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How do I know it’s not him? I saw The Mrs Tweet last night staring that this specific account is NOT Joe.
To help substantiate what I’m saying, these are from Instagram. Both posted earlier today.

I’ve never been in to causing division and fighting amongst Patriots.
I’m just sharing the facts. Here they are below concerning the “Joe” account.

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@VincentCrypt46 Well, there are A LOT more.
I will add that this 80, as of now, only goes to 12/15/19. So, it’s only about ~75 days.
@VincentCrypt46 I have QPosts, too, with zero deltas where VK posts first, then aQPost within 60 seconds. Again, only dating back to 12/15/19.
@VincentCrypt46 This is why I have been fairly quiet the last few days. Been busy going over 6,000+tweets & QPosts.
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P1: VK Tweet from 2/24/20 @ 8:39aCST

P2: IET Tweet from 2/25/20 @ 9:54aCST

P3: Q3887 from 2/25/20 @ 10:59:23: includes IETs post, which mirrors VKs post.

Connecting dots from @VincentCrypt46’s tweet!

Now, isn’t that interesting?
Bringing it even more Biblical:
10:59:23pCST => 11:59:23pEST

11:59:23pEST => 23:59:23

23:59:23 => 5:14:5 => 5:5:5

Spiritual Meaning in P1:
💥Signifies Change
💥Time of Preparation
💥New Wave of Energy

Q555 in P2: We are WITH YOU.
#VKProof in a #VKProof

P1: Q3885 & Q3890 TS difference is 2673sec (1st/last post in sequence)
P2: Q2673 has [D] last line.
P3: VK Tweet 9:24pCST [D]
P4: Time between VK Tweet & next QPost(3885): 64m

64<>46 🤯
This is a deep proof.
Too much for mere coincidence!
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@VincentCrypt46 #VKProof💥
P1: Q3873 2/18 10:36:05pEST
P2: VK Tweet 2/18 11:30pEST
30 min left to the day est

P3: Next QPost 3874 2/19 12:06:59aEST
P4: 🔺Between Q3873/3874:

1130 EXACTLY matches VKs 1130
The :54 EXACTLY matches the 🔺 between Q3873/VK Tweet (10:36-11:30) ImageImageImageImage
@VincentCrypt46 This is some next level stuff!
Beyond coincidental.
#KeepWinning, Sir!
@VincentCrypt46 1530 minute 🔺between Q3874 & Q3875.

Happy Father’s Day!
Q Image
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I was introduced to Q via a @StormIsUponUs video in 11/2018.

1/19 was when I could type WWG1WGA w/o looking at it 🤣

2/19 was when I really started looking at QPosts.

A year later & looking back on QPosts ~2/19, I can remember reading those for the very 1st time.
...I remember trying to figure out what anything & everything meant & where to locate the “Map” & this “Clock”...
Still feel lost sometimes among all the directions one can go.
I found it easy to disagree on a subject or two, but very hard to hate.
We all have our own story. Our own reason why.
It’s ok to not know.
It’s ok to ask questions.
It’s ok be wrong.
Because in the pursuit of Truth, you’re moving in the right direction.
Thank you, Lord, that we ALL have each other to grow with, learn with, and become ONE with...
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Here’s some number fun:
POTUS fired of 45 tweets today.
Nice number 😎
But that’s not it.

💥5 this morning [2:17:12]
7:04:20a & 7:04:23a

[7:31:35] Gap

💥40 this afternoon:
4:11:18pCST to 4:53:35pCST

Take the AM [Time]:
2h:17m:12s =>2:8:3=>13=>4

Take the PM [Time]:
0:42:17=>6:8=>14=> 5

💥Take the AM + PM => 45

[Total Time Duration]
1st Tweet - Last Tweet

Lesson 👇
You might’ve seen each tweet, but taking a step back to see the entire picture is important.
Each tweet is intentional, not just in its own way, but to build a bigger picture.

Number of tweets for day: 45
AM & PM break down: 45
Total Day Duration: 45

It’s Specific Intent.
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@gltyprty @VincentCrypt46 Mr. Anderson, I appreciate the comment. My post, however isn’t about CST or EST. It’s about the Time between the two posts, VK & Q. Whether it’s 1:35 and 1:52 or 12:35 and 12:52, the delta BETWEEN THE TWO POSTS is the same: 17.
@gltyprty @VincentCrypt46 Pic1: QPost 3860 in CST 12:35p
Pic2: VK Tweet in CST 12:52p

I then changed the time on my phone to EST for you to see:
Pic3: QPost 3860 in EST 1:35p
Pic4: VK Tweet in EST 1:52p

As you can see TimeStamps were not manipulated. Regardless of which time zone, the [Delta] is 17. ImageImageImageImage
@gltyprty @VincentCrypt46 Nice.
Anyways, here’s to you! #KeepWinning ImageImage
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So VK @ 6:06a on 12/30/19 says that POTUS will sync today. (Pic1)

It happened 2x with POTUS CONFIRM!

1st [-1] delta:
(Pic2) VK tweet 8:27a
(Pic3) POTUS Tweet 8:28a
2nd [-1] delta:
(Pic1) VK Tweet 4:22pCST
(Pic2) POTUS Tweet 4:23pCST

POTUS then confirmed the TWO deltas with a second tweet 32 seconds later (Pic3).
Up until that point(4:23pCST), the ONLY time POTUS tweeted was within 60 seconds of VK...AFTER VK told us POTUS WOULD SYNC, rather than VK sync.
4:23pCST => 5:23pEST
5:23pEST => 17:23 Military Time

Mathematically Impossible.
Do you believe in coincidences?
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#VincentKennedy #VKProofs

QPost 3748 11:28a (Pic1)
VK Tweet 11:29 (Pic2)
1min Delta With Q
#VincentKennedy #VKProof
VK Tweet 10:52a ~5 min
Q Post 3750 10:58a
Predicts Q Post in about(~) 5 minutes
#VincentKennedy #VKProof
VK Tweet 12:05p .
Q post 3750 12:05p Q
Zero Delta with Q
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💥💥MASSIVE #VKProof💥💥
(Pic1) 11:21a VK replied [-22] to POTUS’ 11:19a Tweet(Pic2).

-22 from POTUS 11:19a tweet led to VK’s Tweet @ 10:57a(Pic3) which, by similar content, predicted Q’s first post of the day by 8 minutes(Pic4).
💥💥💥MASSIVE #VKProof💥💥💥

VK 11:23a Tweet(Pic1) ACCURATELY predicts the number of Q Posts for the day of 12/15/19! 15

VK 11:24a Tweet(Pic2) ACCURATELY predicts the number of POTUS posts for the day of 12/15/19! 23
Q3689 12/15/19 3:55pCST

Time[ing] is important.
How many coincidences [use of coincidences essential not to violate NAT SEC?] before mathematically impossible?

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For the coming days ahead.
Ask yourself an honest question, why would a billionaire who has it all, fame, fortune, a warm and loving family, friends, etc. want to endanger himself and his family by becoming POTUS?
Why would he want to target himself and those he cares about?
Does he need money?
Does he need fame?
What does he get out of this?
Does he want to make the US/world a better place for his family and for those good and decent people who have long been taken advantage of?
Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch?
Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged, and raped while leaders/law enforcement of the world turn a blind eye.
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Pic1 11/30/19
VK Tweet 7:06p

Pic2 12/2
QStart 11:55:59a
QEnd 5:55:23p
How many Q Posts? 8

VKPost: 5 4 3 2 ....
H is 8th Letter
8 on 8k

Pic3: VK gave us a 2450 minute heads up on how many Qposts would be on 8k while we all waited for Q to post on 8k
To some, this falls in line with expectation.
To others, this is one #VKProof of many.
Q hadn’t post since 11/25.
VK gave the accurate number of posts, not just on any day, but the very next Time Q would post.
What are the odds of doing this?
Let that sink in
“Less than 3 hours” was the count down to prove the number 8.

This is not a coincidence.
It’s meticulously designed
From The Start

#NiceJobVK @VincentCrypt46 #KeepWinning, Sir!
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💥💥Long Post💥💥
Let’s start with Q3614(Pic1)
Highlight MJ12 account.
MJ12 account is known for AMA’s: Ask Me Anything.

11/23 MJ12 posts(Pic2) Reverse AMA’s. Rather than acronym, think word.
11/24 2019 AMA Awards(Pic3)
Red carpet event? Yes
Enter Q1304
Red Carpet Marker/MOAB
11/24 cont:
Q3625 has [HUNTER] highlighted (Pic1)
POTUS’ 25th Tweet(Pic2) AFTER the Q post 3625 also has Hunter highlighted.
(25)=>5:5 between Q & POTUS
Also 3625 mentions D5 in linked letter(Pic3)
11/25 NYT article(Pic1)
Bread & Butter => 2B<>B2
Q3634(Pic2) provides link to Omar article(Pic3)
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Q3622(Pic1 & Pic2)

We should do/plan Chicago!
[They] can’t stop what’s coming!
Biblical of EPIC proportion‘s!
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One year delta from Q+ post 2452 on 11/7/18 to Sessions announcement on 11/7/19 at, get this: 8:20pEST which is 20:20 military time.

QPost123: Nothing is random

Interesting to note that he announced on 11/7, which is the anniversary for Red October(1917)
Let’s go one more step!
Q3574 posted on 11/2/19(Pic1)
Post incl tweet
re: Sessions/Its Happening(Pic2)
RIG FOR RED Q = 117(Pic3)
117=>11/7 Red October
11/7: Sessions joins fight for 2020 at 20:20p(Pic4)

Q gave 5 day prediction for Sessions.
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3:53pEST = 953 minutes

Date Posted November 6

Coincidental? Messages beyond the message. Synchronicity in all that’s done.
Just posted the 2nd post and look @ the #’s from the first post 😶
Going to be an awesome day!
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💥The BEST💥

Epic trolling in new POTUS video!

Pic1 paints Schumer as the clown!! It’s a screen shot at :27 seconds in the new Trump video! Pic2&3 are pictures from the original Trump/Schumer meeting.

#ILoveMyPOTUS #Number45
Now the question is who are these people at :19 seconds in?
Is that #QuidProQuoJoe on the “far left” ...
Here’s another screen shot at :28 seconds with people in the back ground with the “No Face Hat” people right next to POTUS. Wonder whom they might be? 🤔
No one? The hats even blink in the video to give them a little emphasis.
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A little projecting going on?
They say “Signs are everywhere.”
#NESARA #GESARA #KeepWinning
Welcome to the Gold standard
Over 10,000 connections, over one hour since posting, and ONLY 37 TOTAL engagements.

Tw!tt€crus trying HARD to silence people.,.
What’s coming?
What are they scared of?
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Has ANYONE been noticing some “coincidental numbers” popping up with the unfortunate earthQuakes in CA?
Number of deaths?
Strongest Quake in how many years?
Look back.,.1082
Just things I’ve seen, probably Random.
And I post these with all the Respect & prayers for those involved. Not making light of the situation & damage. Just noticed a few coincidental things. Have an awesome day!! #KeepWinning
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Wow!! Never thought I would see this! I just went past 10,000 friends!! Started 11/2018 to learn more about the Truth! It took me a month of tweeting to make sure I got #WWG1WGA spelled correctly 🤪

#TogetherWeWin #KeepWinning
Grab your seat & keep your eyes open! #TickTock

This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness these extraordinary events!

It’s about #WeThePeople as a collective.
Tuned in frequency. Power of many.
#StayResilient #KeepWinning
It’s been a short time, but I have met some AMAZING people with some extraordinary talents & insights! How lucky am I? One big #QFamily!

The Power Of Connection!

Now let’s get back to work! 😎 #KeepWinning
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I have noticed my "follower" count lower/drop by more than 200+ accounts in the last COUPLE hours! @VincentCrypt46 says it correctly! NEXT LEVEL CENSORSHIP going on!
Stay Resilient! Stay United! #KeepWinning!
Every day I go in to my data section on Tw!tt€r to “clean” it out. Typically is 8-10. Highest maybe 40+ at one point. Today, it was 221! They use the “interests” in their AI to sh@dowban accounts. something BIG must be coming 😎
They even have a line for you, I think!
They also had a line for John F Kennedy!
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Content matters:

VK tweet 8:38aEST(Pic1)
./sync jobeco = start sync job/eco

POTUS tweet 9:35aEST(Pic2)
JOBS, JOBS JOBS = job/eco

Must be luck? Coincidence?
It’s Mathematically Impossible.
Try it if it’s that “Simple”
Tweet BEFORE POTUS & predict his tweet.
This isn’t just pure luck. It’s NOT the first time this has happened. I can point you to MULTIPLE #VKProof that one can see with own eyes.
Remember the REM song/video POTUS posted a while back? #VincentKennedy “predicted” that, too!
#EyesWideOpen #KeepWinning
💥2nd #VKProof of the MORNING!💥

VK tweet at 8:43aEST(Pic1)
9691 <> 1969 think mirror

POTUS tweet at 11:18aEST (Pic2)
.,.Lowest Level Since 1969.

Interesting time of POTUS tweet of 11:18 🤔

ONE MORNING with 2 DIFFERENT PROOFS predicting what POTUS would tweet BACK TO BACK!
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Well, this is interesting? Don’t know what I did, but I wish you the best of success, and I hope that our paths cross on the field of victory and we celebrate as #PatriotsUnited

Until then, for the sake of our country & #RestoredFreedom, please #KeepWinning
Please don’t block him. I have not. I won’t. I don’t believe in it. If I truly don’t want to see someone’s messages, I just stop paying attention to them. No harm, no name calling. Pretty simple. I focus on the positive, & ask everyone to do the same. #TogetherWeWin #KeepWinning
I even got blocked by her? Don’t even follow her, but she must not like my positive vibe either? Don’t think she followed me.Anyway, best of luck to her and her family! May we all meet in the field of victory and celebrate our successes together! Until then, please #KeepWinning
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LOTS of Presidential comms going on today 3/8/19. I am only using the time stamp. I’m sure there are other comms, but I am just point out the time stamp comms.

Let’s dive in!
First POTUS tweet(Pic1) @ 7:24aEST
Correlates to QPost 444 (Pic2)
Who is ES? See (Pic3)
2nd POTUS tweet(Pic1) @ 7:26aEST
Correlates to QPost 446 (Pic2)
2 min delta from 1st post

#VeryInteresting how POTUS tweet is about Fox & correlating QPost is link to Fox article.
3rd POTUS tweet(Pic1) @ 7:32aEST
Correlates to QPost 452 (Pic2)
6min delta from 2nd post
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