police. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@Ryan_McCuaig: Despite barriers, he went on to get a first class degree in law due to support access to the profession. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@Ryan_McCuaig calls on law schools to take action to make studying more accessible. Lots of small costs can add up & create a two tier profession before you’re even in work. #JusticeEdinburgh
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.@RhiannonV opening #JusticeEdinburgh. Speaking as chair of @tiecampaign about how people can campaign to change the law - even when it seems hard.
.@RhiannonV: If want to change the law: know what you want. Be aware of the power you have, even to do small things in your own life. #JusticeEdinburgh
.@RhiannonV: There are extra barriers to justice for women & minorities. We have to bear that in mind when campaigning and thinking about how we behave. #JusticeEdinburgh
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